Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday is my fun day.

Today is my fun day in that i'm spending it in my pj's! Well....i worked today then worked out and then showered, finally landing in my pj's, a well-deserved reward signaling i just don't care if i chill in my underwear.

But trust me, i have some clothes's not so hot and humid that i've resorted to my skivvies. Yet.

Yesterday i was all dolled up and cute. Today i'm all comfy-ed [made-up word] up and cute. My Forever21 polka dotted dolphin-cut shorts are awesome. I got them in D.C. Good choice, good choice indeed.

New Teen Vogue came in the mail!! Naturally, i inhaled it visually. Osmosis of fashion from its pages. Now i just have a visual of that one episode of SpongeBob where his eyes pop out and literally go all over a piece of paper in order to read it all/memorize it or whatever he was doing. Not a fan of that show but crazy things like that pop into my head from time to time.

Patriotic colors....only now realizing it. Well, Lovely and i did go to a pre-4th of July picnic so it was only appropriate to be wearing our dear flag's colors. Or France's.

I found some killer ab workouts....they're working already!! My abs are more defined. Took a break from running today in order to work on legs outside in the grass. Put a towel down first so i didn't have an allergic reaction. Damn allergies.

Hmmm contemplating going to bed's still sunny but my eyes are drooping. Need to get in another mini workout first, though. I'm hooked. Workout junkie. I'm sure my mother would rather that than drugs, though. <joke haha>

Can't wait for my sister to come home tomorrow!

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