Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Warriors

No, not the band. I only know one of their songs...Caught up in the Cycle. Off subject.

Jess and I have had fun this weekend, chilling with friends, and I watched the original Exorcist movie! Creepy. To say the least (yes, that's a fragment)

I've been working on homework and writing poems....and having fun in general. I feel happy, content. I'll be seeing my sistora later today, as well as Big Brother!

No outfit pics yet....but I do have pics of Teddy! I realized I have over 100 pictures of Ted on my phone. No big deal.

Charlie Chaplin chic

Teddy truly is a sweetheart. He is Lovely's cat...but I love him like my own :)

Since I was feeling creative, I'll show my earlier creations :)
I made these before I left for school....they're so much fun to make!
All one needs is fabric markers, t-shirts, and some type of stiff cardboard to hold the shape of the shirt so it doesn't bunch whilst you are drawing.

Rawr! It means "I love you" in dinosaur.

New poem! Well, three...but I'll share one.

look for me in flowers,
see me in your tears.
hold on to my smiles,
the ones you've known for year.
hear me in all laughter
and feel me in the rain.
remember how we once felt
to help you through the pain.

I generally don't name my to write more. I simply cannot do accounting on a lovely such as this. Super Bowl later with great people :)

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