Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aren't you a ray of sunshine?

Today is bright and sunny!!

The sunshine made me feel better....I had a Deutsch exam this morning. It's also no pants hump day so I wore a dress today. Silky stockings are ultra lovely against my legs....twas a bit nippy noodles to go completely bare-legged. Oh, how I miss warm weather!

Yesterday was leggings and sweater kind of day...

I love my Pop Pop's old's oversize and super comfy and makes me think of him and smile.

I wore my leopard booties with my ensemble :)

I'm procrastinating on ethics....yet again....I can't help it!! I've been working on so many things....yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses...

ValleyFest at 5 then dinner with a friend and study study study before swimming.

I've been swimming laps!! I'm determined to get back into shape....I've given up sweets and sugary junk and soda and chocolate milk and milkshakes, essentially junky foods for lent.

Day 1....

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