Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

In Amerrrica, that is our Independence Day.

So thank you to our troops and those who have died to give us that freedom which we so very often take for granted. . . . albeit that word "freedom" is used loosely because technically no one is really free. It's for our own safety and gag reflex that everyone must wear clothes outside. Trust one wants to see my white buns.

Yesterday my family and i went to a picnic a close family friend was having and had a fairly good time. Mum was out past her bedtime [as was i, having to get up at 6am for work every stinkin' morning] but we all had fun.

How is it that it's almost 9 already?!

Losing track of time....and electronics. A little irrate that i cannot find my outlet adapter for my camera.

So...yesterday lol

Boredom in the of my new favorite songs is The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes. Great song!

And for today, i painted my fingies red, white, & blue! :)

Have a lovel-E rest of the night....i'm heading to bed soon. 6am comes too soon :/

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