Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hot Noisy Yeti.

Just kidding.

Happy New Year!

I'm sad Ted won't be where I'm going.

Perhaps the cutie above will meet me...he'll be attracted to my shiny sequin shorts and laughing, which he shall mistake for a mating call.

Heading out now....have a lovel-E night and enjoy your bubbly as the clock tolls, setting it down for a celebratory kiss at 12.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, Sweetheart....

Leopard print booties from Forever 21 (gift from my Mummy)

Back from a day of shopping....

Cardi, dress: PacSun; Bracelets: AE and Charlotte Russe; Tights: Leggs dance tights

Ted is a total heartbreaker...he can play the ukelele. He is the epitome of felines...even though he attacked my hand and later my phone for no apparent reason. He gives tough love...I coddle him til he just can't take no mo'.

My car may be fixable....fingers crossed. Poor's escaped death once before about a month or so ago...meh.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Late start this morning

I was simply tuckered out last night and slept in til the ripe hour of 10 today...then proceeded to do various mini ab workouts and a spot of yoga and a bit of running. I feel so accomplished! I was also excited because my new sports bras are great and so dang cozy in which to workout.

Cozy day in a knit top and au natural (as in, did nothing with it after shower, of course!)

Visited Grammie today...she was glad to see us. We had goodies and pictures and Nana's book to show her. She's excited to read it! Pap Pap made Grammie dinner so we headed home to make our own tum tum was rumbling a bit.

Shirt: Gap (gift from Sissy); skinnies: Royal Bones (Hot Topic brand); bracelets: AE
all of my gadgets on my controller, Hermés the laptop, Theo the Kindle
 No, I'm not really that protruding...that random extension right above my pants. My shirt makes a tent from my chest to the top of my pants, which, due to the fabric, always make a weird hump right there. Oh well. Learning to love my curves, weird fabric mayhaps and all. :)

Felt feminine....mani, pedi, foot soak, oh my! Being a biggie girl and actually taking the time (and patience) to being additional to my wardrobe, which is rather fem.

late nights with a chocomilkaholic

I certainly love my chocomilk....mmmm

It's after midnight already, oh poo. Shall keep this one short then.

I felt a little more feminine/girly today...finally went to get my eyebrows waxed and reshaped! Oh my, what a difference! I really just love that ultra smoothness of the skin...and I made my nails all pretty. Truly was a girly day pour moi. Ah yes, painted nails whilst watching American Psycho with Christian Bale. Gore, blood, cynical humor, and a chainsaw, quite a girly day.

In accordance with no pants hump day Wednesday....skirt and cardi with over-the-knee socks. New clothes day, woo!

Also dug out a necklace from my jewelry former favorite necklace! Seven lucky rings on it...Mummy thankfully polished it and the silver returned to its original glean from its blackened state. The gold and bronze remained untouched as chemically predicted. Nerd is the word.

Cardi: Forever 21; Skirt: PacSun; Socks: Forever 21; pewter bracelet: Salisbury Pewter

Another Xmas prezzie.....Chewbacca hat!

Time to hit the hay....I have another sleep date with Vader pillow.

Gute Nacht.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...and a lump of coal for YOU, my dear!

I apologize for not keeping my promise! I had good intentions of updating last night....but Jebbie kept me up late! I simply could not put it down!

Speed suit: vintage, Checkered Past (my cousin owns the chain :] ); belt: Charlotte Russe (taken from dress)

Xmas hols were eventful to say the least! Went shopping on Friday, left for Nana's on Saturday....went to my aunt and uncle's house, where my Gramps picked us up for an LCBC service...back to my aunt and uncle's house for some dinner...back to Nana's to wind down and chat with my great-aunt. phew!

Cartoon-ed myself.

All ready in my flannel pj's for Christmas morning! I spent the whole morning in these....

Flannel pj's: Victoria's Secret

Christmas was a very good day :)

I love when the family gets together...goodness, i sound so dated! I do what I want; I say what I want.

My sistora looked gorgey as ever.

Jordan: cardi, tank, shorts, tights: Express; shoes: BCBG; et moi: pearl necklace: Joseph A. Rosi (from Nana for 16th birthday); dress/belt, tights, bracelets (shown in previous pic): Charlotte Russe; shoes: kensie girl

I got it, I got it, I got it!!

I finally finished it after work haven't the foggiest idea how exceedingly antsy I was. Not only was it rather boring (since we were near the end of inventory check), but I had but 38 pages to read!!

But I finally finished it. Just comes to show you that you never know of what one is capable.

If you have finished reading it as I have....hold your bum on and wait patiently, my dears, for there is a companion book to Jebbie.

Have you guessed what my favorite gift was?? Star Wars sheets, Yoda mug, Star Wars Year by Year chronicle book, FashionBox book and potato (story behind that one) included!

Although I did like the GPS as well...fank you, Fajer! I believe they're afraid they'll get a call from me saying, "I'm lost in Philipsburg."

So much to do....I'm sleeping with Vader tonight since I managed to change my sheets today. Cleaning of my room and textbook buying awaits...oh joy.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It works!

Yes! Blogspot works on Theo the Kindle...

This may take a while...and i cannot upload pics but i shall make do.

Happy Xmas, everyone! I shall have pics after the hols.

It is Xmas eve and i am schleepy from all of today's activities.

Have a lovely day tomorrow. I am off to dream of hopefully more than just sugarplums...that would be rather boring and i like adventurous dreams :)

Off for the Hols

Went last minute Xmas shopping tonight...well, Kurtis needed to go and i went along with him and his mummy lol. I found some very nice items, aka articles of clothing, which will be up on here as soon as I wear them.

My phone going my purse....quite startling.

 Getting home late...whipping my jacket off in haste of getting ready for bed...but I simply could not neglect taking pics.

cardi: Old navy; sequin tank: AE; black tank: Worthington

I'm all packed for Nana's...for the most part. I knew if I did not pack before going shopping my mummy would beat me. Well, not literally...but I was not permitted to go unless I was packed :(

Half wishing I had a witty/clever anecdote or something to say, but right now I'm in need of lotion for my dry hands and crackly knuckles and some sleep.

Running off to dreamland....good night, sleep tight.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...

Chocolate milk tasted delicious after work....mmmm.

Cleavage Thursday celebrated with a t-shirt at work...extra dirty day at work today. Ick. Washed my hanner-pats (what my Mummy called our hands when we were growing up) several times over...they were turning grey with all the nasty dirt and dust! Stuffy nose to boot!

But in other words....

Wearing an old (no pun intended) vintage skirt...

My hair was so long in tenth grade....that was my pretty goober fifteen year old self. My bed is in the same place but it's been changed multiple times in between 5 October 2008 and now.

In other Mummy spotted my Nana's new book at a locally owned store in the neighboring town where my Nana grew up!

How cool is that?
So...I'd definitely recommend purchasing this latest book, Jebbie: Vamp to Victim, and curling up with it yourself or for someone who loves a great true life story.

Despite having read the draft, I must say I'm quite jeal that you may read the finished book before me!  Perhaps she'll lend me a copy....

Time for mini workout as I listen to the Get Him to the Greek soundtrack and some Eminem. Tschüss!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hump Day

Oh, sugar plum! I forgot about no pants hump day.....well, in my defense, i didn't put pants on until about 12:30 or so after yoga and run and shower.

The best part of being home is eating home-made food! For realz...i eat and eat and eat (while also being health-conscious, portion-control, blah blah blah) but it is simply delish. I'm eating and losing weight! Score. Perhaps there is a correlation between school food and my hips? Hmm...

Perhaps it is merely psychological, but food always tastes better at home. Hell, my sandwich tasted pretty darn good. And it was a sandwish.

Good ol' chocolate milk in Kool-Aid man cup

fedora: Targe; striped shirt: aerie; tank: derek heart; jeans: Angel

My room is rather eclectic...and i like it that way. A jumble of likes and memories and odds and ends and signed art.

Found my fedora today! It was raining and i had to put the old magazines being sent out to the recycling center tomorrow into my car...conflabbit, rain!

Vintage costume jewelry

I shall be seeing my furry boyfriend tonight!! So excited!

Oh Teddy...who needs a man when i can see you on breaks? You bite me in the nicest way and claw to show your love. Tough love.

Oh! New trailer to check out:
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I'm über excited!

Ok, ok, auf wiedersehen...bis morgen.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Half day, not half too bad

No no, i'm not the most creative flower in the garden, nor the prettiest, but minor details (pronounced in a very sophisticated British way) faze me not. Currently eating my puppy chow/nuddy buddies/those delish little cereal pieces with semi-sweet chocolate, pb, sugar and goodness knows what else on them.

Mmmm....feeling all fresh after my date with the treadmill. I feel good today! Only worked half a day of work today so that left time to do a few things that desperately needed done...i.e. clean out my overflowing suitcase! I honestly have no idea how i managed to fit in all in that thing...but, no matter, no matter.

Ever notice how organizing and putting away things synonymizes with clearing out one's head?? Organizing is like therapy to me...or rather calms my OCD about having a semi-neat room. Having piles everywhere just overwhelms me...

As promised...

favorite tank: AE; skirt: Old Navy; tights: Leggs; awesome bracelet from big bro RH

cardi: Old Navy...courtesy of my Sissy
I got a little snazzy after work and pants for the win.
I simply love this tank! I went to bed in it, along with some plaid Soffe shorts...too lazy to put real pj's on.

I love pj's....they're just oh-so-cozy! VS flannels are niiiice although it's usually too warm for both top and bottoms at my house, so it's top and shorts or pair the bottoms with a tank...

I'm ready for bed already!

Yoga and a run in the morning awaits...only worked 1 1/2 days and already have a day off :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

i'm not trying

I'm so sorry i've been soo neglectful! The past couple days of been of days of excitement....a bunch of commotion...and naturally, of not wearing pants.

Yesterday i was a good little girl and went to church, then we had a nummy delish lunch of baked spaghetti at home with Mummy and Fajer...then those two lovebirds had a date together....we're not sure how they came home unscathed. Apparently my Fajer had an exceptionally good time. He wore a reindeer headband and led songs. That's my Fajer...quite outgoing and quite frankly, not giving a flying flip. (nice word for the f word) But that's my daddy :)

I have a new mantra...motto...whatev.

No, i haven't gained the freshman 15, but i have gained weight, about which i'm not quite happy.

So....i'm not trying to lose weight; i am losing weight.

For realz. I've lost 3 lbs since Saturday night and dang proud of it! I've learned to like my curves (my chest isn't getting any smaller, no matter what) but my bum has a little extra wiggle and me no like. Buuuut i was able to run 2 straight miles without stopping and that's an accomplishment to meh. I've never been much of a runner. I run funny.

There's no definitive to trying--trying implies failure, as someone so kindly informed me a week or two ago.

Started work again at home today...oh poo, i am pooped.

I have new Xmas card head is aching or else i would go drag my camera out and show this evening's outfit....

It was snowing...

Off to see New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Regnet, Regnet, geh weg

rain, rain, go away....

The sprinkling has begun....just as Katie and i got lunch...("Katie, it must be chicken tender Wednesday today!" " is Thursday." facepalm)

Done until tomorrow afternoon....Deutsch und dann bin ich fertig bis Januar! Ach ja!

To do well, one needs confidence.... 5" ALDO booties will lend one some killer confidence. And they could be potentially used as a weapon for self-defense...get it, killer confidence?? giggle...let's hope i'm never pursued whilst wearing them. I can run in heels, but that may be pushing it a little bit.

Upon finishing International Studies final....

But in other news....aside from what is happening in my college-life bubble...this and this would be very interesting reads....

Gotta keep up with current events along with your fashion, blog readers!

We had a discussion about this at dinner one night...someone didn't know what the 99% was all about or had heard of it...

Sometimes we really do live in a sheltered college-dominated world as students, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't know what is going on in the world in which we reside...especially our own country. meh...relax time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One day...

I have one day til my first sit-down final. Nervous? Me? Nah...yes!

I would love to curl up with my, bad! Waging inner war with myself...i just want to curl up and read a book...but i'm waiting for laundry so i'll stay up to study a bit longer.

Oh info, why can't you jump into my bed via osmosis?? That would be lovely.

As G-R-oss as it may be...and totally un-ladylike *gasp* i kicked my heels off...had to get down to work...aka study.

Oh how i have missed heels...

Dear heels, i plan on wearing you on a near-daily basis at home :)

Geek it out for optimal studying!

Dressing up usually helps de-stress me...oh hyper nerves kicking in...
oooohhhmmmm breathing.

And sleep!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tad bit nippy...

Once again we had the fire alarm go off at least it's only 11:50 and not 12:30 like the one a few weeks ago.

It seems as though Funkhouser Hall has the most fire alarms out of all the i found a nice little video that seemed appropriate to share

I haven't listened to it yet but it seems to be instructions (from the moron's standpoint *ahem*) on how to properly pop popcorn in the microwave.

According to many eyewitnesses, this seems to be the biggest problem of current undergrads...

Another pet peeve of mine...not washing your hands after using the facilities.

But although that may not directly affect me, it may affect others and is in fact just plain gross.

So... stop it! Wash them hanny-pats as my Mummy used to call them!

Blissful sleep time awaits....oh finals week, you're almost over yet you haven't truly begun for me...

*Something witty and cheerful*

Refused to wear pants's 43°F outside. Heat wave in this usually chilly month. I find it silly to completely cover up shaved legs, especially when one goes to all that trouble...why can't we be smoothy smooth like naked molerats? Except for the necessities, such as eyebrows and headhair. It would cut down on razors and shave gel and other means by which women use to remove hair, limiting the amount of influence on the environment.

I'm ready for my international studies final...can you tell?

I'm all set with my chocolate pumpkin muffins that i received from my Mummy today!

Dear Mummy, this ridiculous picture is to show you how much i love your muffins. I'm sure you creep on my blog from time to time....i hope you do, anyways....that's what mummy's do. Creep in such a loving way that it is no longer 'creeping' but making sure their children are not being downright rebels.

My friend Melissa made us beautiful necklaces for Xmas. It's not Xmas yet, but i simply couldn't resist wearing it already. Isn't it beautiful?

Taking a break from studying the political boundaries of nation-states in East and South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America...then i need to refresh on war and peace and the environment of the international world.

I'll leave you with this lovely pic from my Sister's work. Looking through my webcam photos, i noticed an unusually high number of me making absolutely ridick faces.

Hmm...not surprising. We have pics of me laughing at my mirror image when i was little...and making weird faces.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Crackin' down

Today i'm not looking the most glamorous...rocking a 2011 long-sleeved state wrestling shirt (navy, not my usual color) and bright pink VS PINK sweatpants. Oh, and my darling red slippers! Finish it off with a houndstooth print bow and it's a finals study party!

Currently taking mini break von Deutsch lernen....ich höre auf:

I love Olivia Olson's voice.

I'm in Germish-mode....also bin ich ganz glücklich, trotzdem ist es so kalt zu mir.

Perhaps a nap is in order....after watching newest episode of New Girl. Have you seen this show?? Sehr sehr lustig and ausgezeichnet!

A couple more days of Thursday morning and Deutsch am Freitage nachmittag then leaving campus and heading home Saturday morning with Sissy!

Good luck to everyone else taking finals...don't lose all of your sanity! Take a break to watch New Girl for a bit of comic relief :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"old person" routine

I felt very much like an adult....staying in on a Friday night to do homework. Oh microeconomics...soo close to being done with you!

As for now, i'm enjoying an omelette and chocolate milk and browsing American Eagle's website. There are some Minnetonkas i like...naturally, they don't have size 6 in the color i want grumble grumble....i love shoes.

Today is a sort of bum day...striped leggings and plaid men's button-down. Meh. I feel ready to curl up with a book!

Yesterday i looked more presentable.

I love my Betsey Johnson knee-high stockings. I love knee-highs, quite frankly....a bit of a schoolgirl vibe...but just super cozy and fun to run around in. I was wearing them with my pj's last night.

I found this skirt in my closet over break...oh the things we forget about when we've been away for so long. 

Goofball look. Very chic. Very in. Time to tackle that efficiency essay for micro...after browsing online of course :)