Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Today certainly was a Good Friday...get it? My special little pun...

It was a tad nippy noodles out, but I managed to get a little homework accomplished, went for a nice morning run, plucked my eyebrows [why can't overgrown like a caveman be in again?!], and spent some quality time with my bestie, Heidi! Mummy also dyed my hair and I looked like an extra behind the scenes from the Walking Dead with some niiiiice red framing my face and a big splotch on my forehead. That's my new attractive look.


Little hair braid

New H&M dress!

Carrie Underwood concert with sissy on Monday night

Sister time! Great escape from the hustle and bustle of school
Club seats c/o Gramps :)

Hunter Hayes!


I found this rather amusing since I'll be heading there in less than 6 months!

I read A Series of Unfortunate Events when I was in elementary school...but this quote is a great one. Don't be afraid to go after what you want!

multi-functioning bow: bowtie used as a headband
Made it home safe and sound on Thursday after a very long day...

My favorite redhead! We had pizza, dyed Easter eggs, and got dolled up for the movies. Identity Thief. Hysterical. Hands down haha-good

No. No tricks, no gimmicks. Becoming irritated with such silly articles seen in magazines....just be yourself -_-

Guys will like you or they won't. If not, well....a girl can never have too many dudes aka guy friends. Guy friends offer great insight on things totally removed from romance.

As for me...I'm busy looking forward to the future. London forms being filled out in a flurry and doing homework, making plans for the summer, my last two semesters after London, my life... I'm not sad being single or worrying about the silly labeling of anything.

Memories remain and friendships are retained...and that was a cheesy rhyme.

Let life happen and take it in strides. And dark chocolate certainly helps.

Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness Friday Favorites

Love is but a chalise
Only filled with broken dreams,
Varying ever so with
Every twist in its stream...

Strange...I've written much poems, yet this is the only one I've memorized. Probably because it's short haha

This are looking up; I was skeptical after the ups and downs from this week. There seemed to be great ups [plans made and potential plans in the making] and great downs [terrible presentation and stress over figuring out everything for study abroad].

Chin up, girl, need to stay strong!

Pep talks. I'm good at those. Maybe I should add that to my résumé. I've much practice giving pep talks to not just other people, but myself as well. I'm a whirlwind of motivation and ambition but everyone needs a pick-me-up.

Hugs are wonderful. I'd love a Mummy-hug. One of my favorite things...the way she can envelope me in her arms and make me feel like the world isn't such an evil place...

The campus nurse informed me that I am 5'5". I feel like I should have that changed on my driver's license now....I'm still rather short, but hey, I'll take that extra inch!

One of the cutest things I've seen in a while

We had free Rita's this week!! The first day of spring certainly did not seem so....'twas bitterly nippy noodles! Waiting in line at 8pm in the freezing cold was worth it, though.

Jack the cat taking a snooze

This week I got in touch with an old friend! He and I haven't spoken since we were about 3 or 4 when his family moved far far away to Michigan....isn't that neat, though?

And I've been listening to a lot of country during the past few like me AT ALL, but figured I'd get into the mood....I do like a few country artists, such as Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes, whom I shall be seeing on Monday!! 

Ready for an away from any problems that cannot be fixed academically...I'm good at that. And why is there so much about love in country songs?? 

Monday I shall be presenting my dialogue about my perfect day en français and there shall be Sriracha involved. Here's to busting my butt and reaching my goals!

But on a sad note....My Chemical Romance and The White Stripes broke up :/

No sadness, though...
Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.
-Dr. Suess

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Somewhere in Neverland

New music video from All Time Low!

And Taylor Swift!

I should probably be working on homework right now.....

Faithful and no pants Wednesday
'twas a tad nippy noodles, but there needs to be one day a week where skirt/dress is mandated, even if it's self-mandated. Fancy Friday has died off...but no pants Wednesday remains. I cannot wait until nicer weather for more dresses comes about.

Happy late St. Patty's Day! I felt like being festive. Shamrock on each thumb with a simply green tip on the other fingies.

Ahhhh, ooooh, the Metropolitan Museum! [side note, I typed that word 3x. Brain is in desperate need of a rest]. Fascinating place! I loved the grand staircase...

Roomie and I in the big cold city!

Dance attire!

This little one is such a cute and so far away :(

Our massive dessert from Planet Hollywood! Mmm so yummy

Mmmmm. These look absolutely DELICIOUS.

The gaps of my days were filled with work/homework/sleep [some]/eating/gym...repeat and in various orders... 

How is it the middle of the week already?! Well...tomorrow is, technically.

And I started filling out the form for graduating early. I have 3 semesters left, one of which shall be in London. Wow.

Cheers! Raise your glasses of hot chocolate to the rest of the week and to the future! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glow worms and chicken salad

I wish I was a glow worm,
'cause a glow worm's never glum;
for how can you be grumpy
when the sun shines out your bum.

How I deal with stress....i sing ridiculously catchy songs about nonsense. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patty's Weekend Friday Favs

Tomorrow I shall be spending the day in the Big Apple!

Updates to follow.... :)

Going to be a great day!

Parade, the Met, Joe Fresh....ahhhh cannot wait!

Have a lovely start to your weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm A Creep.

"Yeah, I'm a weirdo...."
Ingrid Michaelson....mmmm so soothing to the ears.

Today is Mummy's birthday!!!!

Happy birthday to one of the leading ladies in my life!
I'd love to put a cute picture of us together on here but I regret to inform that I would not be able to type for a very long time...she would not be amused sooo I'll simply mention that this special lady is celebrating yet another fabulous year!

How spring break has been going....[besides homework...that's a given]

crafting ideas...already made myself a "LOVE" bracelet

New booties came! Madden Girl

Life of a single woman.
J/k! My oldest and dearest guy friend [ok, that sounds way too formal for him] and I went out to dinner. All I can say is 2 1/2 hours well spent on DQ. My bearded girlfriend and I caught up on life and it was such a lovely time.

Dinner attire

Yesterday I stayed in my pj's until about 3:30 working on a paper. On one of my many breaks, I took a trip down memory lane...sissy and I together.
I used to be cute...what happened?

Such a lady at a young age, I crossed my legs as I slept. Notice the scrape on my knee? I played hard, too. This is one of many sleeping pics...and by far the most normal place where I'm sleeping.

Twas time for a fresh coat.

Seems legit.

I thought this was quite insightful. Found on the We❤It app.

Joy beyond joy...finally bought a bowtie. My sister asked me when I became a waitress when I told her about my purchase... waitress, my ass.
Although I did take a lunch order today....but that was for Mummy's birthday lunch.
So for now, I'm working on homework and waiting for sissy to come home and watching Harry Potter...from start to finish.
Have a lovely Thursday!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Manly Days

I'm losing my voice and sound like a man....

The joys of being a woman.

And my voice cracked whilst I was jamming in the car on the way to Wally World....concerned.

I'm finally home!! And what a joy it is. I'd like to think I'm being glamorous and having a beautifully swell time, but the truth is, I'm having a swell time and living it up in giant sweatshirts.

Rocking my new Gap from my cousin Janelle
Love it!

Where I'll be in a few months!

This served as my outerwear today....a think sweatshirt and scarf. I'm pretty sure I did the exact same thing on Saturday, minus a scarf, with my [Nana's?] Harvard Law sweatshirt. Great closet finds!

More later.... :)