Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Manic Monday, you say?

They say Monday is a horrible day, but honestly, I'm not a fan of Tuesday...

It has been pouring off and on, and though not being an emotional weather vane for, well, the weather, I must say it is just not the most happenin' day around here. It's Tuesday and already have enough assignments to last an hour or two (or three) and yet I'm just not feeling it...

So.....thank goodness for something productive like updating my blog! Haha. At this rate, I'll have finished my work and possibly get ahead in no time! .....key word is possibly. I was productive this morning and woke up early to go to the gym at least...something I should do more often.

Rain-soaked sweatshirt: PacSun (water not included)
T-shirt: Aerie, Jeans: Angel (from ninth grade or so)
Wrestling watch, Coexist and Empowerment bracelets

I am wearing...a sweatshirt....and jeans....but I like to think my watch offsets it quite nicely and the ri-donk-ulous ring on my left middle finger.

Multi-functional boots...yes, yes, I wore them yesterday, but the Wellies simply weren't cutting it for me. I love my Wellies but it's just...not...the...same. These give me about another inch. Shorties like me understand...

Aren't I cute? Eh....look at my awesome ring! It's from my friend who was my bandfront "Secret Santa" last Christmas.

Look at my pretty headband! Ignore the general creepy nature of this picture.
Headband: Ulta

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