Sunday, June 28, 2015

Party of 1 in Loserville

One seems to be the typical number of heads in the parties I attend anymore. By party, I mean dancing in my dreams as I attempt to catch up on much needed sleep in order to combat this sleep deprived body fueled by Monster and Rockstar.

I comfort myself into thinking they're not all that bad as they are sugar-free, but it's only a matter of time before my body catches on and refuses to accept this substitute for a full night's amount of rest.

Tree leaves in only a few short days before he embarks on a journey with his band to magical faerylands [I don't like the modernized "fairy" spelling]. For more details on the talented hotties, visit herehere, or here. In all honesty, the band is leaving soon and as ecstatic I am for them and as wonderfully life-altering this band tour may prove to be, I'm still going to be a supportive yet slightly saddened...

On the plus side, I'm likely to be accumulating significant overtime so perfect timing! Win-win: keeping busy, making money whilst doing so, and keeping my mind preoccupied whilst the Tree is wooing crowds and shaking his beautiful rump on various stages around the East Coast.

I've been a lame-o in the sense that I've hardly traveled and June is nearly depleted, but I have a few trips up my sleeve, just you wait. Oh! and I've spent some quality time with kittens too cute for their own good...

Sleep, snuggles, work, and reading. How I spend my days anymore.

Jax being a perfect little cuddly tease.

Max making my maladies feel alllll better with tummy rubs.

Jax: at least I look good for this selfie.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Duality of emergence

The emergence into adulthood...that split between the college "adult" and a loan-paying, responsible, hopefully employed "adult."

As I walked to my car in the enormous hospital parking garage, contemplating life so as to keep my mind distracted from thinking about the possibility of being abducted or gang-banged, inner concepts of this whole "adult life" flooded the slideshow of my mind, a high-speed Prezi presentation.

New locks.
Ba-bye, light brown faded hair
 This time period is a crazy transition. I've been out of school, hell, 6 months now, and I still feel in limbo: that kick-ass Operations Coordinator for the second largest account in a national company vs. that bewildered 20-yr young woman who still sleeps with two very faithful stuffed animals and cries during Big Hero 6 and Up.

Professional-ish look

It's crazy to think I'm an adult now....whoa. I don't even like toast. Or rather, I like warm bread just on the verge of the tiniest bit of *crunch* to it.

Mango chutney: found at Wegman's, much to my delight.

Typical shopping bag for this recycling fiend?

Cleaning supplies, toothpaste, a little bit of food, and hair dye. All of the essentials.

I have found the T-storm survival kit on my adventures after work!

An old friend, McKenzie's Black Cherry, is packed away, along with some new friends: Original Hard Cider, Green Apple, and Lazy Lemon [McKenzie's Choice]

I've been on a Summer Shandy kick, so the Lazy Lemon definitely hits the spot.

Even if you're a macho-man beer drinker aka you think you're the bee's knees because you drink piss Corona, McKenzie's is a delightful change of taste for one's tastebuds!

You make me say, oh a-oh oh, a-oh oh oh oh!

Mezzo: Cola küsst orange aka Cola & orange mixed soda from Deutschland.

Sadly, a few cookies has become an acceptable meal for me in recent weeks, albeit the soda was a rare occasion.

Avocados mmmmm. I feel so grownup now!

Okay, I just like the taste and am definitely not cool [or I guess, not cool] enough to just like them for a fad. They're pretty dang delicious and they make a great face when paired with a banana in a bowl.

I'll be a real hipster when I eat kale, but for now, my less-refined self shall divulge in spinach or the lowly and nearly-forgotten lettuce.

Family portrait of this evening's guests....okay, maybe I'm just endorsing McKenzie's yet again because I find it so crisp and delish on my tongue. The fancy, cheap 12-bottle fun pack comes with 4 delectable flavors to meet the needs of many fickle friends!

Off to enjoy an ice-cold bottle and plow through some more of my library books. Currently reading If I Stay at the moment before divulging into Beautiful Darkness.

I shall leave you with this beauty....not because I'm heartless, but because good riddance to any jackass poaching creatures.

Animal Kingdom 1
Jackasses of the world 0

This, my friends, does not begin to tip the scale of inhumane injustice by any means, but small victories are still wins.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nando's and Trader Joe's

My first free day in this crazy 2-job 19 day work streak was spent at these two incredible places.

I have the best big sissy in the world!!! She gave me snacks in the car - s'mores Oreos OMG.

Reliving our London experience. It was pretty darn close to the English chain-staurant!! Down to the Peri-Peri chips with Peri-Peri salt and glasses' shape.

How I like my men - spicy and extra, extra hot.

Only joking...

Say 'hello' to these beaut of a veggie wrap, though! Arugula and couscous, oh my!

An up-and-coming outfit, I think so....thank you graciously to my great-aunt and my second cousin for sending cute things from their closets!!

The epitome of perfection: a ripe avocado, just waiting to be mashed.

Found at Trader Joe's, these macaroons took me back to Paris sans the ever-practical paper towel. That's quite American there...

Verdict: Trader Joe's is delightful.

....after Wegman's, of course. Wegman's has IrnBru, Jammie Dodgers, and StrongBow.

National Bourbon Day

Today marks a quarter century of living to one of my dear friends, and former beau, Lovely.

A very happy birthday to such a truly lovely person!

I could easily fill this post with obscure images of the past, but many have already been posted, those moments having passed, so easily seemingly forgotten by many...the pitfalls of remaining friends with one's former xxxx [for lack of the perfect word to describe those many years] include not being able to enjoy the full extent of friendship, that bond slightly askew despite good intentions.

I mention this not in lamentation to a previous relationship, but to note how easily a friendship can crumble under circumstances, how volatile human beings truly are... Reflecting on the past can be a means of measuring how far one has come, both the highs and lows, and to notice trends which may need corrected, such as low self-esteem or insecurity about moving forward in life. There any many things about which I was much happier back then, some things which have changed miserably beyond my control, and wishing I had known in my crazy teen years what I know now.

So no, no picture shall be hoisted upon a mast and flagged, no mention on social media to enhance the wrapped-present appearance that our friendship remains as strong as ever. Social media is a great way to present yourself - no pun intended. Perhaps that's part of social media's appeal - this wondrous façade with a pretty bow on top, the rest of the world unaware of the box's contents within...

And thus a lengthy post without pretty pictures, save some cute kitties, and the raw truth without pretense except the desire for a special person to have a wonderful day and to continue our friendship in any shape or form.

What is life without friends upon whom we can rely and share moments?

It's also National Bourbon Day, so please take shot [or 4] for me. I'll be enjoying my Leinenkugel Summer Shady and a vanilla macaroon, toasting to good friends, happy memories, and more good things to come.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tell me, baby, tell me true.

As clichéd as it sounds, the past few weeks have flown by...what day is it again? Friday?

Two more 10+ hr shifts separate me and my day off from both jobs and thus ending what is possibly the first of many 19-day work streaks. Can't complain, though - midnight last night was PAYDAY. Hurray for Direct Deposit's efficiency!

Happy news, indeed, is that feeling of knowing one can overcome an obstacle. As many other Americans in their mid-twenties, I'm sitting on a nice chunk of student loan debt. There's always that moment of panic, of FML, of how-in-the-heck-am-I-ever-going-to-do-this, whenever any type of paperwork regarding the vile payment of loans. Silently thanking my younger self for saving, saving, saving, and for the generosity of family.

Other than that, I've been a boring productive member of society eating, sleeping, reading, and jamming to music on my work commutes [and working, implied].

Neato Burrito's Cowboy Crunch on tomato basil wrap FOR THE WIN.
My Mum's cousin and wife own this fantastic chain ^_^
If you're ever in the Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg area, definitely check out!

A bit sad that Checkered Past closed....I had the coolest sunglasses from there when it first opened [I was a wee lass at the time]

And speaking of wee lasses....Irn Bru - YES.

Behold the power of Wegman's. Irn Bru, Black Currant, Jammie Dodgers, and Vegemite, among other international foods. They just need to import Haggis and Tubourgs and I'll be completely content...

Sad ice cream and lonely pineapple, horribly abandoned in Target.

Then again, who eats Coconut ice cream?! Gag.

My cousin, the little gymnast, showing off her skillz for the passing cars and patrons. She's a little beast on the mat as well!

Fancy polo popped for work. Paired with a flower skirt as it's waaaay too humid for pants. Business attire and summer heat do not mix well. High of 90° today [30° C for the rest of the world].



Have a lovely day!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happiness is not a feeling, but fleeting fragments of time

Music - one of the many joys of life, whether it be in the form of opera, country, rap, or even those sad songs, the latter to which I often tend to gravitate simply for the sake that i enjoy those crooning, near-tearful melodies.

I'm a weirdo, right?!

On happiness, in conjunction with life and its many expectations aka job, marriage, babies, bills, education, learning {both joined and separate from education}....happiness should be one for which we strive at least some of the time.

Contentedness often seems more obtainable, but those precious moments of pure, unadulterated As Albus Dumbledore {aka J.K. Rowling} said, "happiness can be found even in the darkest of places, if only it remembers to turn on the light."

As I've struggled with that balance of doing what is expected of me and what makes me happy, I've realized how true this sounds -- yet another example of how profound Harry Potter truly is, but that can be saved for another time.

For now, I'm enjoying another omelette creation with salsa and hot sauce {the hotter, the better!} and importing some lovely new tunes and old favs to my iTunes whilst I prepare myself for another 11hr shift of day 13 out of the 19 day work streak I have going on. Yesterday was 14hrs between two jobs, so I can do this!

For the past few nights, relieve has come in the form of ditching the boulder holder in lieu of a comfy tee repping my friends in Paradrei.

For real, check them out.

Finished Devil's Star with some artichoke dip {still puzzled as to why there was no spinach in it....}. Onto Liza Palmer's "seeing me naked."

Business as usual....the Star Wars belt is always a nice touch.

Celebrating National Donut Day with this artery-clogging beauty because I'm worth it.

As a follow-up to the previous post about my recent disgusting "dieting," I've cleaned up my act, significantly reducing sugar intake to what it was before, as well as given up meat until further notice. I am, however, still consuming energy drinks at an alarming rate.....but have moved onto increasing water intake.

Increased water intake is significant for me in any amount....going from about 1oz. {no exaggeration here} to about 20oz. My bladder is not amused, but it'll mean more walking because of more bathroom trips. sneaky exercise

This {faux} leather dress is one of my all-time favorites! Again, Star Wars belt for shits and giggles, thrown together with my every-comfy leopard booties. I've become aware that most of my shoes are heels and thus would prove rather difficult, even for a heel professional as myself, for everyday work wear.

Hospitals are not small buildings....

This morning's current projects: uploading new {to me} mooooosik with some old favs. Some insight into my tastes. I enjoy sharing as much as I like to hear of others' preferences.

The gang's all here

  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Ed Sheeran
  • The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack
  • The Head and the Heart
  • Kodaline
  • Linkin Park
  • Punk Goes Classic Rock {tingles thinking about this}
  • The Ready Set
  • Regina Spektor's new album
  • Sam Smith
  • Skylar Grey
  • Three Days Grace
  • Walk the Moon
  • We the Kings <3
Yes, my OCD caused me to place these in alphabetical order. No shame. I just like being organized, which definitely helps for working in a library.

Hobey ho, let's go ^_^

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'll be your Conversed Juliet teenage dream

Today's outfit of the day caption on Instagram...and certainly how I feel today.

In relationships, I strive to be my give nothing but the whole of my heart and hope I'm achieving this, placing my heart in the branches, so to speak, of my dear Tree. It can be terrifying to grant such trust to someone, even if it's not the utmost maximum....vulnerability has never been one of my strong points, preferring to create a formidable stronghold, impenetrable to all but the one brave warrior daring to go where few have been before.

However, in relinquishing a little bit of this hold on ourselves, opening up, can be a truly beautiful thing. It allows us to open up to not just another person, but the world of possibilities. There is a vast world out there waiting for exploration....I know I have much more than 90% left to roam, despite TripAdvisor telling me I've traversed across 10%.

I'm coming to learn more about myself as I learn to accept myself as my Tree has accepted me. I'm not perfect, but I can remain in a state of improvement and growth, fighting tooth and nail to remain out of the darkness that can consume - the darkness of self-doubt and fear.

I'm ready to take on all of what life throws at me, particularly any self-inhibitors. Bows and a bold lippy go a long way with confidence, as I've learned.

Not letting my insecurities bog me down. 1XX lbs but I feel weightless as my wings spread, ready to soar!

Tonight's collection...Linkin Park's Recharged, A Rocket to the Moon's Wild Fire, and A Fine Frenzy's One Cell in the Sea.

A Fine Frenzy seems like an illustrious label for my life. Hectic but full of wonderful things.

This made me laugh and I thought it was worth sharing.

As well as this!!!!!
All of their covers and originals are worth sharing!!

Goodnight, sleep tight. Time to curl up with the thriller I'm reading: The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbø.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love and Validation

Self-validation - that inner feeling of being worthy, whether it be for your work, of your friends and family, or even life itself. Most people want a purpose in life and it's often difficult to find just what that may be....or maybe it's only difficult to label, but is there all the same.

Being a self-perfectionist, beating myself up over such menial mistakes, I've struggled with this concept, thinking if I wasn't the best, then what good was I to anyone, to the world? Who is going to love a less-than-perfect fuck-up?

Throughout the tribulations, friends and family have been there to help guide and to remind me that I am, in fact, loved.

Receiving a letter in the mail from my best friend since 6th grade this morning was such a treat and another realization of a lingering presence that may be looming and threatening that inner self-validation. Technology is both a tool and a bane....

With so many social media platforms "needing" to be checked every day, with so many granting the option of "Likes" and "Favorite," it's a wonder we don't simply implode with the pressure! While I am quite looking forward to maintaining the blog in order to express and unwind the little swirls in my mind, as well as share my travels, I'll also be making a conscious effort to not be so readily available on social media - this is my vow to you, dear readers.

For to the post office and grocery store!

Leggings are perfect for spring when the rains are a tad nippy noodles...and my favorites haven't been out of the drawer in a while.

A special friend is turning a quarter of a century in 12 days so I had to get the dear old fart a card and ship his prezzie to my Mum so she may wrap it prettily and visit with him and my chubby [cat] boyfriend.

Tried a free sample of the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation and, as a sufferer of acne for years, am quite loving the results! 4.5 stars!

[and I thought my lippy looked on pointe]

This is what lunch looks like in the adult world.

>click here for music video<
New personal anthem ^_^ ....and I have a slight girl crush on her makeup and BA attire. Something about a leather jacket ;)