Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Monday Monday

Triple saying the day.....real creative title. I really pulled out the big guns for this one. Wah. :(

Pretty good Monday Monday Monday today. German test (we won't go there because I always psych myself out on tests) and no English led to short day....which was spent on homework! Yays! ...and Cosmo reading! I think a nap is in order.

Polka dots....sehr sehr konservativ heute.
 The awesome snake wrap belt my Sissy found did not want to stay on me today....I wrapped it multiple times and yet the slithery thing still found its way out, only to dangle down my skirt. Weird.

And somehow this skirt ended up sideways. Again. The first time I wore (Labor Day) I wore it sideways ALL day long....I know I put this one right! I guess with constant belt adjusting, bathroom breaks, and tugging on it in a nervous habit sort of way jostled it a bit....conflabbit.

 Look how awkward I am! hahaha. I love laughing at my pics when I'm going through them, trying to decide which to put on here. Awkward like a banana. Today, a rotten banana.

I'm loving the Nine West flats with the polka dots :)

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