Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today's my favorite holiday!! Hallowen is just such a fun holiday....tomorrow begins November, which is just not nearly as fun...tis chilly and makes me think of turkeys. I'll take my pumpkins over turkeys anytime.

Yesterday was a pretty great day and after the busy busy birthday on Saturday, warranted a day off from blogging...although i was semi-productive with my business homework!

Striped Halloween tights today!

Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe
T-shirt: Gap
Jumper: Old Navy
Tights: Wally World
Boots: Mia II

Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC on popcorn...not much scarier than that at this hour. Seriously...those girls are little girls and scare the shit out of me look like baby prostitutes i would not want to meet any of them in a dark alley.

Although, one little girl inspired me for a future career..."When I grow up, I want to be a kitty that's pretty."

Definitely would be an awesome way of life.

How are you scaring people tonight?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Surprises!

I woke up to several texts...expressing happy birthdays and snow warnings...look outside and it's snowing!.In October. On my birthday. How peculiar.

But all in all it was a pretty great friend Melissa called and sang to me and my bestie Heidi Ho called and sang to me...and my sister came with a cowboy crunch from Neato and root beer mmmm. And i was serenaded by a large group of friends, including Sam with a ukelele! And of course, calories don't count on one's birthday so it was perfectly acceptable for me to eat five mini quesadillas with salsa and sour cream.

And forgot to share how my marshmallows exploded in the microwave...they were screaming in agony...

 First attempt...apparently the ghost was a, not a peeping tom, but a sugary peep. That would explain a lot. I flipped the s'more over because it was sticking to the lid which i used as a plate...It's not the prettiest, but twas delicious!

Second attempt: Beautiful!

Button-down: Wally World
Tank: AE
Pants (they're polka dot but you can't tell in pic): Hot Topic
Boots: Mia II

I look so cute in meine neue Boots...and happy birthday pin.

Last night was pretty fun night....i was a pirate.

Awesome candy dispensor from the Halloween goodie bag from my Sissy :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinkity Pink Pink Pink and no sleep

Yesterday's theme...and today's for that matter.

Finished my English essay around 10 or so. I promise i wasn't simply did not pore out of me, words forming, creating a beautiful masterpiece. No. It dragged on and on and on.

But my one roomie and i had pink dyed into our hair with friends! :) At midnight.

I can no longer say i've never dyed nor permed my hair... (body perm in eighth grade, scary bananas).

And last night i saw Der Tunnel for Deutschklasse and it was a pretty good's based upon the tunnels build to rescue people out of West Berlin. Then up late that night...oh boy, typical college student night :(  i rather wanted to avoid not sleeping....

Shirt: Secondhand Serenade
No, Mummy, it's not permanent...

Haunted hayride then movie night with roomies!

And tomorrow....oh, my giddeons! I'm giddy like a little kid about my birthday tomorrow! Mmm Neato Burrito with Sissy and a lovel-E day of relaxation....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Oh, Happy Hump Day to you, too!

It could have been a better one wants to sit in their dormroom and cry, but by golly, that's what i did! I felt much better after that, albeit very tired....i think i may be getting sick :(  so bodily achey and headachey yesterday and it continued today....

I felt productive and finished quite a bit of homework (mainly reading -_- ) and even wrote a few poems!

Jacket: Gap
Shirt: AE
Shorts: Strawberry stores
Tights: Hue
Flats: JCPenny (probably...i run through black flats like crazy)
Shoe Clips: vintage

Dyeing my hair tonight with friends....ooooh boy!
Then it's all work -_-


Let's go back to that happy place, the site where dreams are made...
ne'er to return again; the pulse, it slows and palpitates...
what once was true's now fantasy, the mind creates reality...
the world reborn through my eyes, believing in this pseudo-life.

Have a lovel-E rest of the evening.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mmm Mmm Good

Indian food is delicious!

I tried the chili chicken...oh, how i love spicy foods (umm i brought a bottle of hot sauce to school with me).

Sooo....try something new and be adventurous.

Yes, i sound like a dork. Old. Trite. Oh, wah.

tosh.0 comes on in 45 minutes....Hobey ho!

(Guess from which book series that is)

Not so shabby, terrible Tuesday

So....i decided to forgo early morning workout to sleep in this morning and soo glad i did despite feeling a tad bit guilty...but sleep is niiiiiiiiice even when your dream is about these flesh-eating water beetles trying to steal your experimental pirate chest containing your cell phone and are holding your dog (that you don't have in real life) hostage...maybe that's just me...scary dream! They turned into spiders and tried to kill my dream doggie :(

Anywho...sleep = good. Sleep > working out. Me ♥ sleep. Today's math lesson.

Microeconomics was cancelled for the day so i had extra free time!!! work on English essay....oh my, my, my...about 1/5 of the way there.

I went colorful today to offset any potentially bad-ness Tuesday decided to throw at me!

Button-up: Old Navy
Belt: off an old dress
Dress: Hot Topic

Bare legs + covered on top...i love tights but it's niiiiiice to let my legs out and about and breathe! Keep the summer dresses out and pair them with some warm clothes so they don't have to hibernate....they're too pretty to be shoved in the back of a closet.

Indian Food Night with International Studies group tonight :)
As Teddy would say... "meeee-ow."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Prim and Slightly Proper

Write, write, write, workout, shower, work, work, work on homework!
Need to insert some sleep in there....

Today started off as a chilly icky Monday morning...slowly faded into a lovel-E Monday filled with decent essay grades!!!! Not bragging....simply proud (a rare occurance due to my exceedingly perfectionism high expections of myself :/ ) of myself! A's on both my International Studies and English papers! Happy happy happy! And I lost two pounds! Missing E.L.Fudge cookies...grumble grumble

Have you ever swapped dressing for salsa on your salad? Simply delicious! I'm not a fan of this full fat French dressing...i like my fat free stuff but love of salsa and spiciness took over. Yays for my little attempts to get healthy! Dang American cuisine and lazy cultural genes...missing my cookies. Curse you delicious fudge-filled elf cookies!

Yes, yes, wearing my has become one of my outer attire staples...does that make me predictable? :O

Wear that bow and smile, conflabbit!

Off to work on my next English more procrastination for me...

Then costume party! Aaaaaargh, matey!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whirlwind of Activity

It did not rain yesterday!!!  Such a joyous occasion when that occurs...i felt super cute with my Hue leopard print tights!

Last night was Casino Night sponsored by one of the frats on campus! Sooo much fun! My friends and i had fun learning how to play Texas Hold 'Em...neither of us had played before...and we won prizes! :)  Then we stayed up and played Uno til we eventually crashed....

Lazy day...yet again...

I went apple gleaning for local food banks this morning and took a roomie and i got take-out *ahem* twice...we think the lady thinks we're hermits without friends :(

No matter....i need to cart my bum to the gym soon before i lose what little motivation i have to go today...ugh.

Dear E.L.Fudge cookies, why must you taste so delicious?!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Proctivity Achieved

Getting up early and going to the gym feels mighty niiiiiiiiiice. I'm on my way to being healthy (er?). "I wanna lose three pounds!!"  Not really, but quoting one of the most epic teen movies, Mean Girls.

I'd like to lose ten.

I started off the day's diet well...chicken tender Thursday hit and i had two pieces along with some mac 'n' cheese! But i felt as though i needed a little reward....i spent hours studying for my business exam and worked my tush off at the gym...give me some credit!

It's always good to remember to be kind not only to others, but to yourself as well....who else is always with you?? I can't get away from this crazy kid! (me)

Life is mentally draining. Or maybe it could be the horrendously (nutrional-wise) delicious (flavor-wise) chicken tenders i ate....for the first time here....and the lingering grogginess from the nap...

Nap time integrated physically in my schedule would be lovely :)  but, alas, i must go to microeconomics and then complete some English.

Seduction Tip #17: Always enter a room like you own it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Please don't leave "presents" in the bathroom stalls...that's something a puppy, or maybe a guy with a specific sense of humor, would do...ick.

On a lighter note...i made a personal record today! Silly me forgot to set the correct alarm for today and woke up an hour late....after a few expletives (both roomies had left for class by then) i managed to get ready in 17 minutes! Little things like that makes one feel very accomplished!

I'm quite the quizzical little thing...i like to make different facial expressions. It started at a young age....making faces in the mirror, laughing at myself, people taking pictures (and probably laughing at my weirdie self). Everything's better with laughter :)  hell, i even laugh at my laughter!

Be happy. Do what you want. Break rules. Be a rebel. Wear an effing bow in your hair. (Ok, ok, maybe that's going a little too far) But i'm serious.

This is my wisdom of the day following the theme of today's entry:
    "Do not leave your bodily fluids and solids where the whole world can see. No one wants to see your shit or wonder why you are hemorrhaging."

Inappropriate? A bit...but so is being gross.
Time for studying business! grumble grumble.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiring Tuesday

Fatigue, both mental and physical, seem to be the themes of many of my blogs....more so on the mental side. Le grrrrr. *insert venting here*

Muuuuuch better :)

Missing my favorite redhead right about now!!

But...i must say, i look ├╝ber cute today in my pink for breast cancer awareness! They had hair dyeing on campus, too, but i was just much too hungry....on the way back from grabbing take-out from the dining hall (yet again), we saw it was still going on....that would have looked sweeeeet but, i'm sorry to say, rumbling tummy was calling :(  i felt like Pooh bear.

Headband: Austrian Claire's store
Earrings: from my Mummy's 80s collection
Top: little boutique in European whose name escapes me....
Skirt: first purchase on campus :)  (i'm truly lacking in brands tonight!)
Shoes: sweet hand-me-downs

Memory going downhlil downhill tonight...along with spelling :P

Little aphorism for you:
Too much work to do to be time for tears, no time to process. Emotions are controllable.

Do you agree?

Now how about some All Time Low:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lesson Learned!

I finished my paper! ...yes, yes, i've learned NOT to procrastinate...sooo bad, bad, bad. And i tripped on the way to the computer lab, i was in such a hurry! Naturally, i was wearing flat shoes.

I'm really excited, though, because my one birthday prezzie came today! Oooh i can't wait! I'm wearing them on my birthday since my Mummy said not to wear them til then...

What a bummer...

Have you ever wished you had a wand and could simply wave it to make your twin XL fitted sheet fold itself?? Wishing i did....seriously...they are ridiculous. And they eat your socks. Whilst changing my sheets today, i found a sock i had thought was consumed by the washer stuck in the sheet! Those punks.

Once more i find myself simply making a photo panel...
Shirt: Hurley (aka from Kurtis's closet)
Belt: off a dress
Capris: AE
Flats: SM New York...currently falling apart -_-
Blazer: AE

This blazer is becoming one of my comfy and warm even though the sleeves are a little short. Tis a little warm to dig out the coats (which my Mummy so kindly mailed to me since i forgot to bring them back with me after break).

InStyle mag or study for micro quiz....decisions, decisions...

Wings tonight, though! Nom nom nom! :)

I'll leave you with some Christina Perri....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Procrastination at its finest

I am promising myself right now never to procrastinate again...true, some things cannot be helped, appointments and such, but cannot do this sleep cannot be sacrificed when i've not much with which to work in the first place! And of course, i'm still in desperate need of squeezing in time for the gym if not for fitness, but for personal sanity :P

Saturday was all fun....Sissy and her beau came to visit for Homecoming and we ate out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then twas girls' night...taking four hours to get dolled up for a dance that lasted only three and of those three we danced about two and a half. Yes, yes, such extremes women go to. Don't judge.

Do you know what's great about Sundays? They're a rather lazy hazy day...i've been in my pajamas all day! Yays! Deutschland foreign language week 2010 shirt and red Dutchmen soffe shorts! I just felt oh so cozy.

On to pressing matters....

I have not yet checked out the new Post Secrets! Check them out with me! :)

Feeling wise....i'm not sure whether or not i've stressed this on here or not...more or less my personal mantra (or one of them anyways).
Don't have any expectations that way you can never be disappointed.
This has worked quite well for me....
Along with....I do what I want
And...Love what you do, and do what you love.

Time for new Post Secrets!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Another rainy day....of course i rocked the rainboots to keep somewhat dry...despite them being quite muddy/grassy and just plain icky from the March to Kreiderheim!

White button-up: Wally World (Wal-Mart)
Leopard tank: PacSun
Black tank: Worthington
Jeans: Angel
Boots: Wally World
Belt: off of an old childhood polka dot dress

I realized i haven't been typing what i've been to a lovel-E Friday! Need to finish two papers this weekend -_-

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I feel so collegiate in my blazer and wanted to share!

Line between insanity and reality

I found my old poetry notebook in my room whilst i was home and totally forgot!

Yes, yes, they're not profesh but everyone has their little thing to let go...thoughts swirling around. It's weird...i'm a fairly happy person yet some of this stuff would suggest otherwise! Maybe the words are counterbalancing...maybe i'm overanalyzing as i usually do :P

Buuuuuuut....on the back i have etched:
  • I've jumped the border...the border between insanity and reality...what's the difference?
I like writing's fun to manipulate words, painstakingly placing them so they sound just right.

From 9/18/10:
All the little reminders
seem to disappear,
erasing all the traces
that you were ever here.
The fissures in my heart
slowly seal with time,
the scars patch and fade
leaving a small faint line.

Cheesy and uncheery. Sooo happy hahaha

 Wow! I can put three pictures in a row! .....i'm slow when it comes to HTML...i learned quite a bit of the basics with Neopets but i'm nowhere near profesh. Happy dance in my head!

The pile is slowly diminishing....I'll be getting more today! Ho hum pig's bum...procrastination is not fun...then again procrastination to me is waiting to finish something 5 days before it's due.

More BC Jean:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to School

That was a nice break....back to classes and work and the general hubbub of life...but it's my roomie's birthday! Sooo happy birthday, Katie!! :)

I feel accomplished for the day...but tomorrow yet another pile of work awaits. Oh joy. It's weird...if it were German homework, I very doubt I would be complaining. I'm strange in that sense....

Unpacking was like another assignment yesterday! I don't know what Iill do when i study abroad.... how does one only pack so few of clothes?? That seems to be the problem...clothes!! And shoes!! And SourPatch Kids...and giant pumpkin shaped marshmallows!

This is why i'll need to find time for the gym....mmm i love these delicious "fat-free" foods that are still sooo damaging for one's waistline.

"I don't know who invented high heels but all women owe him a lot."

Seems contradictory to wear hightops with such a shirt....but in my defense, it was raining and a bit nippy noodles out...

Ta-ta for now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's felt like a typical weekend at home, typical boring yet outrageous weekend. I actually watched tv this morning! I'm catching up on America's Next Top Model now :)

Leaving around 1 or so....

Jon Lajoie shirt with Forever 21 shorts. I think he would approve.

Not looking forward to driving today -___-  (Ponyo face!)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Childish Antics

You know those delicious sugar cookies with holiday shapes on them? The packaging had this mask on it and my inner Jilly (childhood name) got really exciiiiiited! I couldn't help but cut it out and put it on....and because my Mummy was making fun of me.

Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada

Taking it easy today because my dang back is acting up (yes i sound soo old!). It's hurts like a bugger....grrrr

Went out to eat with my Fajer today :D

Hate packing....i had to do that earlier and it simply was NOT's not finished yet...ugh that's what tonight is for...after all, who goes out on a Monday night?! It's Monday for Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater's Sake! Tuesday tomorrow shall be great: 3-hr drive to school and lugging my stuff up three floors to my room.

I think this will be the last time it'll be warm enough to wear this....

Leopard print romper and my dark violet star cardi....cardi getting packed now!
Tomorrow's outfit shall feature a highly inappropriate (in my Mummy's eyes) shirt.
Ok, ok...i can see why it would be inappropriate...but i find it incredible considering it has Jon Lajoie's face on it. Pure genius.

As to the i have in my head...not the one following... but this one.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Count the Miles...

.....count the I-love-you's.

Christina Perri, of course.

Hmm it seems i narrate what i want to say on here throughout the day but when i get on...brain fart. No matter. Spontanuity.

I am eating Nutella!

It is quite satisfying....oh, my, i've eaten quite a bit this weekend....dear brain, stop complaining! The tummy's feelin' gooooooood.

Today I got to see my friend, Brittany :)  then went to see my Grammie and Pap Pap and later went to give them stuffed peppers and baked beans! Mmmm stuffed peppers are just mmmm mmmm delicious.

Well...need to play til my fingers feel like they're going to fall off....make some progress. At this point, anything truly is progress. lie, i'm not very good...oh well.