Sunday, February 26, 2017

I think I'll go to Boston

A fitting song - takes me back to my middle school days....

A beautiful evening spent in the chilly historic city....during my first big driving tour of New England and the impromptu trip through Connecticut and Rhode Island, I still had yet to visit one of the most talked about cities in the Northeastern states {aside from the Big Apple}.

Tree and I had driven through been stuck in the Bostonian traffic en route to Salem three summers ago {has it really been that long?!} but chose to skip the city in order to make decent timing to Salem. Not quite sure Tree remembers as he had been asleep most of the time in the car while I was driving...

Lest I digress...I fell in love with the city: the lights, the harbor, that antiquated vibe from the cobblestones below the skyscrapers, beers a-plenty in a side pub nestled in a side street. If it weren't for the winter snow, I'd be tempted to spend some time here, but, alas, I am quite a baby when it comes to having to drive in the snow {perhaps a literal near-death experience could do that to someone}.

So much historical significance wrapped up in this sweet little city...

Naturally I had to get a dance in with my main squeeze, the namesake of some fine-crafted brews: Sam Adams. He and I casually spun about on the bridge near the harbor of the most famous tea party of all.

Thinking I fit in quite nicely on a street called Sleeper.

Ta-ta for now, fair city and to the legend himself.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


Ted Talks - good stuff.

While I had not listened to any motivational speakers, Tree sent one that proved to be a solid need-to-hear topic: extreme ownership. In it, Jocko Willink emphasizes the importance of owning up to things even when outside of your control. Blame does nothing but pass on the torch of responsibility.

Taking ownership of the blunder can be empowering and show others that yeah, sh!t hit the fan, but it won't happen again under your watch because you will ensure it will not.

In my current position, the blame game is prevalent from one shift to another, and, I must admit, I am not entirely exempt from this, too. While impossible to implement a full 180 on attitude adjustment, I have started catching myself to think more critically of what I could have done better in my own decisions and passing on good habits to my team to instill that same sense of self-reflection in them.

Enjoy :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I did not want to....I sat in that parking lot for more than 20 minutes, arguing on the phone as to why I shouldn't even bother to try, that it will amount to naught, that my efforts will never be enough for myself...yet I made myself get out of that care and my butt into the gym.

Afterwards, did I feel better? No. Honestly, I felt worse. My throat was on fire, I felt cramped under my neoprene sweatsuit and a tad sick after coming out into the cold, drenched in sweat. This morning, I felt accomplished, though.

During my commute home, I was thinking about my conversation on the phone, about my struggle with the stupid numbers on the scale, how long that fight has been going on... 12 years old is too young to be worrying about one's weight or size, yet there I was, struggling internally as my chest began to grow and I grew ever more awkward in my skin.

As a self-reminder, and to those struggling with their own body image and weight - while we may have goals in mind to be at a healthier weight or to tone up our bodies, that number does not define who you are as a person. It may assist in helping us to evaluate if we are within a healthy weight range, but it does not make us a better or worse person for being 5 pounds underweight or 20 pounds overweight.

We are all a work in progress.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Loyalty & Self-Esteem

Loyalty, trust, and self-esteem are intricately woven in relation to one another, often with elevations of one leading to a more fortified strengthening in another. If a girl is feeling self-conscious, they may begin to question the loyalty and trust of their partner as they begin that toxic thought-thread of not feeling worthy enough in their own eyes and conclude they are not sufficient in their SO's.

I, too, have fallen victim to this perverse sensation and c'est mauvais. While this can be inherently that person's issue, it becomes a true issue when those thoughts lead to toxic behavior which continues to negatively affect the relationship and infringe upon other's as words of unwarranted unkindness spew out venomously. I try to stay out of drama and away from such people of high toxicity and ugly hearts...

Simply being in proximity of others who are in this sick cycle may influence those who typically feel they can rise above such pettiness. It is not such a terrible act to cut ties with those who inflict such negative ideas and influences if it means being of healthier mind. It does not make one a bad person to look after themselves in order to take care of themselves and to ensure a healthier relationship with those who deserve such a healthy relationship and are removed from the drama of the influencers.

Love yourself, stay positive, and cut out the bad "fat."