Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lovely and i decided to have another chill night....we rented some movies and watched Breaking Wind, a Twilight parody. Hilarious. Hands down hahaha I like the books and all and enjoy watching the films, but can still appreciate some funnies once in a while.

Today was Thursday, though! Thursday is my favorite day of the week....tomorrow is Friday and shall most likely seem to drag. Must get to sleep soon....

I feel oh-so-grown-up in my Ann Taylor shorts! Hmm....running is definitely improving my legs for the better. And work is helping to tone my arms. Oh, the joy of lifting school supplies all day....but seriously, i count that as my strength training for the day :P 

How my get-into-shape-for-the-beach-regime is going:

I have been adding time to my running and have found that i actually enjoy it. Scary thought.

I'm down 3.5lbs since i started [Tuesday]. Here's to running and squats and ab workouts! Hello again, bikini. It's been too dang long since i've felt ready to wear you.....and also because it would have been a tad nippy noodles to run around in the snow in one. I'd rather not get frostbite on my cheeks. Either pair.

I'm on a major recycling kick. Go Green. Save the environment.

Healthy snack....hummus!!! My new yummy food addiction.

Sleep calls.....tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! :D

And it's official......i made Dean's List for my second semester! 2-for-2 now :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


That was the theme of today's church service. No, i did not burst into flames like the lady who thinks i'm a heathen would think....and Sissy started reading "Catching Fire" in the Hunger Games trilogy...and it certainly was hott outside.

My latest addiction is making GIFs.

Zg4NDj on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

DGmeOl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Just too dang hot for the black beaded Jordan and i changed after we visited Grammie and PapPap.

Dialogue of the day:

Grammie: What were you guys doing out there?
PapPap: Relaxing.
Grammie: What were you hiding?
PapPap: Well, you see, a man came walking up the road with three beers and offered them to us. We had to take them.
Grammie: Didn't he know it's the Sabbath?

[thanks to Jordan for having typed this out on FB]

Had to go to Tractor Supply.....twice. With Fajer. The second time, it was like a monsoon out and my wiper broke plus the traffic lights were out....not a happy driver. Got soaked fixing umbrella kept my head dry at least haha so....when we got home, on with the chaumbrey shirt and grey yoga pants. Oh, comfort....

Lovely came over for dinner after the storm had passed....summer favorites: hotdogs on the George Foreman, baked beans, potato salad [ick! did not eat!], and broccoli rice. Going to enjoy a niiiiiiiiiace nap now....

I love the video for Call Me Maybe! ....this is something i would do hahaha she's cute. In a total girl-to-girl way, not creepy way. She's like an over-eager teen to whom just about every girl can relate.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hit me with your punch drunk love

Corny to title a post with song lyrics....that is the song to which i'm listening as i'm typing. "Springsteen" coming up next!

phew....ready for a vacay. Sissy came home and we're having relax time. I managed to hurt myself yet again. Ok, ok, i admit that i'm a klutz -_-  A package of markers fell onto my head, pointy end first. ow. ouch....and managed to become absolutely filthy today, but other than that, productive day week of work. Ready for the three-day weekend nonetheless.

Painted ma fingies!

Pokémon! Showing MasterBall, GreatBall, original Pokéball, LuxuryBall, and PremierBall :D .....and Ruby, LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Sapphire, and FireRed!

Re-creating We Are Handsome's two-toned lips with Joe Fresh tangerine on the top, hot pink on the bottom.

JLukDT on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

8OYmB2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Having fun with a gif maker i had discovered.....*giggles*

Have you checked out Lulu*s fashion blog? One of their newest posts was about The Shoulder Grazer haircut. Hmm....perhaps it was a good thing i chopped my hair off last year and am now growing it out. Have the right length by default :)

I want to try these:

Nom nom nom can't wait to make one of these this weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Green and red paired together always reminded me of Xmas....i hated the idea of green and red together at any time other than Xmas hols. I wouldn't allow my green and red Legos touch one seemed weird hahaha yes, i was always particular...

But, alas, green dress + red hair = non-Xmas related outfit. Since my hair is dyed and i love the color green....well, my brain will have to chill.

Arm party. Fajer just gave me the first bracelet on the left.

Found my dollar ring from high school that i had folded! I used to be able to do cool things like this...

Today i learned not to trust washing machines. Mine fell on my nose today...

Brushing up on mon francais pour [next] ans. Yays! I remember a little big. I had been counting in French at work off and on.

Whitening my toofers and heading to bed before i hurt myself again.....ok, ok, i am a klutz. Conflabbit. Buuuuuuut tomorrow is FRIDAY and Jordan [my Sissy] is coming home!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Current Obsessions

I finally "The Help" and "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" from the video far I've watched about 2 1/2 hours of the latter. Love it, although not a fan of the changes....her age, for one. Yes, a seemingly minute detail, but she is 25, not 23! If it were indeed such a miniscule thing, then it needn't have been mentioned at all in the abrupt manner....goodness....I just think it takes away from her competency. Not that a 23 is not capable of taking care of themselves, but the fact that she can is stressed throughout the book.

Ok, ok, chill, Jill.

*spoiler alert* this interview tells much about the film....including the fact that the ending is different. meh.

Current obsessions:

Lovely found a niiiiiiiiice chambrey shirt at AE :)

top: Bershka; tank: Target; jeans: Gap; shoes: Madden Girl; purse: Nine West; necklace: AE

Hands dirty? No big deal....just thrust 'em out like you just don't care.

Break out the heels. No, they're not the "best" [such a relative term] shoe for one's feet, but neither are flats. Flats are just as might as well give those smelly things a break and feel tall! .....being only 5'4" that's a rarity for me unless I'm with elementary age people. Middle schoolers seem to be bypassing me in height.....

You want a hat like mine, I'm sure. Warning: it may flatten your hair and needs cleaned of debris at least once every 5 years.


Sequin Embellished Beaded Collar

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Even now...

Happened to see this year's graduating class's commencement program and noticed there is not a student speaker for the welcome and farewell, a position awarded to #3 in the class [yes, i was bummed about only being #3 last year, but told myself i was #3 after all....not the best, but had to make the best of it].

Hmm....wondering if it is coincidental. *rub chin in a menacing, yet thoughtful way*  I seemed to have caused quite a stir last year by my actions: speaking the truth in a blatant, yet tactful way, and taking off my robe to symbolize that we were no longer high school students. Naturally, it was unexpected and received mixed reviews. My friend Drew, valedictorian of our class, gave me a hug afterwards. Somebody had to speak up. It felt right. I was shaking, yet stood by my speech. My mother proved her love [not that she really needs to validate it since she's proven it over a thousand-fold] by standing up to a woman who, a year after that surprising speech, openly criticized me and said i was "a rebel."

Thinking back to that night, i still feel proud of myself. I was afraid, sure, but i did it. I look back at my former self with a bit of pride. Not arrogance, mind you, but i do smile at my 18 year old self....not fearless, but still strong.

Oh, and they kept my little alteration to the program of changing "opening" and "closing" to "welcome" and "farewell," although they would never admit that it was my doing. As the saying goes: haters gonna hate.

Goodness.....i've been an alumna for a year now. Holy cow, i feel old.

Have you heard this song?? It's one of my new faves!

I love Randall from YouTube hahaha. Although.....this creeps me out a little because I watched The Grey with Liam Neeson and there are wolves....I'll leave you with this! Must get some shuteye since i'll be waking up bright and early to start my summer job....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Bliss[ters]

Silly me.....head wasn't in the right place and relaxed in the sun with Theo the Kindle and burnt my back. Like an id.

Other than that, things have been fairly quiet at home....i've been on the d-low, cleaning my room, continuing to put things away, cooking, listening to my Fajer grumble [my current activity aside from typing], and catching up on some reading [currently at 97% in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo].

Almost finished with this:

Can't wait to see this:

Yes, i'm one of those people who believe in reading the book before the seeing the movie....i'm sticking with my opinion that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was perhaps the best book trilogies brought to the big screen. Can't wait for The Hobbit!!

Hmm....haven't really been dressing all that cute. The past two days i've thrown on my oversize checkered button-up from AE. I love their men's Vintage Fit button-ups....too bad xs is hard to find :/  Lovely has that trouble as well....smalls are super comfy and big and fit like a dress on me. Lovely is simply slender and muscular, albeit a smaller frame.

Oh that boy....look at me gushing! :)

Must wash my car.....and continue to bum it for the day. It's gorgey out. Maybe i'll go out in shorts and  my oversize shirt. My back doesn't like constricting tops. Wear your sunscreen and don't be negligent like i was! Not blistering, but it's red. eeeek.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shopped out with my Ditto

Lovely and i are still avid Pokémon players [no judgment, please] and are on the way to filling our Pokédexes! I spent the better part of the carride to Altoona catching Ditto in FireRed....i caught 7 of them and not one had a jolly nature -_-  who knew there were so many different natural inclinations of personalities for Pokémon?? I guess i never really paid much attention to that....

Lovely looks so serious....perhaps the photobooth used up all his silliness. Photobooths are so much fun! They had them at school for special occasions and we used them multiple times...

Rockin' my new Gap jeans...I'm so Gap, Inc. with Gap sandals, Gap jeans, and Old Navy tank. Thrown off slightly by Pikachu necklace. I am a rebel after all [laughing at my lame little joke].

Time for some brekkie.....leftover Mexican from our date last night! Lovely and i were absolutely stuffed and had to get the rest to go. Need to finish cleaning my room as well...a project that's yet to be accomplished oops. Why must i be productive today? meh.

I just want to snuggle with the cool kids on my bed....ladybug, bunny, cow, Yoda, hippo, cat, and a Wookie. Perhaps i have a few too many stuffed animals on my bed. nbd.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lemme buy you a drink

Not sure why the lyrics of that song popped into my head...

Wanted to write up a lovel-E Mother's Day post on Sunday but i found myself spending time with lovel-E mothers and Lovely so did not make it online...Mummy wouldn't take up the offer of me cooking for her [i'm really not sure why since i can't actually cook!] so we went out for Chinese since she loves it so much.

I visited with my Grammie for a while and caught up with her and Pap Pap. Not a very seemingly over-exciting day, i know, but when you spend it with loved ones, that's how that really matters.

top: vintage; belt: Candie's; skirt: Maz Azria; earrings: NYC street vendor; purse: thrifted; sneakers: Steve Madden

Bared a little skin today....nothing wrong with that. This top is part of a matching skirt/top set that was my Nana's. How schweet is that?

Here's a close-up of the shirt Lovely made for me. I love me some Pokémon, especially Dragonite! The whole evolution line is awesome....Dratini and Dragonair are so graceful and then Dragonite comes out, majestic and strong as butt as dragons usually are. Look at me, how poetic about Pokémon...

tank: AE; skirt: Nollie; belt: vintage

Yesterday we went shopping....simple yet more dressed up than shorts and a tee. The general notion of shopping is correct: if you feel good, you'll have a good time. Paired this with Louis [my Louis Vuitton purse] and gold Mossimo gladiator sandals from two years ago. Simple pimple.

Despite the rain, it was a pretty great day. We sold some clothes to Plato's Closet then did a little shopping at the mall. Ladies, you know he's a keeper when he brings the car to you at the mall door and opens your door with an umbrella so you don't get soaked from the rain.

I may have to chop my leg off. Dang bug bites. It's only May and i'm already bug food! Off to bed streaks from scratching too dang hard. . . .