Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gossip Girl

I'm a bit behind on Gossip Girl....but Kina Grannis's The One You Say Goodnight To was on the Valentine's Day episode!! I'm not too far behind....

Today I was greatly annoyed meh. I was just in angry mode today. Frustration got the best of me....even the gym didn't help! Eventually, I took it out on the pile of work in the mailroom at work and on my ethics paper....the real root of the frustration! Perfectionism at its finest :P

I'm feeling muchy much better (yes, I know "muchy" isn't a word....)
I've been thinking about Nietzsche and Socrates all day, please forgive me.

I tripped in my stockings when I ran to open the door.....conflabbit.

I've done what I can with my paper...time to relax a little and confine myself to my bed so as not to fall down anymore.

Tomorrow is no pants Wednesday! I can't wait! I love wearing skirts and dresses....

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