Monday, August 31, 2015

Carbs + starch on a very fine day

My diet is becoming more and more dependent upon these two food categories...

A nice recovery day of catching up on life included some delicious rice with vegetables + soy sauce.

I seem to struggle with cooking rice for some reason - it's either too runny or not quite soft enough. One of these days....

Simple dish + excuse to use my new chopsticks. I consider that a good start to the day.

These quiet {albeit productive} days are much needed for my sanity...time away from work and to ignore my work phone for a precious hour or two in order to truly clear my head and submerge myself in that state of peace and calm.

I've been cooking again and it feels so truly wonderful {especially in my happy belly}. I love for somebody feels extra special, but it's just as fun, as I'm learning, to cook for myself, too.

Treat yo'self.

Pinterest is a vital source of witty euphemisms, funny cat pictures, delicious recipes, wondrous adventure ideas, and beautiful ink designs.

Tyler Khott Gregson makes a frequent appearance on my feed, as well as the quotes search section.

Beautiful words, beautiful words indeed.

I'm quite smitten with Hemingway, and with this quote.

People often do seem more interesting after I've had a beer {or 4}. Don't worry, no driving involved after 1 and not until I've sat around on me arse for a solid 2 hours. {Don't worry, Mummy}

A drink or two helped with my anxiety when I'd go out with friends and see people with whom I rarely spoke and who became as loving as can be when they've had a drink or two.

Please don't think me an alcoholic - I simply love good beer aka not Corona {Mexican piss} or Bud/Miller Light {American garbage}. A nice rum&Coke is always delightful if it's mixed strong and not over $5, but I digress...

A beautiful night awaits as we head into September {how the hell is it September already??}.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

NYC and Big Apples (and Tiramisu)

Tree and I spent the day in NYC and yaaaaaaaaass, was this little adventure much needed on both ends.

Absolutely gorgeous view of the skyline before we crossed via ferry.

An ode to those fallen, those beautiful souls lost amidst the pandemonium and terror instilled on that fateful day, nearly 14 years ago.

As a child, I did not fully understand the fear in my teacher's eyes nor how tightly my parents held me when the bus took us home early.

A city destructed and a nation devastated, but one which pulled together, such love and humanity displayed for the friends and family of those in the buildings and on the streets below.

We remember with heavy hearts and a determination that never again will this beautiful country be the victim of such hatred.

Chinatown, an area I had always wanted to visit, but had never had the opportunity. This district was fascinating and I fell quickly in love with the sounds, smells, the

"....with I Love You Sounds."

I was tempted to buy one, but refrained. Definitely interesting trinkets and souvenirs for sale around here.

Beautiful Little Italy - I'm sure it's not the same, not nearly the same, as, a most resounding no.

But it's magical {clichéd word, I know...} but during our brief stroll through the streets, time seemed to stand still.

Tiramisu e Nero d'Avola enchanted our palettes and bewitched our souls at Sambuca's Dessert and Bar.

To appease my wanderlust and ever-present cravings for London, when I see a piece of my English home, I make sure to document.

Pret #1 out of the 3 we saw - 2 of which we saw within a matter of 10 minutes or so.

Grand Central Station: an iconic and dreamy location for many a rom-com. We even saw wedding photos being taken, the bride a stunning sight in white and tulle as her husband looked adoringly and dashing in a light gold-colored tux.

Photo op under the gaze of Orion

There was a sign with clear indication this whole lane was for bus parking only. Apparently this van {and the vehicle cut out of the photo on my left} did not compute.

Quick fingers and sneaky lens captured the back of these rad staff shirts.

New York's Würst Restaurant. I can dig it.

Looney Loner Loser in love with life....und das König Ludwig Weißbier natürlich.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Go with the Flow.

NeverShoutNever has dropped their latest album and hell yes, was I ecstatic upon listening as Chris Drew reverted back to some of the original vibes with which I had first fallen in love all those eons ago in high school...

Support local libraries because they are wonderful - nothing antiquated about borrowing CDs and books.

Oh, books.....Currently in the throes of Atonement, but I digress...

Black Cat - totally digging Red Balloon and Hey! We OK.

To the surprise of many, I'm fairly handy, although wielding a screwdriver isn't particularly difficult...just remember, Lefty-Loosey Righty-Tighty. It's stuck with me since I was 5 years old and my Fajer let me "help" him with little projects around the house.

The human mind....incredible what we remember.

Oh, and on the brightside, I have furniture in my place! I'm a big kid now, right?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Because I might not be worth it.

We take photos to remember days gone by, happy days and memories to display, or to keep for a rainy day when we need a rainbow among the downpour.

Perhaps this may be a link to my insecurity - this nagging feeling I may not be pretty enough, memorable enough, make-this-person-happy enough, or simply be enough to put on display, a frozen joyous time in their life.

Studies have shown a link to our silly social media posts and our happiness/feeling worthwhile. Although there is much argument and evidence to show our virtual selves are merely a "better image" of our physical reality, happy photos suggest we are content enough with certain aspects {people, events, etc} in our lives, enough to put them out for the world to see.

Yes, we may be looking for a bit of social validation, but to some extent, it may be social validation for our inner egos to feel we're important enough in someone's social realm to be posted on their profile.

It seems quite superficial, but in a generation growing up in a virtual world, this online presence is morphing into a part of our very being. Social media is wondrous and a new avenue for marketing, blah blah blah. But it's becoming more ingrained that it is an extension to our self-worth.

When it comes to relationships, platonic or romantic, I think it's just a part of the relationship - enjoy one another's company and post a picture to share the happiness.

You know what's weird? Couples who never take pictures together, yet both have countless photos with beloved friends and nameless lovely people. Maybe that's me...

Agree or disagree, I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling a little rush when someone includes me on a post or posts a picture of me with them to commemorate a particular night - it's a feel-good feeling and there's nothing wrong with it, as long as we don't become too overly caught up in this.

Enjoy the moment, but take your damn pictures, too, in order to remember those happy times when you're 86 and terrorizing the nursing home, confined to your room for flashing the cute food services guy as I likely will be.

And that's a wrap.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The Titans are back in town are tearing up a storm.

Thank goodness I have a great team at work which meant I was able to make sure they were set up for the rest of the shift and leave early to see Tree and the guys rock their talented asses up on stage.

I'm not really a rocker chick....I'd be an impostor {a terrible one at that} if I claimed to be...but these guys. Da-yum.

They put me into that groove and make me wanna shake my behind like I just don't care {which I don't, 99.99% of the time}.

It may also help that they're pretty badass, yet sweet, guys.

Jonny and his Beyoncé fan - may I have one to just follow me around wherever I go so I'm always ready for a photo op??

....not that I have many opportunities for a decent photo, but I just might if I had a fan holder following me around, or one that floating around on a droid.

{Xmas ideas, people. Never too early.}

Lovely Benjamin was pantsed and it was fantastic.

Rock 'n' Roll, bitches.

....yeah, I'll stop.

Jonny's sister is pretty rad!

I decided to rock my new Pikachu shirt - major props from many people for repping one of the brattiest Pokémon ever.

Perhaps my younger readers may not get the reference - play Yellow Version and you'll see just what a little stubborn fuck insolent asshole cheeky fellow this guy is. Hmm that may be his appeal, too.

The dude's an icon and a symbol of my childhood. My inner 10yo self was cheering and doing backflops {let's be real, I can't do backflips} inside.

No matter what type of music you enjoy, I highly recommend seeing a few of your bands in person {if at all possible}. That experience....seeing them play IRL is such a magical moment, whether you're seeing them for the first time or 20th, in a large arena or private venue..

Support live music and enjoy all of the feels.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


You say we're both little people and you like it that way
But in time I'm gonna put this body to shame (and grow old)
Wear a suit like my old man
Pack up all my things and get my ass out of town

Growing up is and, at the same time, is not what it's all cracked up to be....bills, work, insomnia, and figuring out health/dental/renters/car insurance.

Yet, it's full of late night laughter, nursing that last beer so you'll be able to drive home in an hour, driving wherever the hell you want at 11AM on your day off, and considering a handful of Oreos an acceptable dinner at work.

This whole concept of "growing up" is but a figment in our minds.
Sure, we're affected by circumstances and surroundings, but we're also very much a part of the way our lives and futures are sculpted. Take charge, be picky about your beer but regard Pizza Rolls as a treat, do what makes you happy.

This little guy has helped keep me fairly sane whilst the Tree is off making a ruckus with the band. Cats can seem judgmental or hold grudges, but when it comes right down to it, they know the finer things in life {aside from eating hair and coughing up hairballs yuck}.

Taking care of them has granted some extra responsibility and also gave me company when I've felt a little alone or anxious....amazing how much pleasure and joy one can give from giving it to another! Petting this furry baby brings a sense of calm and relief in this crazy, hectic world...

4 pagers + 2 cell phones + 1 ASCOM phone = no funny business
{and it made going to the bathroom difficult}

Hobey Ho, let's go!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Small Town Adventures

Back to the promise land aka that small town I call home...where Mummy makes the best food in the world and every street holds a memory close to my heart, an etching upon my very soul.

Every annual C***** County Fair is jam-packed with firetrucks. It is the Firemen's Parade....who would have guessed?!

Therefore, they ensure half of the parade is comprised of firetrucks so there is no confusing as to who is sponsoring and killing the environment for the sake of jogging memories.

The firemen are heroes in my opinion. It's the top management who have no brains... Ironic coming from a management position myself. Perhaps this is from where I grant myself some expertise in the matter.

Or it's just all bullshit and I'm sick of the pollution ;)

This lovely shared fireworks with me. Shana and I practically grew up together and it's wild...the two of us are growing up and going off in different directions, yet remain as thick as thieves.

This girl is going to be a film star, on and off the camera! She has quite the eye for theatrics!

Disappointment wrapped in a thin crust....this "crêpe" only made me miss France even more :(

However, a trip to the county fair wouldn't be complete without stuffing one's face with county fair food!

This beautiful man was in town and I had the lucky chance of spending time with him and his equally delicious significant other! JoshUa + Logan = forever

Yes, I'm taking it back to middle school with the love equations...which is when JoshUa and I started our wonderful friendship.

Theory of a Deadman.

Need I say more?

Beer in my hand at a rock show.

I had never felt more comfortable.

....although having a drunk woman pull my skirt up is definitely a first.

That intro....yaaaaasss, I'm a bad, bad girlfriend.

Good tunes, good drinks, good people.