Sunday, September 2, 2012

Diets be damned.

When it comes to diets....sometimes they just don't count. Like today.

This week my appetite has shrunk considerably....and Jordan and I ate at Arooga's. When you're at Arooga's, your appetite increases by a thousand-fold. mmmmmmmmm sweet potatoes fries....

Today I went to my Nana's for our annual Labor Day weekend picnic where all the cousins and my great-aunts come together to see one another and catch up and eat A LOT of delicious food.....ahhhhhhhh

And Nana made brownies...and put aside some brownies that she hadn't iced :) That was my brekkie this morning....not the healthiest but i haven't eaten much all week. Perhaps that'll make up for those.

My expression is a bit biggie.

On my way back to LVC, i was behind a car with a license plate saying: MRS. YOGI. Needless to say, i was not impressed.

The cute 50s car down the street from my little school route made up for it, though. .....and the random Coors Light van parked at the baseball field.

Labor Day and i have school tomorrow -_-

No matter, no matter. Getting up early to do laundry since i don't have work and finishing up homework. Then Jordan is coming over after 2!

Time for a niiiiiiiiice shower now and some Hangover [movie choice of the night].

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