Thursday, December 29, 2011

Late start this morning

I was simply tuckered out last night and slept in til the ripe hour of 10 today...then proceeded to do various mini ab workouts and a spot of yoga and a bit of running. I feel so accomplished! I was also excited because my new sports bras are great and so dang cozy in which to workout.

Cozy day in a knit top and au natural (as in, did nothing with it after shower, of course!)

Visited Grammie today...she was glad to see us. We had goodies and pictures and Nana's book to show her. She's excited to read it! Pap Pap made Grammie dinner so we headed home to make our own tum tum was rumbling a bit.

Shirt: Gap (gift from Sissy); skinnies: Royal Bones (Hot Topic brand); bracelets: AE
all of my gadgets on my controller, Herm├ęs the laptop, Theo the Kindle
 No, I'm not really that protruding...that random extension right above my pants. My shirt makes a tent from my chest to the top of my pants, which, due to the fabric, always make a weird hump right there. Oh well. Learning to love my curves, weird fabric mayhaps and all. :)

Felt feminine....mani, pedi, foot soak, oh my! Being a biggie girl and actually taking the time (and patience) to being additional to my wardrobe, which is rather fem.

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