Friday, November 30, 2012

Fancy Friday Favorites

Writing this up on my phone right now...

-Speaking German mit meinem Deutschen Professor at work :)

-Bought this hi-lo skirt a little while ago from H&M. Leopard print ftw!


-Chocolate decandance from Lebanon Farmers' Market

-Fancy Friday!! Red nails for a glam night; Lovely's shirt; denim tunic; vest with ruffles; some extra red flair; black wedges to glam up the day

-Ted is so sweet when he's sleeping....these are types of pictures I receive when I feel a little lonely at night.... oh, Ted, how I miss your cuddliness whilst I'm away....
Tonight is formal!! Lovely is coming :)
Going for retro glam tonight....vintage dress from the former Checkered Past, sweet feather cape from Nana; heels from 8th grade spring dance [one of my best investments ever], ruby lips and nails....ah yeah! haha
And Lovely has a bowtie and vest. That's my sweetheart :)
Currently feel as though I'm going to hack up a lung.
Have a lovely weekend, darlings!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

Hectic Monday.

And I'm not even shopping....although Lovely showed me a great website where, if I were a millionaire, I'd go broke in a few minutes. Ok, maybe not broke, since I do have some sense of restrain!

I'm excellent with money, although I do love sales....
No, I would not pay this much for a tv remote, but isn't the idea nifty? For all you Potterheads out there...I'm sure you would appreciate it, too! ;)

The key to my heart. [found on Weit app]

Ted is my favorite. Ever.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Comatose

Part of me just wanted to stay home and eat and eat and eat delicious food all day long.

Instead, I'm back at school working on my German paper rough draft. Oh, German paper...why? Studies have shown that college students mentally check out by week 13 or so during the semester. Amen to that.

I blame it on Thanksgiving. What a tease...go home and relax for a few days, only to come back to the two weeks of major crunch time and then finals and then Xmas break. No one likes a tease, Thanksgiving.

I'm not quite sure what's on my camera atm...I should probably check that.

Today I'm bundled up in Lovely's cardi and a tank and red skinnies. Braids complete the look with minimal makeup and minimal care. I was quite the grumpy pants from my drive taking 3 1/2 hours rather than about 2 3/4. Not amused in the least...but Lovely is calling :)

Some pics from my break...

This is Ted's "I see you, you creep" face. Or maybe it's his "I don't like being alone in a room with you" face....sometimes his complex expressions can be misinterpretted.

Ted was watching the snowflakes fall...such an expressive kitty.

I've been an advocate of regaining personal space and scaring people off the unconventional way for years. I'm glad others see the efficiency of such behavior.

Retro cool in coolers

Adorable sweatshirt Sissy found on Pinterest

My thoughts on Thanksgiving and pretty much every other school break :)
Please and thank you, Mummy!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Favorites

Oh, Black Friday I do not miss you.

We haven't really gone [hardcore, anyways] since I was in middle school.  In high school, we always had to wait since I had wrestling practice early in the morning from 7 until about 10am so we'd have to wait til then.  Now we hear of stores opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Absolutely ridick.

Great Black Friday finds:

  • Leopard print shoes to replace my poor dying Steve Madden flats...
Maddie Girl Hoppie Leopard

  • Hot pink flats
Kirra Smoking Casual Flats

  • The Princess Bride for....wait for it...$1.96! Boo ya!

  • Found some things for my sissy...sshhh

  • My favorite thing about Black Friday? Recovering from the Thanksgiving comotose and sleeping in, avoiding crazy shoppers.


Some humor :) Enjoy the last four hours of the Black Friday deals!

I'm off to the movies in an hour to go see the final installment of Twilight...

Behave yourself ;) the weekend is almost here!
Here's to red hair and delicious sweet potato fries...yum.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

16 moons

"Sixteen moons, Sixteen years,
Sixteen of your deepest fears,
Sixteen times you dreamed my tears,
Falling, falling through the years...."
Excerpt of song lyrics from Beautiful Creatures, the book in which I'm currently engrossed....

16 hours and counting until I leave for break....oooh, bugger.

Dix-six heures, sechszehn Stunden, 16 hours....

Ich bin so nervös für diese Prüfung, dass ich auf deutsch schreibe!

Ich habe einen neuen App gefunden, der mit deutsch und französisch hilft. Der ist so toll! Die Deutschlektion sind ganz leicht aber ich habe viel Spaß mit ihr. Vielleicht werde ich portuguese [ich weiß nicht, wie zu sagen auf deutsch] und spanien lernen! :) Sie sind die andere zwei Sprache im App. Phew.

*I found a new app which helps with German and French.  It is so cool! The German lessons are quite easy but I'm having fun with them. Perhaps I will learn Portuguese and Spanish! They are the other two languages in the app.

Planning on uploading a couple pics from my phone....I find it's much easier to type everything out on here so that the font is just right [i'm particular about details] and then uploading pics that on my phone. SOOO excited about having a photo-capable phone again!!! Poor old phone just didn't have it in it anymore :(

Then back to the grinding stone...ahem studying. Last class/exam before break!

My recreation of polka dotted nails from the posting of the lovely Syl and Sam :)

And my cute 'new' vintage earrings came in the mail today :D


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spare tire

How does one drive a car for nearly four years and not realize there is a spare tire hidden in there?

Apparently I have....unknowingly. I feel as though that's the best camouflage I've seen in years.

The weekend is sadly drawing to a close :(

6 classes....1 exam.....I got this.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mini study break

I've joined a new social networking's an app called we❤it. Not to sound cliché but I do love it!!

Made a little ditty I wish to post on there but it must be on a website first.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorites of this hectic week

The last full week beore Thanksgiving vacation is over! A few papers, miscellaneous hw assignments, 5 classes, and a marketing midterm stand before me and leaving....I'm anxious to get home. And see my bedroom.

Dear mummy, I'm sorry if it's dusty, but I don't exactly live there for most of the year...

Onto the favorites:

  • Highlighting Monday's post again because I absolutely love this dress! ...except the fact that it's handwash only. How annoying -_-

  • Tuesday! I have a mutual disdain with Tuesday.....but this hi-lo shirt was pretty sweet. New find from AE. I feel like such a failure...I keep finding things I like at AE and it's not generally a place I would consider of great style/fashion since it's what the general mass buys.

  • Hump day! Favorite day of the week! As well as this little jacket from H&M. It has a heart print and is super cute and fun! It's a favorite layering staple.

  • Favorite new hair accessory: braid! New do: upside-down braid!

  • Oh, and today's outfit for shits and giggles.

Ripped my tights today. Was not amused. Oh well...tights live on, holes and all.
  • These black shoes!!

  • This pink nail polish + glitter
Avon: coral reef [I swear I've gone through about 3 bottles of the same color by different brands + Nicole by OPI: Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Goodness, I sound like such a brat, but Thanksgiving just isn't my favorite holiday....Halloween is fun with its candy and historic background. Thanksgiving is barbaric to turkeys.

However, this year I'm thankful for my Mummy's soothing conversations and sanity-keeping skills. That woman is patient and I love her to pieces.

♫♪♫♪Cheers to the freakin''s to too much homework ♫♪♪♫

At last

Etta James in echoing in my head....what a beautiful song. I believe it was the song playing in my head upon the last day of school and at my high school graduation, as well as the presidential inauguration of President Obama in 2008. Obviously, it's a great song. The President and his First Lady [or at least his coordinator] and I have similar great tastes ;)

At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast this day has come crazy week is over....and life is like a song.

It's Friday and that means Friday Favorites! I'll catch you up on this week after work and class and my meeting with Jörg.

Happy Friday to you!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just another manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday....actually, Sunday is just as depressing.

I hope you remembered to thank a Veteran yesterday! Yesterday was Veterans' Day, a day to remember those who've died, served, and currently are serving to protect this country and her citizens against harm. Thank you to all those Veterans. My Fajer is a Veteran and I'm quite proud of him.

Yesterday I felt like such a slob....I actually spent it in my pj's, but I was quite the busy bee with all the homework I had accomplished.

Time to study for my French exam. Joy. I'm worn out from this semester already...ready for next semester and the fun schedule I'll have! But with each day of classes done and every homework assignment/paper, I'm one day closer to London. oooooh, London. If you ever have a chance to study abroad, take it.

Today was an absolutely beautiful with a high in the mid-60s, so I took advantage of it to not wear pants! Yay to not freezing!

Hi-lo looks great with heels! Elongate those legs. I'm short, so the added height is a bonus.

Glimpse of new phone as well :) messy closets.

Details, details, details! Rough up the lace [cami underneath, of course] with some tough accents, i.e. spikes, something black, studded belt. Top off with red lips to sync it together.

Ooooh the shoes....wedges are great for walking!

Oh! I made a video today. I need some practice...please don't laugh at my ridiculously childish voice.

Going from one language to the next to the next....worked on German, typing in English now, time to study French. Oy vey. Enjoy your Monday night :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend flyers

Met my Sissy today to go shopping and hang out. Family is really one of the greatest things...sisters, no matter how many quarrels you have with them, there's something special about that bond that can't be replicated. We've grown so close over the years despite the 6 1/2 year age gap. And that's taking into consideration all of the abuse she used to give my Barbies and the time I spilled her nail polish everywhere.

Pics as promised! I experimented with some braiding and braided the two sides and fused them into one in the back.

We were fat kids and pigged out on Arby's roast beef sandwiches [one a-piece], some potato wedges for Jordan, curly fries for me, and baby chocolate milkshakes. Twas time for nap at that point....
Headed back to campus and hung out with my friends. Good shopping day today. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in for a while and staying in my pj's.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friend Favorites

Trying to rhyme everything with 'F' to be consistent with 'Friday Favorites' is quite is typing one-handed with a curling iron held in your hair with the other hand, but that's typical behavior for me.

  • Wally world runs with Mom [Kiley, because she was pushing the cart] and Dad [Sam, because he was selected by default since he was the only male] and Jess and Haivy
  • Roomie dates
  • Roomie date tonight: hitting up VS, eating at the Lebanon Farmers' Market, and hitting up the mall to waste some time before Taken 2 started
  • Friends who will say 'no' to that weird pouffy shirt that just doesn't hang right....and back up decision to buy great shoes
  • Snapchat with the goofs you love so much and call your friends
College is about academics, no doubt about that, but one needs that supprt system of friends, people with whom one can laugh and relax from the hustle and bustle of 8am's and exams.

I'm catching on to this French braiding thing...

Sorry for lack of pictures. I'll make up later with pics from this weekend! Much to do, much to do 'bout nothing.

Trying to finish up my revoir!

Yes, I know. Who curls their hair at this hour? When boredom and restlessness set in before bed, this is the result, I guess.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pillows and Cloud

Sissy came to pick me up yesterday [after a yummy meal from the dining hall, woo-hoo to winning lots of flex $ to pay for visitors' meals!] and took me to my late birthday surprise!

We went to Ulta and their facials are amazing!! I totally recommend them! Mary Kate was great and recommended Exuviance face wash and we shall see the results after a few days. My face feels absolutely wonderful.

Brrrr no-pants Wednesday was a bit nippy noodles yesterday.

A bit messy hair....made my own peplum with a slightly oversized button-up with a belt.

New skirt from H&M!! Check out their basics section! Golden finds! SKirts for $5.95 and shirts for $4.95. Ahhhhh yeah! :)

Oh happy shopping finds with Lovely.

Today I was told I look very 80s today....went for layers today. Freezing in Humanities on Tuesdays and Thursdays....I've started wearing pants every Tuesday and Thursdays. Sometimes you must accommodate your style with your environment.

Key word: sometimes.

Eating some pasta now....nummy nummy nummy.

Enjoy this lovely chilly evening. Time to snuggle under the covers soon....