Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

Have you ever read that awesome book? I used to think it was sooo cool, especially since the main character shared my name. Although...I really didn't like my name haha i was a rebel child and started abbreviating my name in first grade.  College rolled around and since my full name is Jillian, most people at school call me such.  Strange, it doesn't bother me anymore.  Maybe that name is rubbing on me....i must admit i do love the definition.

Urban dictionary is hilarious.

I was a bun Wednesday and did not bother taking pics...mental exhaustion, please heal tonight.  In correlation with no-pants Wednesday, i did not, in fact, wear pants.  Shorts are not pants.  Sequin shorts with tights and a pink tunic.

Thursday's look....

Cleavage Thursday done right. Not too much, just enough. Always something to which to look forward....

Today....was Relay for Life! I fixed my hair and just pulled the sides back after these pics. Changed into swimming tee for Relay at 3. body always looks so oddly proportioned. Yes, i've been told i'm shaped like a Barbie :(  not nice...but i guess the truth hurts ha. I love laughing at myself...goodness, how i laugh at myself when i'm a sleepy panda bear.

Spiky shoes make me smile :D ...alliteration!

Relay for Life was fun...and for a great cause.  I participated in the dodgeball game [our team lost :( but i was the last (wo)man standing on our team :) ] and got 2nd in the wing eating contest [ate 20 wings in 5 mins as compared to 1st place, which ate 27 in 5 mins].  My belly is quite full....but man, do i love hott wings!! I proudly showed those boys haha but i was also very hungry.

For someone relatively small, i can pack it away like it's nobody's business!

Rambling...brain is shutting down for the night...

Au revoir, mes petits! Gute Nacht, Lieben!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Happy birthday to my lovely roommate, Jess! She turned 19 today!! We had a nice little birthday party for her last night :)

These were some of our roomie pics from Dutchmen Day. I hope she had a lovel-E day today despite the weather being quite nippy noodles.

Today is also Gregory's birthday...happy birthday, Gregria! I'm sure you're having a blast up there and enjoying all the sun while we freeze our bottoms off down here on the chilly planet. You're forever loved and missed, little owl. I wore those penny earrings today...the ones you made in 2003.

I remembered i had forgotten to post yesterday's outfits...sorry :/

I went for a bit of a boho style...i think lol. I just threw some clothes on and some accessories.

I love my awesome Nine West old lady loafers :)

Mmmmm these were amazing....i made mini no-bake oreo cheesecakes! They turned out pretty well. I thirded the recipe since it makes 36 and altered the amounts a bit...less cream cheese was a good call.

Rolled skinnies seems to be my go-to lately...ooooooooh so excited!

I found out Harry Potter is now available on Kindle! Isn't that exciting?? I love Harry Potter....i really want the Wizards' Collection...mummy? ;)

But that can wait....just as i'm waiting for a shower. Why must girls line up their shower caddy for the shower?? Really?? Why??


In the meantime, if you've finished the Hunger Games and want something to read, read this!'s nothing even remotely close to the Hunger Games, but it'll be a great read nonetheless. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet...perhaps over break?  *Mummy!! I would love to have a copy of Nana's new book!* to shower as i listen to girls screaming from their rooms. Such a noisy Tuesday night....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Girl on Fire

Jess and I went to see the Hunger Games tonight!! It was incredible!! We had a fairly good weekend...

Free Rita's Day...what day was this?? Tuesday, i believe....memory is poo this week due to lack of sleep.

Haivy, me, and Jess [yes, technically grammatically incorrect, but going by position in photo]

Dutchmen Day:

roommate love.

Check out all the fun stuff behind the gang! :D Inflatable obstacle course things....sooo much fun that day!!

Sam was on official student government duty...

....and Friday! I went colorful...

Battle wounds from Dutchmen Day.....i went hardcore in those inflatable courses.

Saturday! Went to Hershey Theatre to see West Side Story

So pretty :)

Sorry for the delay....i've been busy so many things :/  i regret to say that after the past week, sleep was more important than blogging....i love my sleep!!

I made mini no-bake oreo cheesecakes. College win :D

Time for sleep....i feel accomplished today!

Jess and I had a great day....saw the Hunger Games [i think i mentioned this already?] and went for Thai and Chinese at Fire Fusion in Camphill...a little restaurant we found across from the theater. It. was. delish.

Off to sleepland....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dutchmen Day!!

Today is Dutchmen Day!! That equates to no classes, fun activities, waking up at 5:40 for a limited free t-shirt....oh, the perks of being a Dutchman! :)

I'm in desperate need of a nap before my friends and i join any festivities...then work from 2-3:30 since on-campus work isn't biggie since i could use the hours lol.

Yesterday was no pants Wednesday so...that meant shorts despite the rather chilly air.

Lace top: City Streets; Shorts: Almost Famous; belt: vintage; silk top: vintage

I'm so sleepy....but totally ready for my first annual Dutchmen Day! Pics later.....a little tease: high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals with my Dutchmen Day shirt :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zum Geburtstag!

Happy one year, blog!! I can't believe it's really been a year...yatta, yatta, yatta, cliché feelings and all started because my Sissy suggested i start one....oh, my, how i've had fun posting :)

Happy spring! I definitely didn't wear very vivid clothes today...but people said they liked my pants!
It was also free Rita's day! :) Jess, Haivy, and i went for some! mmmm strawberry banana was delish.

Oh, lovely day....twas humid today. I wore thin, high-waisted pants, but was a bit warm, running around all day.

I definitely need some sleep tonight....oh, homework, go do yourself -_-

Homework date with Jess and CJ

Monday, March 19, 2012

Make sure to keep my distance

....say i love you when you're not listening"

Christina Perri song type of day. I slept well until sudden wake-up call....bad start but had some lovely conversations with Jess and all was fine...swimming laps certainly helped, too. Morning workout and discussion with my adviser will start the day off quite well!

Goodness, it's only Tuesday tomorrow!

Polka dots and Star Wars tee :)

Spiked shoes...i love them!

Hanging out with Jess and Haivy tonight, discussing the usual girl topics. I love chill moments of just de-stressing from an awfully pooey day.

Missing my Sissy.....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunshine, daisy, buttermellow

.....turn that stupid fat rat yellow!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was on ABC Family today! Yes, i know, i know, that line is from Sorcerer's Stone, but the sunshine outside is sooo pretty and yesterday in Baltimore was absolutely gorgey!

Pics pics pics!

We painted our nails to be festive (Mum loves that word). And wore our matching leaf rings from Aldo.

...aka bookworm heaven

Jess's delish cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory

....and mine in a massive container


Sitting on the pier at Inner was so beautiful outside! 

I found a picture of a penguin in the aquarium and thought of my Sissy...

The lighting inside the aquarium wasn't the best for camera...i didn't like having the nasty flash in my pics! But the blurred edges fit the angler fish quite well. They are rather scary...

Bottle-nose dolphin show! Yes, it was catered towards 5 yr olds...but i loved it nonetheless! Dolphins are such graceful creatures.

Jess, Nicole, and me...oh, i miss it already! I love taking mini breaks from school...i can't wait to travel more.

We were quite sad to leave....the day had been wonderful!

Now for the anecdote of the day...we were leaving the aquarium and a lady said: "pull down your skirt, your undies are hanging out." I turned around, mortified, because i had just been wondering if anyone could see up my skirt on the escalator (random thoughts when one wears a skirt).  The lady had been speaking to her little girl....hahaha it seems silly now but it was funny/embarrassing all at the same time. Naturally, my friends laughed at me.

And so ended the Baltimore trip...wah.
Danced it up at the UG and made new friends last night! Hoooooo-ra to being a social butterfly!