Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Edge of Glory

Happy no pants Wednesday! Also happened to be the day it decides to snow and be ridiculously nippy noodles....

I love browsing clothes online....even if I have no intention of buying anything since I'm quite particular about the fit.

I'm trying to calm down. It's only the hump day of the week and my nerves are shot hmmm. Perhaps some hot chocolate and gym therapy (not at the same time!) are in order. I feel as though hot liquid and moving objects around me are not a good idea....

Hello Kitty band-aid = BA

It's been a tiring day....running about and accounting exam (my balance sheet balanced!!) albeit my macro class was cancelled and no English until Friday (conference tomorrow meh).

I went for a swim with Jess and feel so nicely fatigued....catching up on Gossip Girl before hitting head to pillow. Getting up for gym tomorrow morning before ethics presentation :)

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