Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy, Bustling Day

Oh, Friday, it has simply been way too long....

Such a very busy day....class, class, lunch at work, class, homework, meeting, homework, meeting, run away. In that order.

The meetings were fairly short...thank goodness. At that point my attention span was quite limited EW there is a spot on my screen that is sticky and gross. I'm obviously not very articulate at the present...

Ah, yes, the outfit of the day....sometimes I wonder why we must bother with clothes and then I go outside and feel like my face may freeze off and my nagging question is self-evident.

 I absolutely love this dress!! It's so much fun....and flowy...although flowy with my figure isn't always the most flattering. Hence why I belt a lot of my outfits...having a large chest de-centuates my little waist. Damn Barbie figure.

Twas a bit nippy noodles outside....but my sweater kept me fairly warm and it's quite cozy....something about cardis that just makes them so dang cozy/comfy/feel just oh so niiiiiice!

Renaissance Faire tomorrow! Can't wait! Haven't been there in a few years...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pants Won

I started out wearing a skirt today....I thought it looked nice with this near-tunic length shirt despite my faux pas about long shirts and skirts. Unfortunately, twas absolutely freezing when I went to get lunch sooo I opted for pants :(

I just don't like wearing pants sometimes. Not being pervish or a free spirit....I simply prefer skirts and dresses to pants. I love skinny jeans yet I feel constrained in pants. Yes....does not make sense but there you go.

Tonight is the night I get some sleep!!

Honestly, I really need it....I answered a basic math problem incorrectly in class today. I said it and then thought, NO that is NOT right! Good thing my prof didn't hear me :)

I feel so old....tired, productive, sluggish, unwanting to move...meh.

New (for me) Gap tunic-ish length shirt from my Sissy with Old Navy skirt

It's about time I force myself to go to sleep earlier...seriously, I'm scaring myself.

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday tomorrow!!!! And possibly a package from my Mummy! Yays!
I hope my Fajer gets his card in the mail...our college only gets mail Mon-Fri and his birthday is Monday therefore I sent it out, in fact.

Renaissance Faire on Saturday so depending on how much my camera likes me that day, I'm hoping to have some pics up!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Strikes Back

Feable attempt at a Star Wars reference.....

It was pretty great....I owned today, I showed Tuesday how I roll! Tuesday is such a punk....trying to ruin everything. It's so much worse than Monday it seems. Mondays are usually a recovery of the weekend, getting back into the swing of things, but I'm loving it. Yes, I'm loving the least liked day of the week! Tuesday, you cruel, cruel day....

So....everything was going fairly well, feeling semi confident about the Micro exam....upset about the business exam...but all in all a good day. It was destined to be owned because I had on my silk and polka dots!

Finished my English (actually procrastinated on something, a habit I hope to destroy before it actually forms) and went to print it out. It started raining. No big deal. *walk walk walk* Plugged in my flash's not on there because I neglected to make sure it was saved there -_-  *walk walk walk* back in the rain, saved paper onto the flash drive and *walk walk walk* back to lab and printed it isn't the crispest (crispest? Is that a real word???) sheet of paper but it's going to have to do.

Silk and polka dots

No. No shoes.

You know how OCD I am about my shoes...

Goofball :)

Pretty new necklace from AE
Mmmm mmm mmm ice cream social.
My advice of the day....that I was actually pondering late last night in bed....
If you never have expectations, you'll never be let down. Live in the moment, live in the now.

Oh, Tuesday, I'll be seeing you in a week or so....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feeling Photogenic, Are We?

My, my, my...once in a while I manage to capture myself looking, well...I look cute! Something must be wrong here....I'm not generally a cute person except in the sense that I look like child at times  -_-  curséd vertically challenged body that I possess. No matter.....

Ok, maybe this one isn't so cute. I always look so funny
straight-forward! At least I do to those hips.

Sad business, sad business...allllllll ready for a lovel-E Saturday but turned into a not so lovel-E day as I am now Lovely-less. Love business is a pain in the arse sometimes. I'm sure he won't object to me creeping on him and taking stalker pics. Think he would mind? No? All right!


Chilled with a friendly friend of mine. Oh, and I learned scary movies still make me jump like the 10 year old my voice personifies and give me nightmares! Scary bananas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yes, that is my blood any if there are any vampires who are cravin' that juice, please oh please oh please DON'T DO IT. There is help for's a program called Suck On This and it'll teach you how to live peacefully off fish. It worked for my buddy; it'll work for you.


On to other things.



Ah, yes, the reason why I had brought up the blood issue....I gave blood today! It's something I like to do. It makes me happy when other people partake in giving blood as well! Give blood! Blood blood blood! This drive was through the campus and Central PA Blood Bank. It would have been my pint through American Red Cross [I was sooooooo looking forward to that :( ] but it's ok...I was able to give and drip blood on the floor from my finger and now I've given eight times! Woot woot! Yeah....didn't have a band-aid on my tester finger and....yum.

Yes, I wore heels, albeit small ones, to give blood. True, I normally pass out after giving but they looked so niiiiiice with my outfit. I didn't pass out on my walk to my room! .....fell on my bed and passed out and took a snooze. :)

These earrings are clip-ons but they're just so cool! They make me smile :)

Booties :) Off to study for business exam..........

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

Triple saying the day.....real creative title. I really pulled out the big guns for this one. Wah. :(

Pretty good Monday Monday Monday today. German test (we won't go there because I always psych myself out on tests) and no English led to short day....which was spent on homework! Yays! ...and Cosmo reading! I think a nap is in order.

Polka dots....sehr sehr konservativ heute.
 The awesome snake wrap belt my Sissy found did not want to stay on me today....I wrapped it multiple times and yet the slithery thing still found its way out, only to dangle down my skirt. Weird.

And somehow this skirt ended up sideways. Again. The first time I wore (Labor Day) I wore it sideways ALL day long....I know I put this one right! I guess with constant belt adjusting, bathroom breaks, and tugging on it in a nervous habit sort of way jostled it a bit....conflabbit.

 Look how awkward I am! hahaha. I love laughing at my pics when I'm going through them, trying to decide which to put on here. Awkward like a banana. Today, a rotten banana.

I'm loving the Nine West flats with the polka dots :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleeeeepy Sunday

It always feels so nice to sleep in!! Lovely and I slept in then had a scrumptious brekkie.....

Why am I so sleepy yet???


Lovely is a ninja. Clearly stated on his bracelet.

Ok, maybe not exactly a ninja...personal photographer paparazzi creeper. In the nicest way possible :)
Old habits die hard (ugh cliché). Lovely missed talking pics of me like we did in the summer....silly boy always took the camera from me when I tried capturing him....

Guys' clothes are so much more fun to wear! Swapped hoodies for the walk over and kifed his shirt this morning to's oh, so soft, though!

 I look creepy. And check out my wonky hair. He finds this eh....pwetty! Pwetty? Maybe....? I hope so....hopefully....obviously I didn't look into the mirror much after showering.

Feeling old. It's waaaaaay past my bedtime tonight. Wah.
Germish test tomorrow!!
Excited. Lame? You bet. I love Germish.........

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Meow meow meow.

I finally have a picture of my boyfriend on my desk! He's adorable....temperamental, furry, and prone to scratch when he's squeezed too tight. I don't know about you, but he's perfect in my eyes. Ooooh Ted. I pine for him. Haha.

Lovely came to visit me!!!!

Ooooooooh yes! Hmmm....he seems to pull off the skinny jeans better than I do. . . . but that's ok. I'll just show him off. Say, look here! Look at this guy! Not only is he sweet, he looks sweet in skinnies!

A-dork-able :)

The sparkles are to distract you from my messy closet. Is it working?? Yes? Good.

Black and blue do go together. Balance it off with something floral! ....I made that up. Do what you please.....who do I look like, the fashion police?

Calming alec tonight. Sugar sugar sugar sugar!
Oh, and Lovely is wif me so I'm pretty sure endorphin count is fairly high at the moment. Please excuse yet another post of estatic euphoria.

 This just completes any outfit, hands down. If I had thought of it, I should have worn it with my prom dress. That would have been epic.
Oh, lovely evening with my Lovely :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered to this blog to witness the reunion of this blogger and her dear friend, the Dare. Once they were inseparable until said blogger received the Pantech Crux, which recently went for a swim and is hereby paralyzed.

My Mummy was ever so kind to send me the Dare in the mail! ......along with two old backup phones (oh, she knows me so well) and a bunch of goodies! Cosmo! Glamour! Seventeen! Teen Vogue! ....oreo icing.

I feel loved.....

Long sleeves make the dress work for the blustery weather....threw on a black blazer last minute before mad dash to International Studies....

Another important thing to remember, wearer of clothes: undergarments are as, if not more, important than the clothes themselves....I ♥ my tugs and tanktops for maximum smoothing of lumps and bumps!

"Oh, Captain, my Captain."
GiGi would be proud....
Voilà! Magnifique! ......well, for the most part no lumpies.
Taylor Lautner is calling me from the cover of Seventeen....the poster has already gone up on my wall....oooooooh boy!

Do you think Gerard Butler will ever grace the covers or is he just too damn fine? .....and a little mature for a teen mag lol.

Have a LOVEL-E (pronounced juuuuust like that outloud) Friday night!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lethargic Thursday

Today marks the beginning of the improvement of my health!! Woot woot! Not off to a great start by any means....sleepy sleepy...Monster wouldn't fall into the realm of "healthy" by chance, would it? Even the chocolate milk isn't doing it for me....Oh, bother, bother, bother.

Today is also the first day I've actually styled my hair! After chopping it off, I sort of fell into that lazy hair rut....quite easy to do, really...there isn't much hair to style. Buuuuut Mummy was ever so kind to send me a nice Revlon curling iron in the mail so I should try to match my hair to my clothes a little more...pooey brown hair that I have. I love the pixie/short hair cut....but it's just not working for me! Mmmmm....let's dye it firetruck red and call it a day.

Don't worry....I'm wearing shorts under there! ....dang chair hiked them up. I guess that's what happens when one sits...and wiggles...and twitches...fidgets whilst sitting down. Yes, yes, I'm a fidgeter. Caffeine may help with that...look at pretty lace!!

Target bargain! They make my feet look exceptionally tiny...they're a 5 1/2

This looks like a creepy ad for a college kid who doesn't sleep very well...
oh wait.....

Confuscious say!
 So pensive! And that is my pointer finger for clarification :P ...I know, I had to look at it, too. Maybe I'm just assuming everyone else thinks the way I do...haha or maybe you do?
Get this girl a Monster stat!

All pulled together :)
My hair is flying every which does what it wants. Let's hope I never have kids. They'd take after my hair and then what would I do?
I feel the DS calling to me....or Theo the Kindle...something entertainingly stimulating to fill in the gap til lunch.

I wish I had a monkey with whom to chill. How cool would that be? Pretty cool.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This morning my phone decided to take a dive and swim around....I feel scarily deprived without it. Although that may also be the symptoms of withdrawal from chocolate milk.

Fred pin.

Wednesday is hump day....which usually makes it a great day. Don't get me wrong, it really was a great day, except for the fact that my phone may or may not work -_-  Oh, well.....temporary cellular freedom, perhaps? I'll take that.

Why, yes, I do wear my straps over my bright red pants.
What, you don't??

My beloved....
Mere hours before.....sigh.
Dinner soon then Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon playing shall lighten my mood....and chocolate milk mmmmm.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Typically, It's Tuesday

First of all, happy birthday to my beautiful bestie, Michaela!!! :)

It is also Bella Swan's birthday....but no one cares for her much since she ended up with Edward Cullen. And I'm not referring to her choosing Edward, but the fact that she is simply with him. She probably wouldn't be very well liked if she were with Jacob Black either....but that's pop culture for you.

It's Tuesday. We all know how much I vehemently dislike this dreadful day....honestly, Tuesday, why must you follow Monday?? Why can't we skip Monday (which is turning into a lovely day and evening, though not a good night) and just wake up on Wednesday? Oh, hump day, how I've missed you.

 Oh, Lady make my day.
Shirt: Lady Gaga The Fame, Hot Topic
Shorts: star style (Strawberry store)
I'm so plain Jane anymore....the shoes and my briefcase make the statement. Too many accessories and it just looks like overkill

Look at those cute funny-looking wobbly knees!

Aldo booties :)
Thank you, Sissy, for great deal!
Functional? Maybe not completely....but then again, half the stuff Lady Gaga is exactly functional by definition. Have the balls to wear whatever you want.
Lady does.
One more thing. Party like it's not your birthday.
Allstar Weekend's advice of the day.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Oh, I don't feel like doing anything. Yes, that is in a song. No, I'm not quoting it. I just don't feel like doing anything....except eating tacos. Nom nom nom.

All Time Low is doing a nice job of stimulating my brain and waking me up...tomorrow I can sleep in! Little things to which I look forward keep me going. That, and the Monster from the C-Store nestling in the fridge....ohhhh boy! Hopefully this doesn't turn into a long-term episode as what happened in Europe last summer, drinking energy drinks every day. Bad bad bad!

"It was like a time-bomb set into motion, we knew we were destined to explode."

Exploding.....does not remind me of bombs, but...we won't go there...

Casual profesh.
Dressed for class...and tacos.

'I'm a Ninja.
International Spy Museum'
Lion King, Deutschland, I <3 Nerds

Keds day....soo comfy yet conventional? Mummy would approve...I've only wore heals once and they really don't count as heels since they were my red boots with about a 1" thick heel. 1" is deffo not a's a minimal extention....hardly relevant when I only stand at 5'4" as it is...what is 5'5" in comparison? Not much....unless my Sissy is wearing 1" heels...then we're the same height. Can't have that. Deffo cannot have that! Hahaha. Oh, the Jacobs sisters were just destined to be short...short and awesome like their mummy. 'Nuff said.

Exploding gummy bears in Advanced Chemistry!! Oh, science, you silly subject....we found you could be quite easily amused we were.

Off to International Studies and Germish....