Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kiss me once before you go

13 days and 2 hours until my flight takes off...wow. And only three days left of my internship.

Naturally, instead of packing, my dirty clothes are in a pile and I'm wearing shortie sleep shorts and typing as I listen to new music with the prospect of watching a movie with a friend tonight. 


>distraction from my procrastination<

The kittens are growing up! From the top now: Otis, Milo, and Oliver.
Lovely named them. I think one may fit quite nicely in my carry-on... ;)

Normally Starbucks is the franchise notorious for effing up names.
Panera, I can't believe you've stooped so low. I thought you were better than this. Hmm if I want a new persona, perhaps I'll change my Facebook to this [the 'k' is silent, obviously] so no one can find me.

Doodling the tattoo idea I've been morphing in my mind for a while. Another reason why graduation cannot get here quickly enough....yes, Mother, I'm abiding by your rules.

Swag bag from my internship!

Miss Olivia loved her watermelons. Nails...one of the few girly talents I possess.

c/o Uncle Tom

One should never take themselves too seriously. Ha. This photo just makes me laugh at myself every time I see it. Tear-stained face and bruising knee. Typical me...

My furry uncle and I were having a nice bonding moment whilst Sissy got ready and Gramps was sleeping. I endured relentless biting of my wrist where my watch sits; the least he can do is endure a brief photo op.

Book lovers would appreciate this. Wow. Literary overachiever. Love it.

This couple reminded me of Grammie and Pap Pap...they were married for 65 years as well. Pap Pap knows the length down to the day...love. I wish those of my generation and of my parents' had this. Grammie always said to find someone who makes you laugh and who you can talk to...they picked on another one and kept each other on their toes. The way he still looked at her...she was the center of his world, even when the Little League Series was on.

Combating major bug bites right now and getting ready to do some yoga.

Hobey Ho, 32 hrs of work to go!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Countdowns and checklists

13 days until I'm home...
23 days until my flight to London....
72 days until my 21st birthday...
129 days until Xmas....
136 days until the new year...
484 days [approximate] until I graduate...

Time is flying...and yet moving impossibly slow.

Looking like a sweetheart in my T-strap sandals and floral dress. At least that's what I like to pretend haha.

My uncle asked me what women want. Well...here's my response. Almost forgot, someone who sparkles in the sunlight like Edward Cullen.

Delicious. Had a solo date lunch with myself at the Capitol Diner. Chicken salad sandwich for the main course...and then came this loveliness.

Stir-fry magic

Gladly welcomes minors for everything BUT booze

Root beer float for the youngling

Capresse panini...mmmm heaven

Peanut Butter Cup Sundae
Haven't visited the Soda Jerk in many, many years....so I decided to go last night for dessert. Absolutely delish. 

Inspiration for my future home....love

Books are wonderful things...

Off to work I go.

Hobbey Ho.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Homebound and full of Dippy Pizza

Last minute decision to head home. Literally. 3:45 I decided. My car was packed just in case my plans fell through the cracks...and it worked out fairly well. Took 11/15 to 322 from Camp Hill and raced *figuratively, Mummy* towards home and friends and FOOD.

My bed felt wunderbar, albeit I will admit, I woke up in the middle of the night thrashing against all of the pillows with which I was suffocating myself...oops.

Twin bed + a bazillion pillows = minor tizzy when I burrow into them at night
True cuddler at heart.

The Castle!

The castle is one of the landmarks en route home...I usually freak out a little at this one because I know I'm not too far away...and then I get caught behind a slow-moving vehicle on the one-lane road with minimal pass zones and curse it up like a sailor. Does nothing to aid in getting me home faster, but does my psyche a hell of a lot of good. 

*please at least go the speed limit*

Pet peeve: speed limit is 45 and people go 40. Stawp.

Fair ride buddy!
My reason to go home are my friends. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing them. I'm leaving soon, so it means the world to see as many as these wonderful people who have stood by me before I leave....

JoshUa is my bad life decision coach haha. Or so I dubbed him to be funny. We rode the treacherous fair rides that are put up in two days using a bunch of screws and bolts they fish out of a giant bucket. No big deal.

How could I say <no> to this face?
Great night. Saw my JoshUa and my gorgey redheaded bestie, Heidi. We've shared the past almost 10 years together and have seen it all...all of the adolescent pains and discomforts that accompany growing up. Teen angst and broken hearts and bitchy girls.

C'est la vie.

1 of several kittens
I had the pleasure of meeting these adorable furballs....fell in love instantaneously. [oh yeah, and I wore my Ouija board shirt with high-waisted pants. But kittens rule this unimportant]

Things girls love: heels, kittens, and smiley faces. But mostly kittens. They were mewing and they're little faces were just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. They're cuteness....could not be pulled away...oh my goodness. And I am having trouble ceasing my talk of them. Yeah, I get excited over kittens. This is what happens when Mummy says <no> to animals whilst growing up :(

Goldfish are stupid. The best part of having them as pets is watching them go down the toilet when they die. 

So...I want a baby dragon. They have them at the Renaissance Faire. hehehe
Juuuuuuust wait. Someday.

I do what I want.

...as long as my Mum says it's ok.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Life

I'm pretty sure if my mum knew what I did on the weekends, she'd find me the most boring 20 year old ever....in comparison to others my age.

Summertime is my work period....I work hard during the school year, slamming those books and cranking out papers and notes, but summertime I work for $$$. On weekends I'm either working or doing surveys online or practicing my languages...life of a party girl *woot woot*

More like party in my brain.

En route to Orwigsburg, PA

Oh my, how time flies....from college-bound to London-bound. 50lbs heavier (exaggerating) and hair much longer and redder.


Despicable Me 2. Sooo good.

My sister obviously loves me. She brought me a Minions shirt and my favorite: Lego candy!! Mmmm this delicious candy is so difficult to find!

I learned the hard way that milk chocolate chips just do not melt correctly when making chocolate chip pancakes....these turned out terribly and we about threw them up. Gross.

Still have yet to learn how to make my eggs Benedict...

Ooooh boy!! Much loved at work!

This is what happens when one has blisters and one doesn't allow adequate time for proper healing and then runs 4 miles out of the blue...

Ouch. Lesson learned. Finding other ways to exercise that don't involve ruining my tootsies any further...