Friday, February 22, 2013

Frigid Friday Favorites

Have I already overused this concept of Friday Favorites? I feel as though I've used this particular title before....there are not many 'F' words [that are polite enough for use on this type of blog] to convey yet another rendition of the favorites of the week, particularly Friday.


Now I'm just being silly...

  • This week's Friday favorites brought to you by the letter 'A," as in adorably aching-heart-worthy Ted.

  • And Pretty Little Liars
  • Hot Chocolate at MJ's....2x

  • Chipotle

  • Attempt at the whole button-down under a sweater/sweatshirt theme

  • Awkwardly standing in my coat
This is how I spend my Wednesday nights.

  • And my lovely Boba Fett shirt

  • Pink mascara. FINALLY.
Hard Candy

And now 'tis time to [attempt] to compose a German essay...rough draft shouldn't be too difficult. I got this. Maybe. Full of confidence.

Have a lovely start to your weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Today was another grand day....I seem to be on a roll. How can this be? Hmm...well my nails look atrocious [nail polish OCD kicking in about now] so that's a bust.

On the flip-side, V-Day was a very lovely day! The sun was shining, I did not wear pink, but sooo much love! Unfortunately, Lovely could not be here....but I guess I was a little spoiled already since he came up last weekend. It's really been a week!

Some favorites:

  • This slum tank from Aerie and these jeans are super comfy!
Tank: Aerie; skinnies: Hot Topic
  • New black flats!
Pointed black flats: MIA
  • Nerdy roots
Lovely sent this to me today :)
  • I have Bieber least until this temp tat wears off
  • My sweet cousins
  • Princess Magic Shalimar
Nana and I shared a wonderful evening together after I got off work. Great company, good altogether very enjoyable evening :) I think this should be a recurring thing...
  • I had a new Valentine: my friend Sara! We rocked our furs last night on our smoothie date!

GREAT news popped up in my newsfeed today! I love Joe Fresh!
Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I'm off to see Rock of Ages at the Hershey Theatre, but for now...Der goldne Topf awaits....

Sunday, February 10, 2013

St. Valentine's Day



Ok, I'm a bit of a cynical when it comes to Valentine's Day since it's overly commercialized. Why does one need one day to symbolize love?? I sympathize with some of the south Indians we saw in a video for international business. It seems silly...and yet, millions, if not billions, are spent on this one shitty day.

But how I do love the movie by this title...

Ok, so I bought a Valentine for Lovely...but only because it had the Avengers on it. He loved it because it has his lover, Iron Man, on it.

My card to Lovely...not for Valentine's Day, but simply just because.
Idea taken from Pinterest.

If you're celebrating this holiday [if the most cynical celebrate, alone or not], here's some advice on prezzies:
   Cheesy and sincere, rather than expensive and cookie-cutter.

My sissy has a great goodie bag from me!

This Valentine's Day I shall be avoiding boys like the plague in case they get any funny ideas. Valentine's Day seems to be 'try-too-damn-hard' day for boys. Running away in between classes as though I'm avoiding Walkers from the Walking Dead.....and going to spend some time with my Nana.

Dinner and chocolate with some great company. That sounds perfect to me.

My distorted hand with girly polish

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hershey's Cho-co-late

Ich bin ganz voll auf Schokolade....

Tonight I visited the Hotel Hershey for their chocolate buffet...Mmmmm I'm feeling the after effects of eating too much chocolate. I know, I know. One can never have too much chocolate...but have you ever had so much chocolate for a meal? The only thing besides chocolate was water. And yes, I drank that, too.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. I learned about that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's quite educational.

Speaking of educational...Lovely taught me binary language this weekend.

My favorite things this week:
  • Lovely coming up
Greeting outfit :)
  • Silver Linings Playbook
Great movie! ....first of three movies of the night; the others were Safety.Not.Guaranteed. and Pitch Perfect.

Today I watched 80s flicks: Weekend at Bernie's, Weekend at Bernie's II, and Sixteen Candles.
  • Classic yoga with Sara
>pretend there is a picture because it would be strange if I had a picture of me doing yoga in yoga pants<
  • Zumba
>ditto for Zumba attire....scary bananas<
  • Sleep.
Yes. Sleep. It's rather delicious.

A cheesy outfit from the week. Braid with a golden bow ommmm

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Friday Favorites

Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog's Day.

Just kidding. Just because I grew up close to Punxy, does not mean I'm a big fan of this stupid holiday.

Buuuut today is Friday. I'm fairly content with today's events.

  • Pitch Perfect....more importantly, Fat Amy aka Fat Patricia
c/o google images
"I know how to Mermaid dance."
  • My German prof saying the word "bitches" because it came up in a Swiss song we were investigating
c/o google images
Bligg combines traditional Swiss language with some English words and Swiss folkstyle dancing/singing

  • I am learning how sounds are made
I have no pictures for this....
  • Lace!
Birthday ready for my Gramps's birthday dinner
  • Lunchables
Turkey and cheddar. Yum.
  • SWEET POTATO FRIES....and my blazer and lip color are the same color.
  • Bright skinnies
c/o google images
Hot Topic skinnies
My legs don't look this lovely....but my skinnies are this bright. I'm quite proud of myself...I'm closer to my fitness goal! My skinnies were rather loose. Yays!
  • These two kitties....major dorks but I love them all the same
Fred and Jack

20 is such an awkward age in the states.....I'm in college so therefore that rather impressive [to some] but yet I'm still in college, so I'm seen as still a student aka child -_-

Heading to bed soon....volunteering to pack medical supplies for AIDS victims in Africa tomorrow morning and then off to my first hockey game at the Giant Center! I've only ever been there for team states for wrestling.

One week until Lovely visits....ooooh I cannot wait. My heart is pitter-pattering like a silly girl in a Jane Austen novel.

Have a lovely start to your week :)