Tuesday, February 7, 2012

better be...Gryffindor!

My ethics prof had on a tie today that reminded me of Gryffindor...along with his gray striped suit jacket, I was in a little geeky dither. I had Harry's sorting rolling in my head as soon as I saw the colors..... :D

Today was a pretty good day.

Oh, and I found another bruise on my leg...how did I manage to receive a bruise on my thigh that is not only deep purple, but swollen as well? Oh, dearie, you're quite the looker.

I look soo sleeeepy! Perhaps I'm a bit fatigued....mental exhaustion

Tunic: Victoria's Secret; skirt: Nollie; belt: off a dress; knee-highs: Forever 21; boots: Mia II

Currently watching NCIS with some friends....need to study some terms for accounting.

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