Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nando's and Trader Joe's

My first free day in this crazy 2-job 19 day work streak was spent at these two incredible places.

I have the best big sissy in the world!!! She gave me snacks in the car - s'mores Oreos OMG.

Reliving our London experience. It was pretty darn close to the English chain-staurant!! Down to the Peri-Peri chips with Peri-Peri salt and glasses' shape.

How I like my men - spicy and extra, extra hot.

Only joking...

Say 'hello' to these beaut of a veggie wrap, though! Arugula and couscous, oh my!

An up-and-coming outfit, I think so....thank you graciously to my great-aunt and my second cousin for sending cute things from their closets!!

The epitome of perfection: a ripe avocado, just waiting to be mashed.

Found at Trader Joe's, these macaroons took me back to Paris sans the ever-practical paper towel. That's quite American there...

Verdict: Trader Joe's is delightful.

....after Wegman's, of course. Wegman's has IrnBru, Jammie Dodgers, and StrongBow.

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