Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk like a pirate day

Aaaargh, matey. Me name is Fluffbucket Spike Kidd. Ok, my pirate time is up.

Ooooooh boy. December 14th cannot get here fast inner 10yr old is screaming and shouting and jumping up and down with excitement! I remember in fifth grade when my Fajer gave me The Hobbit as a Xmas prezzie, along with my own copies of HP 3 & 4 and a Harry Potter companion book! Geek level probably went off the charts that Xmas.

My Fajer set me straight from the start.

Wednesday news flash:

The New York Times has a story on a faded segment of papyrus which refers to Jesus's wife. Their title is misspelled. Jesus is singular, therefore it should be apostrophe 's' but that's just my inner perfectionist coming through...I'm a grammar Nazi but that's not politically correct and not very nice to say in public.'s like in the Da Vinci Code [it's referenced at the bottom, but i did read the book]. Fascinating stuff, no?

New headband came!! Along with new anklet, both from Romwe. I'm so glad they only took about a week....I really wanted to wear them....i was antsy.

Today was a good no pants Wednesday....ok, ok, i cheated a little. I wore jeans to donate blood. But i felt so energized....i woke up early to go to the gym! ....we'll see how long this lasts. I'm generally a night owl.

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