Sunday, June 14, 2015

National Bourbon Day

Today marks a quarter century of living to one of my dear friends, and former beau, Lovely.

A very happy birthday to such a truly lovely person!

I could easily fill this post with obscure images of the past, but many have already been posted, those moments having passed, so easily seemingly forgotten by many...the pitfalls of remaining friends with one's former xxxx [for lack of the perfect word to describe those many years] include not being able to enjoy the full extent of friendship, that bond slightly askew despite good intentions.

I mention this not in lamentation to a previous relationship, but to note how easily a friendship can crumble under circumstances, how volatile human beings truly are... Reflecting on the past can be a means of measuring how far one has come, both the highs and lows, and to notice trends which may need corrected, such as low self-esteem or insecurity about moving forward in life. There any many things about which I was much happier back then, some things which have changed miserably beyond my control, and wishing I had known in my crazy teen years what I know now.

So no, no picture shall be hoisted upon a mast and flagged, no mention on social media to enhance the wrapped-present appearance that our friendship remains as strong as ever. Social media is a great way to present yourself - no pun intended. Perhaps that's part of social media's appeal - this wondrous fa├žade with a pretty bow on top, the rest of the world unaware of the box's contents within...

And thus a lengthy post without pretty pictures, save some cute kitties, and the raw truth without pretense except the desire for a special person to have a wonderful day and to continue our friendship in any shape or form.

What is life without friends upon whom we can rely and share moments?

It's also National Bourbon Day, so please take shot [or 4] for me. I'll be enjoying my Leinenkugel Summer Shady and a vanilla macaroon, toasting to good friends, happy memories, and more good things to come.

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