Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sore thighs and eyes

I accidentally grabbed my eyeball when extracting my left contact.....ow. Lovely way to end my leap year day. For some reason, the right one is the one aching. I don't understand, eyes!

I spent the last two or three hours or so watching Bones with Kyle, Jess's beau. Goodness, that show is addictive! It's that good!

Today was no pants Wednesday...technically, leggings are NOT pants. So....I did not wear pants today :)
I shrunk my dress a bit in the dang dryer so it's been changed into a tunic...

My legs are becoming stronger...hopefully. At any rate, they were sore today! I feel like such a lazy bum for not getting my lazy bum to the gym today! Tomorrow morning I shall be going over....briiiiiiight and early for workout!

It's getting late.....sorry for the lateness of this post! I've been working on things, and made a quick shopping trip, then off to watch Bones with Kyle to relax and chitchat off into the night.

Have a lovel-E night, readers!

I've had such a boring leap year day...I did laundry and drank hot chocolate.

Ta ta til tomorrow night.

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