Saturday, October 8, 2011

Up All Night

2:30. No big deal. Played guitar and made my way through two hot pockets (those new really cool ones that look like little semi-circle pockets) and two cans of root beer....a good night ending to a pretty great day.

Went to my high school's football game away at a neighboring town, mainly to see the bandshow and my bandfront fwends but it's always fun to see football, too. True, they lost...but they played well, so there! No hatin'! That's just NOT nice...

I think people were hatin' on the fact that I wore my 5" heeled booties...lame. They're just upset because they didn't have that boosted couple inches...yes, that's it. I liiiiiiiike to feel tall once in a while; it's a nice contrast to my 5'4" stature. Meanies.

I absolutely love this tank!! I wear it quite frequently...but it is deliciously comfortable....and one rarely sees me in purple so it's different...
Love-ity love love love.
Sleepy time....

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