Saturday, December 10, 2011

"old person" routine

I felt very much like an adult....staying in on a Friday night to do homework. Oh microeconomics...soo close to being done with you!

As for now, i'm enjoying an omelette and chocolate milk and browsing American Eagle's website. There are some Minnetonkas i like...naturally, they don't have size 6 in the color i want grumble grumble....i love shoes.

Today is a sort of bum day...striped leggings and plaid men's button-down. Meh. I feel ready to curl up with a book!

Yesterday i looked more presentable.

I love my Betsey Johnson knee-high stockings. I love knee-highs, quite frankly....a bit of a schoolgirl vibe...but just super cozy and fun to run around in. I was wearing them with my pj's last night.

I found this skirt in my closet over break...oh the things we forget about when we've been away for so long. 

Goofball look. Very chic. Very in. Time to tackle that efficiency essay for micro...after browsing online of course :)

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