Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good morning, chickadees

Phew....macro exam is out of the way! I must apologize for being a bit late on the posts. Thursday I was busy reviewing for my macro exam that was yesterday and yesterday was simply a busy busy night and a bit of relaxing "me" time. I caught up on the Vampire Diaries! Then Sissy came over for dinner and Chicago; our school put on the play as their musical this spring. It was incredible!

I really wish I could type correctly....I'm repeatedly correcting myself....I'm a bit hunger hungry. Brain is not commuting properly.....this is bad! Today shall be spent working on my ethics paper (finally). It's time to stop procrastinating on it, oh poo.

Here's what I wore for Thursday!

I decided not to wear pants since it was in the 50s and absolutely gorgey...hence the shades. However, after workout and shower and neglect to take the time to dry my hair, I threw on a hat and wore it all day. My hair was super flat......but I thought the cute hat compensated for pooey hair.

Yesterday I decided to get a little dolled up and put some lip color on! Dressing up calms me down before a test. Boost confidence for test by being confident in your clothes.

This picture looks awkward...but I was showing my skinnies (rolled) with my awesome socks and Steve Maddens! I'm loving these lace socks my Sissy gave me for Valentine's Day.

I shall have pictures of today's outfit....I'm actually wearing eyeshadow. This is a record. I've worn it twice in one week. That's more than I've worn it in the past year I believe. My tum tum is a rumblin' and I mustn't delay inevitable paper.

Snuggle up today!

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