Thursday, June 30, 2016

Love & Other Drugs

Happy pills would be much appreciated.

Nugget of joy

Knowing one's self is an intricate part of development and a skill that can profoundly enhance a better sense of awareness, further ensuring a more fulfilling life as one can prepare to offset the negative aspects.

As I continue my career with blah-blah-blah, I'm continuously finding my happiness in jeopardy as I slowly lose my gourd, one idiotic incident at a time.

Those who know me, know of my dissatisfaction in my present position, that awful feeling of stagnation in which I feel entrapped, enticed to stay by current salary and title name, yet dread simply going into the office. My coworkers keep me sane....and I'd do anything for my direct reports, yet feel ensnared by the lure of the current finances as I look ahead at the loans I'm presently taking out to cover the costs of my impending graduate school courses.

I believe having Loki here is what is keeping me grounded - I have more of a purpose. Taking care of him and giving him so much love and attention fulfills oh-so-many of my needs....

Have you ever looked at someone and thought how much you truly love them with all of your heart? I'm head over heels for my sweet, and mischievous, little feline and know I'd take out anyone and anything to keep my little booby safe and content.

We all have our little routines and Loki, or Bubbie, or Boob, or Sweet Face {depending on what comes out of my mouth when I'm excited to see his darling kitten entity} fits perfectly into mine. He's integrated himself quite nicely and is so entangled in my heart, I can't imagine being without.

The little things in life - those are the things for which we live. A pleasant, rewarding and satisfying job career should be one of them, but for now, I need isthat paycheck to pay for his kibble and cat litter {and General Tsao's for this kitty Mummy}.

As June flies past us and July swiftly approaching, I can't help but wish for a more exciting job which will allow for more traveling opportunities and more snuggle time with my kitty.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Work, Sleep, {sometimes} Eat

Summer seems to be, once again, slipping past as it did last year. Is this what life is like when you're old?? Perhaps working 45-58 hrs a week does that to one. Summer feels halfway over already yet I know we still have July and August ahead of us.

Orange is the New Black partner
I'm finding, at times, to have little motivation to do much at all in my spare time except sneak in extra snuggles with Loki and sleep as I continue to go to work sleep-deprived and anxiety-ridden. Being interim manager for a week with a crew that was disturbingly short across the board played its toll on me, meaning sleep took a nosedive but I guess that was good for my diet since it primarily consisted of Monster Zero and the occasional stir-fry.

Recently, I've found motivation a struggle to pursue - quite uncharacteristically of me. Bitterness and regret wreak havoc with my psyche, fueling the feelings of stagnation and entrapment, as well as disappointment in myself for not pushing harder to be {employed} somewhere happy and fulfilling.

The job-hunting has begun again and I'm leaping at every potential job posting which comes my way in the hopes it may be "the next great adventure," providing a career path, not simply a job & paycheck. The current job has only flared my usually-suppressed and mild temper to that of a great dragon, ready to lunge at its next victim who so comes near its treasure aka easily irked.

Hopeful that something will open up, albeit I feel quite trapped with the recent {high} pay raise. The nice bump I received is nothing to sneeze at, but at what cost does one sell their sanity, happiness, life?

Some play time and good noms with lovely company - a well-deserved break for these two hardworking gals. Oh, and a little bit of singing on my part. Yikes.

As my Pap Pap says, you're essentially selling your life to a company when you work. It should be fulfilling and rewarding as you can never get that time back. Much to reflect upon...


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady Starter Pack

On 30 May, one wild kitty joined the Jacobs clan. Loki took the car ride to my apartment in stride and made himself right at home. By now, the little temper tantrums when I leave for work have boiled down to a minimum and he's nestled deep down in my heart.

Quickly had his collar put on while he was still slightly dazed and confused with the change of surroundings.

Many kisses and snuggles ensued in order to make the little lovebug feel at ease in his new home.

Loki loves: naps, cuddling, toilet paper, Cowboy Crunch chicken, and ice cubes.

Work hard, play hard, then crash. I love getting to know this furry bundle of joy {and wild antics} as we figure out each day one by one. Little guy gets tuckered out after he spends much time being a little terror around the apartment and playing with his hoooman.

All of the scratches and bites and hours of sleep lost have been worth it.

His favorite spot to be: inside the crook of my arm.

Little Loki has me wrapped tight around his tail. When he's acting up, I'll scoop him up and hold him like a baby as I walk around the apartment, get ready for work, or go fetch the mail from outside. He's much like a toddler in that sense...going limp and chill the moment he's picked up.

I've become that cat lady who takes innumerous pictures of her cat...

Daily snuggles are a must and exactly what I'll be looking forward to for the duration of the day.