Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once Upon a Chocolate Bar

The season premiere of Once Upon a Time is starting!!


Yesterday I went to a maize maze and got lost multiple times. Twas fun nonetheless lol.

Outfit selection number 1 for lunchdate with my Sissy. Twas a tad nippy noodles so some pants were in order....

My fly is down....oops. But I liked this pic.

Mmmm I love me some Seychelles.

I traded the simple headband for the spiked one and headed off to Wally World.

Ok, ok, Once Upon a Time is on now!

"Magic is coming. So be warned, that magic always comes with a price."

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Frivolities

Humpday's outfit:

Top: Old Navy; skirt: PacSun; belt: Candie's [came with skirt], earrings: my cousin's old vintage shop Checkered Past

I decided to mix pink prints on Humpday....of course, being that it was no pants day, i wore a skirt. Thank goodness I don't have to venture out until later in the morning on Wednesdays....I've made the conscious decision to wear pants on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's mighty nippy noodles before 8am....

I'm looking positively evil....but in reality, i just felt like poo this morning. I woke up, threw in some laundry, showered, then went back to bed after laundry was thrown into the dryer.

The sparkles are for Fancy Friday.

This morning I pretty much got ready sitting down in front of the mirror....I was lucky to stand up to get dressed after my shower....but had to get my lazy bum off the floor for work. I got dressed after my shower, so i rolled back into bed, clothes and all. I didn't have the energy to undress and dress again.

Major lolz over this facial expression.

So what are your plans for the weekend?

I'm going here for lunch and one of these tomorrow evening. So excited!!

Here are some yummy eye appetizers and a song:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Isn't life just grand?

This cat looks sad.

To make you happy.

To laugh at someone's sheer stupidity.

Want/have the new iPhone 5? How to become the best stalker you can be.

If you have weight Jillian Michaels would say, get off you fat ass and move. After reading this motivational story, of course. One constantly needs motivation. Keep your goals in mind....eye on the prize, if you will :)

Tuesdays are a drag.

However, Valleyfest seems to lighten my mood. Being productive makes me feel better as well. I've knocked out some homework already! Woo!

New Nollie leggings from PacSun! Holy crap, was it chilly this morning. Must endure the chill for a little while longer....although i'm going to start wearing pants on Tuesdays and Thursdays when i must venture out in the wee hours of the morning [7:45am].

I think it would be quite fun to be a cartoon....imagine the crazy things one could do. I could jump off buildings, land in a pile of my own flesh mush, then be blown up again to normal....crazy ideas that run through my head haha and it would be perfectly reasonable to run around with a shovel, hitting things at will.

These flats remind me of actual ballerina slippers....perhaps a black swan's.

Rebecca from The Clothes Horse was probably one of the first bloggers I started following back during senior year and is still one of my favorites. She's incredibly chic and has great insight on life.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Strange new addictions

Dark Gihrardelli is gone :/  However, i have learned to spell Gihrardelli correctly without even thinking about it! I consider that an accomplishment. Celebrate the minor things and you'll never feel like an un-improving loser :)

Today i went to the Philly Zoo through my school's RedBook program. Twas awesome.

The theme correlates with the Lorax:

This Galapagos tortoise was absolutely stunning.

I took sooo many pics....some of the animals were absolutely cheeses and posed. I wanted to take a few home for my dorm but idk how the RAs would like that.

Hmmm I'm tempted to duplicate Thursday's outfit sometime because, quite frankly, it was awesome and i forgot to take pics.

Another fleeting thought: have you ever thought about how one usually skimps on basics even though they're worn repeatedly, whereas the overlayers are splurges in comparison and only worn a few times....hmmm perhaps it is because the basics are frequently replaced. Like a white tank.

Different thoughts such as these come to mind from time to time....

Off to curl my hair and eat some chocolate. We have a badass over here. lol

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall is nearly upon us

Unfortunately, summer is almost over buuuut fall is my favorite season so that'll make up for losing our warm weather. Fall is super cozy.....sweaters and cardis and blazers and tights and hot chocolate and HALLOWEEN and my birthday! :)

Gradual crescendo for that list.

I love Thursdays....successful Wally World trip and Deutschklub!

YUM. Guilty pleasures....we all have them. These plus Gardner's dark chocolate nonpareils. DELISH.

I'm loving this hi-low skirt from New York & Co.! My Sissy picked it up for me :)

Fancy Friday would not be complete without lipstick. I think that should be a new rule.

I love my Sephora ruby. It is, quite frankly, the shit. Teenager code for long-lasting, great color, and oooh-so-wonderful. Seriously, yesterday I put it on at 7:30am and still had to scrub it off at 10pm.

Tomorrow is the Philly Zoo. Woo!

For now....i'm snacking on a piece of chocolate before advanced conversation auf Deutsch.

Oh, and I made it to the gym this morning. Feelin' fiiiine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk like a pirate day

Aaaargh, matey. Me name is Fluffbucket Spike Kidd. Ok, my pirate time is up.

Ooooooh boy. December 14th cannot get here fast inner 10yr old is screaming and shouting and jumping up and down with excitement! I remember in fifth grade when my Fajer gave me The Hobbit as a Xmas prezzie, along with my own copies of HP 3 & 4 and a Harry Potter companion book! Geek level probably went off the charts that Xmas.

My Fajer set me straight from the start.

Wednesday news flash:

The New York Times has a story on a faded segment of papyrus which refers to Jesus's wife. Their title is misspelled. Jesus is singular, therefore it should be apostrophe 's' but that's just my inner perfectionist coming through...I'm a grammar Nazi but that's not politically correct and not very nice to say in public.'s like in the Da Vinci Code [it's referenced at the bottom, but i did read the book]. Fascinating stuff, no?

New headband came!! Along with new anklet, both from Romwe. I'm so glad they only took about a week....I really wanted to wear them....i was antsy.

Today was a good no pants Wednesday....ok, ok, i cheated a little. I wore jeans to donate blood. But i felt so energized....i woke up early to go to the gym! ....we'll see how long this lasts. I'm generally a night owl.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Tuesdays and I share a mutual hatred for one another.

Off to a terrible start! I thought everything was going well...until i realized my Coach cardholder [it's not that important, it just holds my school ID, driver's license, my roomkey, car key, and smoothie punchcard] was not in my pocket....

On the brightside, i squeezed in my cardio! I ran back to my dorm and back searching for it. Oh, what a hot mess i was in French class....

Buuuuuuuuut some amazing soul found it and gave it to my roommate! ....after scaring her a little when he tried to use the key and then knocked. But he found it! And found me! And now i keep a deathgrip on my keys.

Lesson learned.

Stressful day? Me? Ha. Bitch, please.

Ok, ok....maybe i wanted to cry a little and trust me, it was a close one....but Jess texted me that it was recovered so all was good :)

Breathe. Smile. Re-braid your hair. Ignore sweatiness. In that order. Thank goodness I remembered deodorant. THAT would have been embarassing.

I love my backside....let me rephrase that. I love the backside of this shirt.

And these boots are super comfy! Levi's :) Oh and that worked wonders for my head. My bum? Not so much during my frantic run/search. I was a tad bit wet...

The night ended on a good note, though....i can look back on this and laugh...and maybe cry a little haha

Oh, and Tuesday? You still suck.