Friday, June 29, 2012

Judge us not equally.

So....the movie....Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

*spoiler alert*
It was a pretty good movie, full of sweet CG, similar to Sherlock Holmes [and forgive me if they happen to have the same people working on them and i am ignorant of something of this nature], and ok plot. Dammit....why can't Hollywood stick to the book?! I know they're after the biggest amount they can bring in, but vengence as a motivator is so cliché in movies. Abe in the book [the original source of the vampire side-story, mind you] swears to vanquish every vampire in the states. A different aspect all together.

I liked the book and movie separately, but, alas, thought the book much better.

Abe in the book used common sense. Abe in the movie was a bit dumb sometimes...."Henry, you're one of them!" Honestly....are you a moron? And who is this Adam?! ok, ok....perhaps i shouldn't judge so harshly and perhaps i should just not have any expectations when a book is made into a movie...

Don't get me wrong, the action in the film was pretty sweet and the vampires' facial expressions and creepy fangs were nicely done and i thoroughly enjoyed the movie in itself, but compared to the book.....well, guess that opinion has been expressed.

They did use a few lines, word for word, from the book. That made me happy.

It feels so nice getting dolled up to go somewhere special....i've missed curling my hair. It looked nice in the morning but it had to go up since it's super hott at work and i hate having sweaty hair on my nape. ew. And i'd rather not get it all dirty....even though i shower after work, it gets damaged enough without all the nasty dust from the shelves!

Dress: Charlotte Russe; assorted bracelets; childhood purse; necklace from Lovely

I feel good.....started running after work every day, at least 2-3 miles. Dang. I'm not my tiny old self but you know what? I'm ok with that. Look at those legs...they're hot. I have abs. I'm not cocky; i'm just trying to get in some body-lovin' for the day.

I think i have ice cream in my hair. This is new... all i wanted to do was sit around and be a fat kid eating ice cream. That's what i texted my sister.

It's been a long week.....and i need to clean this dang ice cream out of my hair. How does this even happen?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

They're real.

Lovely and i are headed out to see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I just finished the book after work (aMAZing!) and can't wait to see if the movie lives up to its more tangible counterpart.

Digging my outfit, if i do say so myself. Black cut-out dress that i had picked out for my to come! Lovely simply can't get it soon enough....i'm excited!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confessions of a SIMoholic

No, i haven't been "busy" par se....unless you count playing countless hours of the Sims3 for PC as "busy." well as entertaining myself by responding "that's what she said" to many of the reasonably appropriate and exceedingly innocuous things my Mum says.

Atm Kodak is being dumb and requiring an update to their software on my computer -_-  ever notice these types of occurrences happen right when you want to do something/in a hurry/want to read Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter?!?

Oh, yeah. I put P.S. I Love You on halt in Theo the Kindle and am starting Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. So far, so good....then again, i've only read the intro so far. I'm one of those people who prefer to read the book before watching the movie.

Dammit, Kodak.

Trying my patience.


I was too lazy to really do anything with my hair.

Dragonite is beast. Lovely made this sweet DIY shirt pour moi.

mustache ring from the OBX

Mmmmm dinner of garden spinach/lettuce salad with other garden veggies and a small stromboli. Delish. Belly full and happy.

Can't wait to see Lovely tonight! We'll be snacking on the snicker doodles Mum baked today and watching a movie chez moi.

P.S. Check out this awesome blog. And this awesome DIY project from Sincerely Kinsey.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be Brave

My belly is full and BFF Heidi and i went out tonight to catch a movie and enjoy some ice cream afterwards.

Look, i made my bed! It looks nice! .....i have way too many pillows, though. I had a killer headache so after changing my sheets, i re-made the bed, grabbed two of my pillows from the massive pile on the floor, and promptly curled up for a nap.

My bed seemed so much larger without all of the others....not sure why i need more space, though, since i curl up in my sleep like a cat.

I have a twin bed and my little cousin once told me it was "small." I replied, "it fits me and that's all that matters." And i may have stuck my tongue out at her like a total little kid :P it's comfy....that's what matters :)

It has cooled off quite a, i'm not that crazy person who wears pants in 90 degree weather. I accidently broke my purse strap right before i went out the door :(  I'll be doing some mending tomorrow...hearing the little beads hit the floor at the theatre caused quite a few winces from my part.

Lace top: AE; white tank: Old Navy; skinnies: HotTopic; purse: b-day prezzie from elementary school

c/o IMBd
Miss Heidi and i went to see Disney Pixar's Brave!! Heidi is also a redhead so it seemed fitting lol. The movie was, well to be vague/accurate, soo good!! I love Disney movies *allowance for eyeroll at me for being such a girl*

I love girls who kick ass. Merida is the heroine and i love movies in which there are female's common in some of my favorite movies: Mulan, Quest for Camelot...yes, i love Disney princesses as well, albeit they're often made into some wench who needs her ass saved.

So....wrapping things up, movie was great! Can't wait to go see Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Lovely. *hint hint*

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All!, not STDs [now known as STIs]. We're not prostitutes or crackheads.

Lovely and i are spending this Thursday night playing video games and enjoying beans&weiners later for dinner. Mum is also cooking mushrooms....mmmmmm they are delicious!

Have you ever worked in a warehouse/factory/Chinese sweatshop? ....ok, maybe that last one is a little inappropriate. But seriously, it is sweaty work. Today was scorching hott and all i want to do is bathe in the AC waves in the house. And play Pokémon and the Sims3. I wish i could fuse my Pokémon into The Sims. Wouldn't that be like the ultimate game?!

A girl can dream.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part II

Breaking Dawn trailor is out now! ....i may be a few days late/out of the loop but i just heard about this c/o Seventeen magazine.

Last night, Lovely and i went on a date....ate out at the new little sub/pizza shop, Quickies, that opened in our "mall," went for frozen custard at Meadows, and went back to Lovely's to watch The Human Centipede 2. I'm fairly certain this one was worse than the first....

I find it's a bit of an ego-boost when you can still fit into something from the girls' section....this Old Navy skirt was part of one of my Easter outfits in middle school. I double-checked the size before slipping it on, a bit hesitant that i could squeeze my buns into a girls' 14.

Naturally, i had forgotten about the pics i had taken on Sunday right before church until i plugged my camera in to upload new pics....i thought it was hot  (temperature-wise) on Sunday.

new shirt from Piperlime! c/o a b-day giftcard from my aunt&uncle

Hmmm.....whilst on Pinterest (one of my favorite online things to do btw) i came across this reading list. I've read many of them! Inner geek jumping up&down with feeling of pride/accomplishment. How many have you read?

And speaking of books....i read a few at the beach! Between soaking up rays, staying inside bc of the wicked winds, and the car-ride home, i read:
....and started re-reading P.S. I Love You for kicks. I have a few more books i'd like to read as well. Definitely not continuing with the Fifty Shades trilogy...honestly, the book sounded as though it was taken from the hidden fantasy diary of a teenage girl. Buuuuuuuut i was curious. Meh.

Sure, sex is a natural thing in life and we can't ignore it and pretend, put simply, "shit doesn't happen," but the way they go into the story.....well, it's easy to tell it's fiction.

It's 6:30 and i'm sleepy already....what is this?!

The heat is getting to tootsies need to rest. Hmmmm a nice foot soak would be lovely, especially with this pesky brushburn on the top of my foot that is irritated by my clunky steel-toed beauties i must don at work.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lamborghini Mercy

Kanye West's Mercy seems to be constantly playing in my head on repeat.....we listened to what i call "gangsta music" on the nearly 12hr car ride home from Kitty Hawk.

The Outer Banks was awesome!!! I took about 130-some pics but really didn't capture as much as i had anticipated. And that's ok....simply lived in the moment, soaking up sunshine with friends and Lovely.

Our house for the week: Carolina Kai. We very much enjoyed the hot tub the first night....and liked seeing it after a 12hr car ride with much traffic around D.C. and through Virginia....bumper-to-bumper traffic? Well, the beach was worth it.

Crabby Patty...he's angraaa! *in an Australian accent*

After we unloaded the car, we headed to the beach.

The second day was gorgey.....we went to the beach twice. In the morning, it was a bit cooler but the sun made up for it. We buried Lovely in the sand....although there was already a hole there so we didn't have much work. Hey, it's vacation. No work required.

Showing off our abs for everyone to see :) ....just kidding. But i was pretty dang proud of my body. Running has become my new best friend.

Picture on the little kid ride outside the store

We took a quick respite from the sand to do a little shopping...typical tourists. Don't be too harsh to judge. What would you do if you saw a giant chair?

....and then it twas off to see the wild horses the next day.

favorite picture of the trip

Fedora: Target; top: AE; bikini top: Arizona; skirt: H&M

The waves were aMAZing.

We decided to take a the pier....which was over 2miles the sun. Needless to say, we got a little burnt, some stares, and saw this pretty sweet sand octopus.

My bum was a little pasty.....i managed to get some sun on the trip after all. Yes, i have a bum. And abs. No, i'm not bragging. No, these pics are not edited.

Love your bod for what it can do. If you don't like it, i recommend some off that bikini with some Victoria's Secret-inspired sprinkled sand hahaha

Buuuuut, coincidently, Olivine's Charm School, one of my favorite blogs for life and such, had the link to this article on Germany's Vogue and its recent non-photoshopped photoshoot. Aren't these women beautiful in their natural state?

on the pier with Lovely

On Lovely's birthday, we went to the aquarium! My sweetheart (hopefully he does not mind this term of endearment) turned 22!

American alligator

hewwo dere. i'm a box turtle.

Loving his bright skinnies!

tiny seahorse

Jordan was home whenever i came home on Saturday so i spent time with her all weekend. We made a fire in the pit and had s'mores for the first time this summer mmmmm.....back to work today :/

Why must vacay go so fast?? I'm ready for another. . . . .

Looking forward to my date this week with Lovely.