Sunday, February 26, 2012

Once again, way too fast

My tum tum is so full! Jess and I took a roadtrip and hit up Neato Burrito in Lemoyne...I swore I saw Grace there, but I was mistaken. It wasn't her :(  Shayne is my Mummy's first cousin and he and his wife Grace own Neato...a little side trivia that's pretty interesting lol.
Ah, yes....yesterday's outfit. I promised to post it!

Hmm...I always seem to look so washed out in pictures...dang vampire tan.

Working out is definitely helping to improve myself! I ran from the parking lot to the steps to cross the bridge over the train tracks on campus without getting out of breath or taking a break :) It was cold hands were numb by the time I made it to the room buuuuuut I felt good about my run! Minor accomplishments make me feel better.

I love my leopard print booties despite their lack of decent traction

And today's dinner; my GPS took us to the wrong place but eventually we found it....

Partially eaten Cowboy Crunch on Jalapeno cheese tortilla...mmmmm

Jess with her burrito

I rocked my Secondhand Serenade t-shirt from Club Chameleon last year and my skinnies rolled up with my green sneaks. Low-key with a bit of 50s men's flare. . . . just go with it.

I wore my nifty new earrings from Checkered Past, too! I'm sad they're closing March 10 :(

I feel like a robot typing now....I'm so sleepy. I finished Catching Fire last night around 3 in the morning so I'm a bit tired to say the least. Started Mockingjay now and I. can't. put. it. down.

Time for bed.....class resumes yet again. Oh, Monday, you are pooey and come too swift.

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