Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feeling Photogenic, Are We?

My, my, my...once in a while I manage to capture myself looking, well...I look cute! Something must be wrong here....I'm not generally a cute person except in the sense that I look like child at times  -_-  curs├ęd vertically challenged body that I possess. No matter.....

Ok, maybe this one isn't so cute. I always look so funny
straight-forward! At least I do to those hips.

Sad business, sad business...allllllll ready for a lovel-E Saturday but turned into a not so lovel-E day as I am now Lovely-less. Love business is a pain in the arse sometimes. I'm sure he won't object to me creeping on him and taking stalker pics. Think he would mind? No? All right!


Chilled with a friendly friend of mine. Oh, and I learned scary movies still make me jump like the 10 year old my voice personifies and give me nightmares! Scary bananas.

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