Saturday, August 17, 2013

Countdowns and checklists

13 days until I'm home...
23 days until my flight to London....
72 days until my 21st birthday...
129 days until Xmas....
136 days until the new year...
484 days [approximate] until I graduate...

Time is flying...and yet moving impossibly slow.

Looking like a sweetheart in my T-strap sandals and floral dress. At least that's what I like to pretend haha.

My uncle asked me what women want.'s my response. Almost forgot, someone who sparkles in the sunlight like Edward Cullen.

Delicious. Had a solo date lunch with myself at the Capitol Diner. Chicken salad sandwich for the main course...and then came this loveliness.

Stir-fry magic

Gladly welcomes minors for everything BUT booze

Root beer float for the youngling

Capresse panini...mmmm heaven

Peanut Butter Cup Sundae
Haven't visited the Soda Jerk in many, many I decided to go last night for dessert. Absolutely delish. 

Inspiration for my future

Books are wonderful things...

Off to work I go.

Hobbey Ho.

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