Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Go with the Flow.

NeverShoutNever has dropped their latest album and hell yes, was I ecstatic upon listening as Chris Drew reverted back to some of the original vibes with which I had first fallen in love all those eons ago in high school...

Support local libraries because they are wonderful - nothing antiquated about borrowing CDs and books.

Oh, books.....Currently in the throes of Atonement, but I digress...

Black Cat - totally digging Red Balloon and Hey! We OK.

To the surprise of many, I'm fairly handy, although wielding a screwdriver isn't particularly difficult...just remember, Lefty-Loosey Righty-Tighty. It's stuck with me since I was 5 years old and my Fajer let me "help" him with little projects around the house.

The human mind....incredible what we remember.

Oh, and on the brightside, I have furniture in my place! I'm a big kid now, right?

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