Saturday, September 22, 2012

Strange new addictions

Dark Gihrardelli is gone :/  However, i have learned to spell Gihrardelli correctly without even thinking about it! I consider that an accomplishment. Celebrate the minor things and you'll never feel like an un-improving loser :)

Today i went to the Philly Zoo through my school's RedBook program. Twas awesome.

The theme correlates with the Lorax:

This Galapagos tortoise was absolutely stunning.

I took sooo many pics....some of the animals were absolutely cheeses and posed. I wanted to take a few home for my dorm but idk how the RAs would like that.

Hmmm I'm tempted to duplicate Thursday's outfit sometime because, quite frankly, it was awesome and i forgot to take pics.

Another fleeting thought: have you ever thought about how one usually skimps on basics even though they're worn repeatedly, whereas the overlayers are splurges in comparison and only worn a few times....hmmm perhaps it is because the basics are frequently replaced. Like a white tank.

Different thoughts such as these come to mind from time to time....

Off to curl my hair and eat some chocolate. We have a badass over here. lol

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