Monday, September 10, 2012

Free College Crashcourse

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Aurelie. Je suis suisse. Aujourd'hui j'ai dix-neuf ans. Mon numéro et 0041 44 995 0000 {do not call}. Demain j'ai un test de français. Salut!

I haven't studied yet for my French test but I'm feeling confident. That's my memory practice before the actual studying....

Busy busy weekend.

Friday was dinner with friends at Houlihan's and then we saw Tom Cotter from America's Got Talent perform at our school.

Yesterday I decided to paint my nails before I went off with my Sissy to a Victoria's Secret event party. I got a free $45 clutch, too! Woo! I all but ran out of the dressing room. That lady was pushy and kept making me try on a ton of bras.

Oh, Monday....How to get through Monday: eat peanut butter for breakfast. Combination of sugar and protein will keep you alert.

Oh, and get some sleep. Best plan is to do homework before the weekend so you're not scrambling Sunday night. No one likes procrastination...especially your body.

Tonight shall be an early night for me....must study pour français and shower...

Á demain!

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