Sunday, August 30, 2015

NYC and Big Apples (and Tiramisu)

Tree and I spent the day in NYC and yaaaaaaaaass, was this little adventure much needed on both ends.

Absolutely gorgeous view of the skyline before we crossed via ferry.

An ode to those fallen, those beautiful souls lost amidst the pandemonium and terror instilled on that fateful day, nearly 14 years ago.

As a child, I did not fully understand the fear in my teacher's eyes nor how tightly my parents held me when the bus took us home early.

A city destructed and a nation devastated, but one which pulled together, such love and humanity displayed for the friends and family of those in the buildings and on the streets below.

We remember with heavy hearts and a determination that never again will this beautiful country be the victim of such hatred.

Chinatown, an area I had always wanted to visit, but had never had the opportunity. This district was fascinating and I fell quickly in love with the sounds, smells, the

"....with I Love You Sounds."

I was tempted to buy one, but refrained. Definitely interesting trinkets and souvenirs for sale around here.

Beautiful Little Italy - I'm sure it's not the same, not nearly the same, as, a most resounding no.

But it's magical {clichéd word, I know...} but during our brief stroll through the streets, time seemed to stand still.

Tiramisu e Nero d'Avola enchanted our palettes and bewitched our souls at Sambuca's Dessert and Bar.

To appease my wanderlust and ever-present cravings for London, when I see a piece of my English home, I make sure to document.

Pret #1 out of the 3 we saw - 2 of which we saw within a matter of 10 minutes or so.

Grand Central Station: an iconic and dreamy location for many a rom-com. We even saw wedding photos being taken, the bride a stunning sight in white and tulle as her husband looked adoringly and dashing in a light gold-colored tux.

Photo op under the gaze of Orion

There was a sign with clear indication this whole lane was for bus parking only. Apparently this van {and the vehicle cut out of the photo on my left} did not compute.

Quick fingers and sneaky lens captured the back of these rad staff shirts.

New York's Würst Restaurant. I can dig it.

Looney Loner Loser in love with life....und das König Ludwig Weißbier natürlich.

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