Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gossip Girl

I'm a bit behind on Gossip Girl....but Kina Grannis's The One You Say Goodnight To was on the Valentine's Day episode!! I'm not too far behind....

Today I was greatly annoyed meh. I was just in angry mode today. Frustration got the best of me....even the gym didn't help! Eventually, I took it out on the pile of work in the mailroom at work and on my ethics paper....the real root of the frustration! Perfectionism at its finest :P

I'm feeling muchy much better (yes, I know "muchy" isn't a word....)
I've been thinking about Nietzsche and Socrates all day, please forgive me.

I tripped in my stockings when I ran to open the door.....conflabbit.

I've done what I can with my paper...time to relax a little and confine myself to my bed so as not to fall down anymore.

Tomorrow is no pants Wednesday! I can't wait! I love wearing skirts and dresses....

Monday, February 27, 2012

Not enough, not nearly good enough

This is how I sometimes feel about working out, grades, etc....yes, yes, being a perfectionist is a pain in the arse because I'm far from perfect, aside from the obvious fact that perfection simply does not exist blah blah blah.

I love pushing myself, whether it be academically or when I'm all sweaty and nasty on the elliptical. Today's a blurb of thoughts...

I caught up on Once Upon a Time and found Charming's quote intriguing...this note coming from a love pessimist, moi.

"True love isn't easy but it is something to fight for, because once you find it, it can't be replaced."

Oh, Charming....

Welp....today I'm wearing jeggings for the first time ever! Well...except when I tried them on at the store...but that doesn't technically count, does it?

Lace: City Streets, tee: Old Navy; jeggings: AE
I love finding a new white t-shirt! Fresh white t's make me feel so fresh...so, new jeggings, new shirt, new earrings :)

I felt like an AE brand-wh0r3 today (please excuse my teenage vernacular). My blazer, which I wore as my jacket, was also AE.

......added some lipstick! Thank you, Sissy, for showing me how to wear this stuff without looking like a tacky 80s sitcom teen.

There's a reason I don't have froo froo or pink or pastels all over my blog layout...I feel as though that would make me more like a Barbie. I already have her ridick figure (minus the long-legged height) and that would be overkill...I'm not overly girly despite my aversion to wearing skirts and dresses.

Nifty thrifty find from Checker Past! original $68 on sale for $34 :)
I've come to the realization that I really love purple ink despite not being a huge fan of purple. It reminds me of Barney and he and I got along until I was about 4 or 5 when he just creeped me out. He is a scary dinosaur.

I try to monitor myself on here as well as in real life. Hopefully I don't come across as too much of a crude person!

I'm inappropriate.

Haivy has gotten me addicted to a new band....and I looked up the song that was playing when I walked into German today...love them both! So...I'll leave you with two songs instead of the one I had planned on leaving.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Once again, way too fast

My tum tum is so full! Jess and I took a roadtrip and hit up Neato Burrito in Lemoyne...I swore I saw Grace there, but I was mistaken. It wasn't her :(  Shayne is my Mummy's first cousin and he and his wife Grace own Neato...a little side trivia that's pretty interesting lol.
Ah, yes....yesterday's outfit. I promised to post it!

Hmm...I always seem to look so washed out in pictures...dang vampire tan.

Working out is definitely helping to improve myself! I ran from the parking lot to the steps to cross the bridge over the train tracks on campus without getting out of breath or taking a break :) It was cold walking....my hands were numb by the time I made it to the room buuuuuut I felt good about my run! Minor accomplishments make me feel better.

I love my leopard print booties despite their lack of decent traction

And today's dinner; my GPS took us to the wrong place but eventually we found it....

Partially eaten Cowboy Crunch on Jalapeno cheese tortilla...mmmmm

Jess with her burrito

I rocked my Secondhand Serenade t-shirt from Club Chameleon last year and my skinnies rolled up with my green sneaks. Low-key with a bit of 50s men's flare. . . . just go with it.

I wore my nifty new earrings from Checkered Past, too! I'm sad they're closing March 10 :(

I feel like a robot typing now....I'm so sleepy. I finished Catching Fire last night around 3 in the morning so I'm a bit tired to say the least. Started Mockingjay now and I. can't. put. it. down.

Time for bed.....class resumes yet again. Oh, Monday, you are pooey and come too swift.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good morning, chickadees

Phew....macro exam is out of the way! I must apologize for being a bit late on the posts. Thursday I was busy reviewing for my macro exam that was yesterday and yesterday was simply a busy busy night and a bit of relaxing "me" time. I caught up on the Vampire Diaries! Then Sissy came over for dinner and Chicago; our school put on the play as their musical this spring. It was incredible!

I really wish I could type correctly....I'm repeatedly correcting myself....I'm a bit hunger hungry. Brain is not commuting properly.....this is bad! Today shall be spent working on my ethics paper (finally). It's time to stop procrastinating on it, oh poo.

Here's what I wore for Thursday!

I decided not to wear pants since it was in the 50s and absolutely gorgey...hence the shades. However, after workout and shower and neglect to take the time to dry my hair, I threw on a hat and wore it all day. My hair was super flat......but I thought the cute hat compensated for pooey hair.

Yesterday I decided to get a little dolled up and put some lip color on! Dressing up calms me down before a test. Boost confidence for test by being confident in your clothes.

This picture looks awkward...but I was showing my skinnies (rolled) with my awesome socks and Steve Maddens! I'm loving these lace socks my Sissy gave me for Valentine's Day.

I shall have pictures of today's outfit....I'm actually wearing eyeshadow. This is a record. I've worn it twice in one week. That's more than I've worn it in the past year I believe. My tum tum is a rumblin' and I mustn't delay inevitable paper.

Snuggle up today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aren't you a ray of sunshine?

Today is bright and sunny!!

The sunshine made me feel better....I had a Deutsch exam this morning. It's also no pants hump day so I wore a dress today. Silky stockings are ultra lovely against my legs....twas a bit nippy noodles to go completely bare-legged. Oh, how I miss warm weather!

Yesterday was leggings and sweater kind of day...

I love my Pop Pop's old sweater....it's oversize and super comfy and makes me think of him and smile.

I wore my leopard booties with my ensemble :)

I'm procrastinating on ethics....yet again....I can't help it!! I've been working on so many things....yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses...

ValleyFest at 5 then dinner with a friend and study study study before swimming.

I've been swimming laps!! I'm determined to get back into shape....I've given up sweets and sugary junk and soda and chocolate milk and milkshakes, essentially junky foods for lent.

Day 1....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken aviators fixed anew

Sadly, I dropped my sunglasses at work and popped the lens out...but it popped back in place! :) I felt total BA today with them; they complimented the high-waisted pants fairly well.

I love my Forever 21 high-waisted pants! I feel so nerdy and official in them....I like dresspants with some pijazz (sp?)! I like that word....I have a fondness for words. Some are like clothing....it's neat to mix old and new.

I swear I wasn't trying for the pregnant profile....but I love the suspenders on these pants. I sometimes wish I had a nice flat front so I could wear cool suspenders like a man from the 20s....they were so flashy!

I took this to show that yes, I do have hair! I was lazy....threw it up into a ponytail and the wind kept taking it away. It was a busy day so I didn't notice too much....

Have you ever tried Tostito's spinach dip?? Oh my giddeons, it is delish! I'm giving up sweets and sugary foods (the oh-so-delish, yet oh-so-unhealthy things) for lent. Being a piggy tonight with my choco milkshake and spinach dip with chips :)

We're off to see the wizard....NO....I'm off to read some ethics while you read some other blogs.

I'm singing this in my head right now. I'm sleepy....gym tomorrow. Jess and I swam our goal of 1350 meters tonight! Woot woot! Lifting in the morning before class and work then homework, Deutsch meeting, swim, last chocolate milkshake, work on accounting with a friend, and crash into my bed.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm bed. Have a date with my pillow tonight ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dancing Alone in Circles

Happy birthday to my gorgey redheaded bestie, Heidi Danielle Peters!!

Heidi and I met in sixth grade and after an embarrassing incident in science class, we became fast friends and have been there for one another ever since! Our initial best friends' circle may have dwindled over the years (goodness, I sound old :P) but we've always stayed true! ....sleepovers and eating at odd hours of the night and bandfront sisters. The memories we share are full of happiness and trying times, but some friends are just inseparable no matter the distance. Happy birthday, dear.

Choir concert...Heidi in her Show Choir uniform

Senior year awards day

Senior Prom

Today has been a somewhat productive day....I woke up late, enjoyed a long brunch (which was more along the lines of lunch since it was so late), finished some homework, and am now watching Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version, not the BBC version. I feel like such a big kid paying my credit card bill! ....albeit I don't like seeing my bank balance go down. Oh, poo.

It felt like a total skirt day....so that's what I threw on! With whimsical Betsey Johnson heart tights! They complimented the heart-shaped pockets on my skirt very nicely.

I'm procrastinating on my English...I'm not sure why, but I always seem to procrastinate on my English work! It's not exceedingly difficult; in fact, I like writing...i'm very opinionated and love words. Yes, I've confessed my weird love for words and increasing one's vocabulary...I'm weird haha

Learn to laugh at yourself every once in a while and you'll have much happier days :)

Part of me absolutely loves "olden times" such as the setting of Pride and Prejudice....I love the idea of love but acting upon such feelings is scary. Mayhap that was why I loved playing with Barbies so much when I was little...I could make up stories and they could fall in love while I was a passerby of sorts. And oh, did they have drama! I watched too many soap operas with my Mummy back then....my Barbies were so melodramatic.

Well I mustn't hinder my English progress....or rather, I need to start my English now. Hobey ho and have a lovely night!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pflaster und Buchhaltung

Band-aids and accounting.

My Band-aid has Anakin Skywalker on it! :)
I had my accounting quiz today...we shall see how it went. I was surprisingly calm about it. I'm seriously a spaz about quizzes and tests and exams and the like. I had an English presentation and, being the nerdy I am, I stayed after class to see how the presentation affected my overall grade for the class. I'm a self perfectionist when it comes to grades...and a stickler for grammar. And speaking Deutsch! Ich bin nicht am besten, aber ich hasse, wann dumme Studenten Deutsch nicht sprechen können, weil sie faul sind! Phew!

It was a long day....busy, too. I was in such a hurry for work that I forgot to grab lunch so it consisted of some chocolate and gummi bears. Please don't judge! I went to the gym afterwards, I promise!

Since I'm rather busty (it happens), I quite love guys' t-shirts. This is one of Lovely's that he let me borrow...and I haven't returned...sooo comfy! Guys' shirts can easily be pulled off (in the fashion sense, not the pervy sense!) better than oversize womens' shirts so I've found. I like this color, too...he and I need to go shopping again.

Another goodie from Sissy!! Love this ring

Bought this awesome Deutschland pin in München Flughaven! And this other pin is from D.C. Arts Festival which was in September or October? Cannot recall.....


Time for homework...I've already finished Deutschhausaufgaben and now for accounting and English essay...hobey ho!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Remnants of the Heart

I close my eyes,
wait for you to appear,
feel you come to me,
know you're always near.
Whisper in my ear,
say you'll never leave.
Only leave my side
when I'm not inside your dream.

....a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. For some odd reason, my poems always sound ever so sad despite my happy demeanor.

I got my lazy bum out of bed and hit the gym early today....then shower and ballerina bun for fun. After the rain (umbrella did not protect again wind meh) and running around to various things, it's started to look a bit haggard. No big deal, or nbd as people keep abbreviating....I don't like this abbreviation for some reason. Hmm....

Two more goodies c/o my Sissy...two-finger ring and essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri

New Magazines! Sissy is borrowing Seventeen and Glamour....
part of my care package from Mummy

It's been a pretty good day....accounting quiz tomorrow but on the flipside, I may see one of my best guy friends!! He's coming to campus with friends for our musical. There's another reason why I'm excited....oh, yes! It's Friday!! Yes, I'm being cheesey. I'm as cheesey as an omelette.

I'm mentally preparing for an interview tonight....hot chocolate serving as a quickie dinner to suppress those butterflies.

I love this song!! :) Kina Grannis has a sweet sweet voice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maladies and Polka Dots

Last night was an exceptionally good night! Jordan, Jess and I went to Houlihan's. I had delish chipotle turkey wrap and shared a decadent s'mores dessert with Sissy! Mmmm....unfortunately, last night I was sick :(

Hmm....not sure what happened. Headache and sickness...felt ill this morning but getting through it! Sometimes even big girls need their mummy.

hmmm this doesn't even look like me

Yoda band-aid on my knee...so BA. It goes well with the Hello Kitty
and nude-colored band-aids on my right-hand fingers

Loafers: Nine West, c/o my Sissy

Valentine's Day prezzie from Sissy

My Sissy gave me tons of goodies for Valentine's Day! The three rings above, and the socks, and the necklace, and a bunch of other things I'll most likely be wearing in the next few days! :)

Katie and I were serenaded by the one fraternity...it was meant for Jess, but since she wasn't here, they sang to us...

This song is so pretty....we sang it for choir in high school and it was stuck in my head!