Monday, July 21, 2014

History Buffs can be both impressive and annoying

My Fajer has bestowed upon me his love of history and its significance on the world, with particular interest in the Civil War and World War II. Coming from a partial military background, this comes as no surprise. My Granddad was one of the few to survive from the 32nd Airborne, my uncle went to Vietnam, and my Fajer went all over Europe as a surveyor with special knowledge that kept him from going into Berlin, a place we hope to visit together within the next two years. My Gramps served during WWII as well.

Genealogy has always been quite you know from whence you came? The tales of those who braved the ship to come to this crazy land?

Harper's Ferry was the first stop - and such a beautiful day for it. I was not quite sure what to expect, but it was just a field. That is what I came to...I'm not sure why I expected some grandiose display, but in looking back, I'm glad there was not. I've heard of places that lose their historical significance when combined with people trying to get a profit from it. Leave the spirits free to roam their land.

I'm sorry, that's not a ghost, but a blog on my iPhone 5's camera
Traveling off the beaten path, I found
a lovely place to journal down yonder
A brief pitstop for a restroom [HURRAY for America's free public toilets!] revealed a few more gems. Passings of Civil War brigades, where quarrels and squatters' quarters were had.

The Antietam Battlefields were vast. Naturally, there was a visitor's center and of course, one is supposed to pay to visit the battlefields. I may have perhaps overlooked this and scampered off, intimidated by tourists as I am...

Again, not
I also attempted to find the house from the Blair Witch Project movie, but alas, a local told me it does not actually exist...ugh. I did find a Topless Maid service in Towson, Maryland, though.

The Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, Delaware was hosting a special Downton Abbey Exhibit. Being a fan of the show, I knew I simply had to see it with my own eyes and appreciate the delicate work that went into each and every costume. So intricately researched, designed, and assembled...a few of my favorite pieces:

I don't want these adventures to end... It just goes to show one of all the things to explore, even closeby. Despite my longing for Europe, I'm content with exploring what these parts still have to offer.

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