Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Bliss[ters]

Silly me.....head wasn't in the right place and relaxed in the sun with Theo the Kindle and burnt my back. Like an id.

Other than that, things have been fairly quiet at home....i've been on the d-low, cleaning my room, continuing to put things away, cooking, listening to my Fajer grumble [my current activity aside from typing], and catching up on some reading [currently at 97% in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo].

Almost finished with this:

Can't wait to see this:

Yes, i'm one of those people who believe in reading the book before the seeing the movie....i'm sticking with my opinion that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was perhaps the best book trilogies brought to the big screen. Can't wait for The Hobbit!!

Hmm....haven't really been dressing all that cute. The past two days i've thrown on my oversize checkered button-up from AE. I love their men's Vintage Fit button-ups....too bad xs is hard to find :/  Lovely has that trouble as well....smalls are super comfy and big and fit like a dress on me. Lovely is simply slender and muscular, albeit a smaller frame.

Oh that boy....look at me gushing! :)

Must wash my car.....and continue to bum it for the day. It's gorgey out. Maybe i'll go out in shorts and  my oversize shirt. My back doesn't like constricting tops. Wear your sunscreen and don't be negligent like i was! Not blistering, but it's red. eeeek.

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