Thursday, July 26, 2012

Batman and Robin

Woo! Lovely was seen with me in public tonight! As well as friends from work! I'm not such an anti-social loser after all :P  .....altho it is Thursday and i need to enter the bug-catching contest and win a few Pokéathlon contests so as to earn some 'stones for evolutions. Kurtis the Eevee will not become a Jolteon on its own for Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater's sake.

I'm a bit hyper after tonight.....cookie dough custard artic swirl thing from Meadows for my dinner [Mummy offered, but i wasn't all that hungry for dinner and dessert before the movie...]. I'm surprised Mum let me eat just that.

*cry* I'm becoming a big kid now!!

Ok, ok...tonight's outfit:

Eyebrow makeover....they look a bit anorexic to me...but for now, i'll try to rock them.

Wooooooooo! First place in the first event of the Power contest! Go Team Jillian!

Oh, and we saw The Dark Knight Rises tonight :)

Hmmm great movie, terrible tragedy in Colorado, kudos to Christian Bale for visiting the victims. Must....hurry.....

Luckily i had my very own personal comic encyclopedia next to me...i'm really into the superheroes and such but i'm by no means an expert, i.e. Lovely.

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