Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HP ftw.

Happy birthday, Harry James Potter!!

You've made my childhood magical.

TIght pants, bowtie, and a blazer

Row 5, baby!!

Ryan from Hot Chelle Rae rocking this look at tonight's concert:

Lovely was the one who realized it....but the bass guitarist above was walking around fair last night and we kinda ran into him in the passing-by-really-close-to-a-stranger-in-a-cramped-area way. ......oooooooooh

Dress: Forever 21; clutch: Betsey Johnson; heels: ALDO

Originally planned outfit....sorry, Lovely. Those heels worked well at the football game i attended during fall break but not for this type of concert....ok, perhaps i was a tad overdressed. Should have worn pants....twas nippy noodles afterwards.

Warning: do not take me to a legit rock concert as you will be either embarassed or shanked. Or both. I'm not so rock-n-roll....

The concert was pretty great! Lovely and i arrived and walked around for a bit beforehand....seeing people we love to see and others we would rather not.

What living in a small town has taught me [as well as living away from small town]:
  • One never does become accustomed to the smell of cow poo. It is disgusting.
  • High school really is the best four years of many people's lives...it is sad.
  • Along with that, some people never grow out of high school...let the past be.
  • Everyone knows everyone's business. . . .or rather, thinks they do.
Hmmm....in correlation with my past posts on honesty, i find myself to be fairly honest with my opinions. I'm not always right, and i'll admit that. I told Lovely just tonight he was right on a matter. He is right that many people are irrelevant to my life now. They were mean, i didn't stoop to their level; i've moved on, they're stuck in the past, therefore irrelevant. I'm not going to sugar-coat things nor will i spread nasty rumors.

I'm strong-willed, sharped-tongued. But in general i try to be a nice person. I wish that everyone would make a conscious effort to simply be a nicer person. I'm not a hippie, but why make everyone else's life miserable just for fun? That doesn't sound like my cup o' tea.

....speaking of fun. 5th row at Hot Chelle Rae concert, anyone?! I was super excited haha and most of the attendees were shorter than we so we could see pretty well!!

Hmmm seem to have lost count of how many concerts i've attended this year. No, no, no, please don't think me bragging....i've never been out this much haha maybe i'll actually be cool someday. Pretty sure my 10year old self was cooler than i am...Having Pokémon at this age made you a hero.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Madness

Lovely came over to go see our high school and middle school bands in the fair parade....oh dear....perhaps i can only say this because i was in band, but those lines! Goodness! They were not straight. And our band is known for its straight lines and neat roll-stepping. HS bandfront looked niiiiiiiiiiiiice, though.

Kicked my butt today after work.

Dear legs, you better hurt. You better be prepared for more. You are going to like it. That muscle won't tone itself. Love, me.

Lovely and i went to fair for dessert....mmmmm chocolate covered banana. I let myself indulge a little bit. Wish i had known there was chocolate in my teeth before this :P

Dress: AE; clutch: Betsey Johnson; shoes: Keds

Simple summer sweetness.

Have a lovel-E night. Heading to bed soon....work, workout, then Hot Chelle Rae concert tomorrow!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Happy with life, unhappy with this body...going to do something about it. After all, that fat won't burn itself.

They say life is too short, enjoy those comfort foods while you can....i believe life is too short to be unhappy with yourself. I'm happy with my life, so content, but honestly, my body has changed since wrestling. I realize that happens when one no longer works out 3+ hrs/day but i'm merely disappointed with my lack of being able to stick with running.

Hmm....must find that love for running. If only work weren't so dang tiring :P ...but i mustn't make excuses. Here's to us, all those who are on their journey to bettering themselves in any shape or form.

The clothes you wear, the structure and color, etc., help alter the shape of one's body...that is essential when it comes to dressing.

I love this lace bodycon slip cover/dress/whatever the heck it is that i bought...it's great for layering. Realized as i was brushing my teeth when i got home from the great county fair that i had been wearing it backwards all night....oops. My bad.

Pinterest inspired! Clouds with a red balloon....naturally, it looked better on Pinterest :P

Adventurers are not afraid of bruises....ok, that just sounded cooler than saying i fell in a ditch riding a bike without brakes going down a hill. My friend did warn me...buuuuuuuut, i was going a tad bit too fast to slow myself by foot.

Oh, spikey shoes, you were a wonderful investment.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Batman and Robin

Woo! Lovely was seen with me in public tonight! As well as friends from work! I'm not such an anti-social loser after all :P  .....altho it is Thursday and i need to enter the bug-catching contest and win a few Pokéathlon contests so as to earn some 'stones for evolutions. Kurtis the Eevee will not become a Jolteon on its own for Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater's sake.

I'm a bit hyper after tonight.....cookie dough custard artic swirl thing from Meadows for my dinner [Mummy offered, but i wasn't all that hungry for dinner and dessert before the movie...]. I'm surprised Mum let me eat just that.

*cry* I'm becoming a big kid now!!

Ok, ok...tonight's outfit:

Eyebrow makeover....they look a bit anorexic to me...but for now, i'll try to rock them.

Wooooooooo! First place in the first event of the Power contest! Go Team Jillian!

Oh, and we saw The Dark Knight Rises tonight :)

Hmmm great movie, terrible tragedy in Colorado, kudos to Christian Bale for visiting the victims. Must....hurry.....

Luckily i had my very own personal comic encyclopedia next to me...i'm really into the superheroes and such but i'm by no means an expert, i.e. Lovely.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


pokémon -   If This Doesn't Work, He'll Never Love You
see more Pokememes

I love this sight....this is funny because i'm currently trying to hatch a batch of Eevees in order to obtain all of the evolutions.

"Don't knock it 'til you try it."

.....mac'n'cheese with fresh cut garden tomatoes. Mmmmmm my mummy made some this weekend so that shall be my lunch tomorrow. Cold. Absolutely delish.

The dinner of champions: cold spaghetti-o's straight out of the can. I swear i'm civilized....simply wish to be more efficient with resources...water for dishes, electricity from microwave/stove....and time saved having to do all those things! And they taste pretty dang good that way.

So....my bum survived the multiple hours in the car and i managed to not get carsick as i usually do! That is quite the feat. Dramamine is my best friend, albeit i [unsurprisingly] forgot to take some along with me.

I took Pokémon [Soul Silver, for those of you who know your Pokémon] in the car! Those damn Legendaries had me ragin' a little whilst i hunted them down relentlessly. Before, i could hardly care but for some reason....i felt the urge to capture them.

I've never been to Cedar Point, but it was soooo much fun! My calves are a bit sore from running around and i have a few bumps and bruises but that's all part of the fun. Naturally, we rode ALL of the coasters :D :D

And i caught a few stills of Lake Erie...so pretty:

Lovely. Looking BA as usual.

I'm not quite sure the reason for my fascination with taking Lovely's picture whilst he is driving....but isn't he darling? I think the weird song i was making up and singing made his lose his smile....i warned him in the lyrics that it was dumb.

Future European car!! oh-my-Giddeons. I get excited every time i see one....they are adorable and they can drive fast -_-  this one actually passed us and we were going....well, they were going much faster.

My poor burnt Nase....nose. Yes, i realize now that you can see a hint of skin through my shirt...but it's all in good taste. I had my swimsuit top underneath bc we were planning on going to the water park today but chose to drive home instead. Not complaining....i'm pooped.

Received that nice bruise from work. Oh, KB battle wounds....comes with the perks of working there.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventure Time

Off to Cedar Point, OH with Lovely :)

......4 hour drive.....my tuchus will be sore.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She's the girl that no one ever knows...

We the Kings!!

They're one of my favorite bands....and Lovely and i got to see them again at Warped Tour 2012! 3 1/2 drive to Buffalo, NY was a bit long, especially so early in the morning...but worth it.

Yes, i'm a bad girl. I took off work to go to Warped Tour.

I am a sleepy bunny after all that...Lovely let me sleep on the way home. We made it home around midnight or so and we both took showers [at our respective houses] then fell asleep....as much fun as it was, that shower felt pretty damn great. I prefer my peppermint twist bodywash to other people's bodily fluids [sweat, i hope....cringing at the thought of anything else].

Soooo much fun. But sooo sleepy.

Breathe Carolina was pretty good...especially since it was on the main stage and therefore had seating and shade. Saw a few others, got a weird tan, and sweated like cwazy. Ah.....

Officially a VS Angel VIP now! Hmmm....maybe this should tell me something about my spending habits....i just like nice undergarments. No judgment for that.

As soon as Lovely is done eating, it'll be time to see The Three Musketeers and snuggle...which seems contradictory as it is an action movie but we're both fairly spent. Both of us woke up niiiiiiace and early for work this morning ;)

Here is my Vans trucker hat. I don't think i'm cool enough to get away with such an accessory...

7 is a magical number.

Please forgive my scary eyebrows. They're a bit overwhelming atm and these pics have just informed me of that.