Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love and Validation

Self-validation - that inner feeling of being worthy, whether it be for your work, of your friends and family, or even life itself. Most people want a purpose in life and it's often difficult to find just what that may be....or maybe it's only difficult to label, but is there all the same.

Being a self-perfectionist, beating myself up over such menial mistakes, I've struggled with this concept, thinking if I wasn't the best, then what good was I to anyone, to the world? Who is going to love a less-than-perfect fuck-up?

Throughout the tribulations, friends and family have been there to help guide and to remind me that I am, in fact, loved.

Receiving a letter in the mail from my best friend since 6th grade this morning was such a treat and another realization of a lingering presence that may be looming and threatening that inner self-validation. Technology is both a tool and a bane....

With so many social media platforms "needing" to be checked every day, with so many granting the option of "Likes" and "Favorite," it's a wonder we don't simply implode with the pressure! While I am quite looking forward to maintaining the blog in order to express and unwind the little swirls in my mind, as well as share my travels, I'll also be making a conscious effort to not be so readily available on social media - this is my vow to you, dear readers.

For now....off to the post office and grocery store!

Leggings are perfect for spring when the rains are a tad nippy noodles...and my favorites haven't been out of the drawer in a while.

A special friend is turning a quarter of a century in 12 days so I had to get the dear old fart a card and ship his prezzie to my Mum so she may wrap it prettily and visit with him and my chubby [cat] boyfriend.

Tried a free sample of the Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation and, as a sufferer of acne for years, am quite loving the results! 4.5 stars!

[and I thought my lippy looked on pointe]

This is what lunch looks like in the adult world.

>click here for music video<
New personal anthem ^_^ ....and I have a slight girl crush on her makeup and BA attire. Something about a leather jacket ;)

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