Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy, Bustling Day

Oh, Friday, it has simply been way too long....

Such a very busy day....class, class, lunch at work, class, homework, meeting, homework, meeting, run away. In that order.

The meetings were fairly short...thank goodness. At that point my attention span was quite limited EW there is a spot on my screen that is sticky and gross. I'm obviously not very articulate at the present...

Ah, yes, the outfit of the day....sometimes I wonder why we must bother with clothes and then I go outside and feel like my face may freeze off and my nagging question is self-evident.

 I absolutely love this dress!! It's so much fun....and flowy...although flowy with my figure isn't always the most flattering. Hence why I belt a lot of my outfits...having a large chest de-centuates my little waist. Damn Barbie figure.

Twas a bit nippy noodles outside....but my sweater kept me fairly warm and it's quite cozy....something about cardis that just makes them so dang cozy/comfy/feel just oh so niiiiiice!

Renaissance Faire tomorrow! Can't wait! Haven't been there in a few years...