Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ketchup. first year of college under my belt now and 2 1/2 years to go :D (hopefully). Next year shall be an overload year with 6 classes, or 18 credits, then it's off to London for fall semester of my junior year!

Monday i went to work and worked a few extra hours....

Tuesday was a pants day....had very few things left in my closet at that point. Worked and packed and studied macro as though my life depended upon it and finished my ethics paper. Oh, and Jess left after her final :/  .....what a creepy night alone in my near-empty room. It seriously echoed.

I'm happy to be home, i must say....after my macro final [which only took me half hour to take! woot woot!] i jumped in my car and headed to Sonic for a jr burger [everything but mayo or pickle, ick] and their new cookie dough blast and went to Nana's for the night! It was nice just catching my breath and catching up with her...i played the Sims3 for hours as my "reward" of sorts. Then headed back to that small town in which i grew up....

I had "real" food when i came home! ....after i visited Lovely at work, of course. He came over later and we watched In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried and called it a night....

Friday night we started watching Abduction with Taylor Lautner and then went on our first summer date! Call me cheesy, but i love going out...Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and Chloë Moretz = awesome. Johnny Depp is clearly an incredible actor. Chloë is a great up-and-coming actress and made me laugh with her crass in this film :)

Tonight was promenade....goodness, has it really been a year??
You know it's prom season when you're the whitest kid vampire tan is so hardcore.

This shot of Lovely creepin' on my Mummy is priceless.

I love to grill....if this international business thing doesn't work out, i'm available for grilling and painting nails. And dyeing hair. My Mummy dyed my hair again. Dang auburn...fades too easily -_- there's a big difference between how it looked before and afterwards.

Lovely loves my piggy nose. Not the most flattering pic, but look at that BA shirt! Lovely made me a v-neck with a silhouette of Dragonite on it! How flippin' schweet is that? I plan on playing Pokémon with him this summer. Don't judge meh, s'il vous plâit.

Out for a stroll after dinner....needed to return our movies and rent some new ones and stopped for nom noms at McDonald's: milkshake for Lovely and smoothie for me.

Things I've missed whilst being away:

....showering without flip-flops. I absolutely hate flip-flops. Mummy's cooking aka "real" food.
....sleeping in a bed that does not squeak/does not have mystery stains.
....Meadows frozen custard room, despite it still holding a few boxes i have yet to unpack.
....having my full wardrobe at my disposal.
....falling asleep, knowing there is a slim chance of a late-night fire drill.
....getting ready in bathroom that is not shared by 20+ girls.
....grilling! Fajer and Mum. They crack me up and make my day. Sure, they drive me nuts from time to time as parents tend to do, but i love 'em to death.

Things i have not missed:

....strange congregating teenagers at the theatre. Pretty sure my Mum would have beat me [figuratively] if i acted like that.
....rude people.
....having to get up really early [will be soon....]

P.S. I'm a rebel, haven't you heard? Hahaha

P.P.S. Pretty sure i wouldn't know how to be a rebel if i tried. Except for my hair...i do what i want. Rebellious teen, that's me.

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