Monday, December 5, 2011

Snowflake and sunshine

I had a great mini vacay...Winter Formal on Friday night.

Keepin' it classy...only minor mishap. Forgot to remove second set of price tags -_-

One of my lovely roommates, Jess

Naturally, i acted like a goofball when Nate was playing with my alec. It was a pretty great night...filled with delish hors d'oeuvres (marshmallows and chocolate, oh my!!) and some real food (at this point anything not served from the dining hall seems like "real food") and dancing! I wore my sparkly Madden Girl heels, rightfully christened my "Katy Perry shoes."  Grab yourself some glittery shoes and make your day.

Bare with me....trying to recall the highlights of my weekend. This weekend was much i'm sure you've caught from my tendency to vent a little this past week...not good, not good.

Surprise birthday party for my Sissy's friend Billy was epic. He walked in, turned on the light (we were sitting in the dark), we yelled, and he turned and walked out the door. I think we scared him...a difficult task to do.  He loved his highly inappropriate cards. I say inappropriate, but for him, quite appropriate. He loved it.
Sorry for blur! My phone doesn't have the best camera and Ranger was feeling active.
I saw my ferret nephew!! Sleepover with Sissy and all three RH's: Radar, Ranger, and Ryan, the first two being two ferrets with completely different attitudes.

Then off to Gramps's to freshen up and head over to Christmas concert on campus...phew...

Perhaps all this excitement accounted for me not hearing my alarm this morning. Woke up at 9:44...missed my 9 am class...ripped my beltloop trying to hurry into some pants...just barely made it German class on time.

But. I. Made. It.

Didn't look too bad considering i had 10 mins. I'm reading a novel for the first time in a while....going to curl up on my unmade bed now :)

My nails are painted CQ's Halo Beige. I feel ready for Tuesday...just need a candy bar.

Have a lovel-E evening!

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