Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy birthday, Harry!!

As I enthusiastically reminded Lovely (despite his obvious not caring) it is Harry's birthday!! So naturally, we did a little shopping together. . . Lovely and I, not Harry.

Then I had to come home after a spectacular weekend with Lovely and friends...blah. Put some pants, or rather shorts, on and went to the good ol' fair for Dippy Pizza and a peanut butter milkshake (I'll sweat it off in about an hour at work this week ha). Nom nom nom.

I'm ready...AE floral tank, Arizona red tank, random childhood belt found
in bedroom, Almost Famous polka dot shorts, childhood kitty purse

♥ my kitty purse

In note...I'm rather facetious and although seem on the serious side, love to make jest at myself (as seen in previous post). Happy happy joy joy to you!

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Aside from "The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Looking For Some Rum," I had Rebecca Black's Friday stuck in my head....although that also may have been helped by someone randomly singing it within the aisles....

Hmmm...I'm liking her new song. You may be a Rebecca Black hater, but that's your perrogative. She's simply doing what she loves.

Well anyways...back to it being Friday...woooo!

And Fajer has left the house for the evening o_O  something that does not occur often...Mummy and me tonight until my bestie Heidi Ho comes over!

In a dress for the moment...

"walk walk fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy"

Just goofing off of course...
 Oh Lady Gaga...I sing her songs in my head all the time and random song lyrics simply burst out.

Another awesome little cleaning find

One of my favorite pair of sandals...and oldest.

monteau striped dress, belts found in my room, childhood purse,
unlimited: a kenneth cole production sandals

Stripes, Florals, Tribal, Pigtails, Color! No, the fashion higher-up did not throw up...those are the themes I threw together in the outfit!

Must get some grilling in tonight...mmmm steak (yes, I do eat! O M G).
Hahaha a little bit hyper tonight...
Looking forward to a great night! :)
Au revoir, mes petits!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Favorite Day of the Week....again!

This seems to happen quite frequently during the's Thursday, my favorite day of the week!

Out of excitement, today at work I ran into a metal track used for holding orders as they wait to be packed by diligent workers...ahem diligent, but obvious clumsy (at least I seem to be). It has to be due to the fact I had flat shoes definitely would not have occurred if I had be Katy Perry shoes!

Oh well...I'll just wear them today instead.
And my bruise looks like a bluish purple dinosaur is holding a red machine gun...texture and 3D effect included in the picture. It started swelling within minutes; quite impressive injury!

80s earrings, 75th anniversary of wrestling watch,
energy white tank, Old Navy striped tank, Bullhead skinnies,
madden girl (dubbed my Katy Perry) heels
 A nice day to wear has finally rained!
Tactfully showing off one of my numberous bruises! No...I am not beat! Not always so careful at work...those boxes will get you when you're not looking!

 No need to buy 80s inspired my older sister would say, our mummy was a "happenin' 80s mom".

This cute little purse was found when I decided to clean...yes, actually clean! ...or rather raided my room and the things I'm 'temporarily' storing in my sister's room due to overflow in mine. would think that would point out I need to get rid of a few things...I'm working on it, I promise!

Tonight seems like a lovely night for Sims, Cosmo mag, and maybe a bit of reading. Not necessarily in that order or I'll never get past the first one in the list haha :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short Day

Due to power outage, we found ourselves out of work early today! Twas quite exciting...a great Hump Day prezzie!

Despite the heat, I still insist upon wearing longer sleeves after work. I'm not sure why that is but it surely seems that way. Maybe I'm just a rebel against the heat...but it's more along the lines of: I'll wear what I want when I want. Not to take me as being conceded. No, no, no. I simply throw on something if that is for what I'm in the mood, whether it be a furry purse or long sleeve shirt or 5 layers of shorts with pants.

Today I decided on 3/4 length sleeves! It's not too bad outside...a bit nippy inside...

I ♥ Steve Madden shoes

Quite frankly, this hat is awesome.

Vintage sequin hat, Hot Topic necklace, for the republic lace top,
Old Navy polka dot shorts, vintage polka dot purse,
Steve Madden shoes
Hoping to see my Lovely tonight...

*hint hint*
*wink wink*
*nudge nudge*

As for the countdown until college...21 days of work left and 31 til move in :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lovely Made New Friends!

Lovely and I went to the park...our place of habit but then again, humans rather are creatures of habit.

Earrings from NYC street vendor, American Rag floral shirt,
Rue 21 shorts redone by me, Tommy Hilfiger ankle socks,
vintage yellow wedges

 It felt like a day for colors...bright shorts...bright shoes...floral top...why not?!
Oh, and two middle school girls laughed at us...after they had been yelling profanity down the street. Now, who has problems? I guess if I looked like them we could be best friends. I'm just not cool, guys! Oh, to be in middle school again...certainly do not miss those awkward, and annoying, years.

Lovely and I recently watched Hancock and I've taken a liking to his "smile."

And off to the pier...

They seemed to be everywhere...poor things were probably hungry and Lovely was feeling lonely. He fits right in! Tropical shirt looks very nice :)

He found a friend after all....definitely a keeper

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Missing the Rain

It rained for a spell but now that it has stopped, it is quite terribly warm outside! Yesterday was a lovely day for a swim with Lovely and that's exactly what we a sense. Had a great time at his house for a pool party :)

Trying to beat the heat today...comprising the sweater by not wearing any shoes! Although, this is quite reasonable as I have stayed in the house all day catching up on magazines and online surveys except for running a quick errand outside.

Just lounging around the house is reason enough to get all dolled up...why not?

Hurray for no more grade school dress code!

Vintage pink bowtie earrings, Aéropostale sweater (sleeves cuffed),
Max Azria ruffle shirt, Old Navy black skirt, Avon empowerment bracelet

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Record High

Finally received my first paycheck today! ...feeling a bit old and grown up now.

Today was brutal at work...record temperature highs across the states....ick. Bank read 107º as I was leaving; although it's a bit inflated due to being out in the sun, was still hot out! I guess that's one way of keeping one's weight down....just go to work hahaha.

Just a simply shift and heels today...

Heels are such a nice change to the clunky steel toed shoes I wear for work!

Hot Topic print dress, 1/2 s.u.g.a.r heels, Louis Vuitton purse 

Such a fun print :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My red skinnies came in the mail today! despite the heat, of course I had to wear them haha.

Lovely and I went to see Harry Potter tonight...blah blah blah it's so sad it's ending...but aside from all of that, (yes, realizing I had commented on how sad it was) the 3D SFX were pretty good and the screenplay was incredibly clsoe to the book!

AE floral tank, Hot Topic skinnies,
citi by Yansi Fugel furry purse, Yoki heels

bracelets from standing in line for the book...21 July 2007

Shoes swiftly tucked into my heels to change it up a little bit :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Saturday Sunshine!

It is quite a lovely day out! I spent mine cleaning...blah. Have you ever tried cleaning Jell-o (strawberry, no less) out of a car? Not a pleasant experience...having cleaned that out and to find, what else, but gum stuck to the other side. Disgusting...leaving a trail from the corner of the floor to the door and under it.

But aside from all of that grossness, it has been quite a nice Saturday! I whipped out my new highwaisted polka dot shorts! ...and found out my hair is long enough to put in a small ponytail. These locks grow quite fervently...

Why, yes, I'm quite thrilled it's the weekend!

Vintage earrings, Secondhand Serenade t-shirt, vintage Bison Power pin (who says I don't have school spirit? ...oh, wait, I did...oops!), Almost Famous polka dot shorts, black flats from Sears, and vintage shoe clip-ons (über cool!)

Absolutely love highwaisted shorts...coming from a
girl who wouldn't even wear jeans when she was little!

Clip-ons for one's shoes...they're so pretty!

Friday, July 15, 2011

"We don't have anything in common."

"You love horses.
I don't trust them.
Their shoes are permanent.
Who makes that kind of commitment to a shoe?"

From the movie Arthur :)
Absolutely hysterical and witty...and I love Naomi's (Greta Gerwig) style!

We have the same skirt!

Love her looks throughout the movie :)
(and of course her great acting skills!)

Channeling my
inner Naomi :)

Target fedora, vintage scarf, Sound&Matter dress,
Old Navy belt, Class of 2011 bracelet, white socks and
little sneakers not shown...but completed the
look quite nicely

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another scorching day

Work is stiffling hot...nothing feels better afterwards than a cold shower and a glass of chocolate milk. I started making mine with Nesquik and chocolate marshmallow ice cream...mmmm mmmm mmmm.


Target hat, handcrafted heart earrings, Arizona tank (randomly found in my closet), Bubblegum jean shorts (further self-destroyed), grey belt pulled off some dress of mine, vintage shoes

About the only bit of grass
not dead in our yard...

One of my Grammie's sweet pins

Dang sun.
And yet I've managed to maintain my vampire tan quite nicely.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day of Rest

This morning I was getting a flowy skirt vibe....

DIY 2003 penny earrings from Gregory, Old Navy tank tops, Candie's print skirt, vintage pin (shown in bottom pic), vintage wedges

Mr. Ladybug the PillowPet

Love my wedges!

Continuing to re-read Harry Potter--as is tradition before any of the new movies come out!